Flashing Samsung Wave S8500 (Updated)

Flashing Method (Upgrading and Downgrading)Watch this video(recommended) to better understand how to flash samsung wave…. 

Flashing Method PDF

Download From

the Samsung S8500 Wave.You will find here 4 types of firmwares. 
Blue Firmwares are Europe firmwares!
Green Firmwares are Asia firmwares!Brown Firmwares are Africa firmwares!
Specials Firmwares are Provider firmwares!

I’m colorblind how can i find out wich box is what?

EuropeFirmware Date Download 

– First check your firmware *#1234#
– Check Simlock and Network lock is OFF *#7465625#

We have firmware files from 5 different regions
– Europe.
– Asia.
– Turkish.
– Arabic.
– America / Australia.
– Provider.

No bootfiles and ffs files in the firmwares.

A lot firmwares in this list don’t have any boot or ffs you can flash it like this way:Remember the Boot and FFS  of Europe or Asia is different!
So use your own region firmware!
NOTE: This way is more risky!
Do not flash if you have a simlock! 

Europe Samsung S8500 Firmwares.

Europe Firmware BadaDate CSCDownload Note
S8500XXJC5 *1.02010 March DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJC7 *1.02010 March  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJD2 * 1.0 2010 April   DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJD3 *1.02010 April   DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJD4 *1.02010 April  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJDA *1.02010 April   DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJDB *1.02010 April   DOWNLOAD  
S8500YXXJDC * 1.02010 April   DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJDI *1.02010 April  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJDJ *1.02010 April  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJDZ *1.02010 April   DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJE1 *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJE3 *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJE4 *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJE5 *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJE6 *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJE7 *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJE8 *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJE9 *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJEA *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJEB1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJEC *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJED * 1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJEE * 1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJEF *1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJF1 *  1.02010 June   DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJF1 * 1.02010 June    DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJF1 1.02010 June  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XEJF2 *1.02010 June DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJF2 *1.02010 June  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJF41.02010 June  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XEJF5  1.02010 June  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJF7 1.02010 June  DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJF8 #  1.02010 June   DOWNLOAD  
S8500XXJG5 * #1.02010 July  DOWNLOADFIRST S8500XXJF7 FULL
S8500XXJG6 * #1.02010 July  DOWNLOAD FIRST S8500XXJG5
S8500XXJH1 * #1.02010 August  DOWNLOAD FIRST XXJG5 or XXJG6
S8500XEJH2 ## 1.02010 August DOWNLOAD 
S8500XXJH3 ##  1.02010 August  DOWNLOAD 
S8500XEJH4 ##1.02010 August DOWNLOAD 
S8500XIJI1 * ##1.02010 September DOWNLOAD 
S8500XXJI2 * ## 1.02010 September  DOWNLOAD 
S8500XXJI3 * ## 1.02010 September DOWNLOAD
S8500XXJI5 ## 1.02010 September DOWNLOAD 
S8500XXJID ## 1.22010 September   DOWNLOAD 
S8500XXJJ9 * ## 1.22010 October DOWNLOADFIRST S8500XXJID 
S8500XXJK1 * ##1.22010 November DOWNLOADFIRST S8500XXJID
S8500XEJK2 ##1.02010 November DOWNLOAD 
S8500XEJL1 * ##1.02010 December DOWNLOADFIRST S8500XEJK2
S8500XIJL1 * ##1.02010 December DOWNLOADFIRST S8500XXJI5
S8500XEJL2 ##1.02010 December DOWNLOAD 
S8500XXJL2 * ##1.22010 December DOWNLOADFIRST S8500XXJK1
S850XXJL2 ##1.22010 December DOWNLOAD
S850XXJL2 ##1.22010 December DOWNLOAD
S8500XEKA1 * ##1.02011 January DOWNLOADFIRST S8500XEJL2
S8500XEKA1 ##1.02011 January DOWNLOAD 
S8500XIKA1 * ##1.22011 January DOWNLOAD
S8500XEKC1 ##1.22011 March DOWNLOAD
S8500XEKC2  ##1.22011 March DOWNLOAD
S8500XXKF1 ##1.22011 June DOWNLOAD 
S8500XXKF2 ##1.22011 June DOWNLOAD 
S8500XXKF3 * ##1.22011 June  DOWNLOAD 
S8500XPKG5 ##2.0.12011 July OXAKG5DOWNLOAD 
S8500XPKG6 ##2.0.12011 July OXAKG6DOWNLOAD 

Asia Samsung S8500 Firmwares. 

Asia Firmware BadaDate CSCDownload Note
S8500ZSJE4 1.02010 May DOWNLOAD  
S8500DDJE5 1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD   
S8500DDJE6 1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD    
S8500DDJE7 1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD   
S8500DXJE8 1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD   
S8500DXJE9 1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500DXJEA 1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  
S8500ZCJF1 1.02010 June  DOWNLOAD  
S8500ZCJF6 1.02010 June  DOWNLOAD  
S8500ZCJF7 1.02010 June  DOWNLOAD   
S8500ZSJG1  1.02010 July  DOWNLOAD  
S8500ZUJG1 1.02010 July   DOWNLOAD  
S8500ZCJG2 # 1.02010 July    DOWNLOAD  
S8500ZUJG2 # 1.02010 July    DOWNLOAD   
S8500ZCJH1 # 1.02010 August DOWNLOAD   
S8500ZSJH2 ##1.02010 August DOWNLOAD  
S8500DDJI2 * ##1.02010 September DOWNLOAD 
S8500ZNJI3 ## 1.02010 September DOWNLOAD   
S8500ZCJI3 ##1.02010 September  DOWNLOAD   
S8500ZCJK1 * ##1.02010 November DOWNLOAD FIRST S8500ZNJI3 
S8500ZNJK1 * ##1.02010 November DOWNLOAD FIRST S8500ZCJI3
S8500DDJK1 * ##1.02010 November DOWNLOAD 
S8500DXJL3 * ##1.22010 December DOWNLOAD 
S8500ZSKA2 ##1.02011 JanuaryCSC_S8500_Open_HkTwDOWNLOAD  
S8500DDKD1 * ##1.22011 April DOWNLOAD MUST HAVE DD
S8500DDKD1 ##1.22011 April DOWNLOAD  
S8500DXKE1 ##1.22011 MayCSC = OLBKD1DOWNLOAD  
S8500ZCKF2 ##1.22011 JuneCSC_S8500_Open_ChinaDOWNLOAD  
S8500ZSKG1 * ##1.22011 July CSC_S8500_Open_HkTwDOWNLOAD FIRSTS8500ZSKA2

Turkish Samsung S8500 Firmwares.

Turkish Firmware BadaDate CSCDownload Note
S8500JVJK1 ##1.02010 November DOWNLOAD  
S8500JVKC1 ##1.22011 March DOWNLOAD 

Arabic Samsung S8500 Firmwares.

Arabic Firmware BadaDate CSCDownload Note
S8500JPJG2 * # 1.02010 July DOWNLOAD You must have S8500JPJF
S8500JPJG2 #1.02010 July  DOWNLOAD  
S8500JPJH1 * #1.02010 August  DOWNLOAD  First S8500JPJG2
S8500JPJH2 ##1.02010 August DOWNLOAD  
S8500JPJJ3 * ##1.02010 October DOWNLOAD First S8500JPJH1
S8500JPJK1 * ##1.02010 November DOWNLOAD First S8500JPJJ3 
S8500JPKB1 ##1.02011 February DOWNLOAD  
S8500JPKC1 * ##1.22011 March DOWNLOAD First S8500JPKB1
S8500JPKC1  ##1.22011 March DOWNLOAD  
S8500JPKE1 ##1.22011 May DOWNLOAD First S8500JPKC1



USA Samsung S8500 Firmwares.

USA Firmware  BadaDateCSCDownloadNote
S8500BVIJJ3 ##1.02010 October DOWNLOAD  
S8500BVIJJK1 ##1.02010 November DOWNLOAD  
S8500LUHJL1 * ##1.02010 December  DOWNLOAD  

Provider Samsung S8500 Firmwares.

Firmware BadaDate CSC Download Note
S8500PMJE21.02010 May DOWNLOAD Play
S8500BOJE71.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  T-Mobile
S8500BWJE8  1.02010 May  DOWNLOAD  O2
S8500BUJF1 ##1.02010 June  DOWNLOADVodafone
S8500BVJH1 ##1.02010 August  DOWNLOAD  Orange
S8500BOJI2 * ##1.02010 September DOWNLOAD T-Mobile
S8500BUJI3 ##1.02010 September DOWNLOADVodafone
S8500BUJI4 ##1.02010 September DOWNLOAD Vodafone
S8500PMJL1 * ##1.02010 December DOWNLOADPlay
S8500BWJL1 ##1.02010 December DOWNLOADO2
S8500XXJL2 * ##1.22010 December DOWNLOADKPN Bada 1.2.
S8500CXKA1 ##1.02011 January DOWNLOAD Plus
S8500BUKD1 ##1.22011 April DOWNLOADVodafone
S8500ACKD1 * ##1.22011 April  DOWNLOADVodafone
S8500AEKD1 * ##1.22011 April DOWNLOADSFR
S8500BUKE1 * ##1.22011 May DOWNLOADVodafone


1) Device is not recognized after flashing ? 
—>Connect your phone via kies mode 
 Open kies and do the device recovery
after that your device is recognized by kies.

2) If still device is not recognized by kies..?? 
—> then uninstall the driver plugins and again install it .

3)Still Facing “Not Enough Memory” Problem?
–> Try Enabling CP UART by *#8740#
this code would solve “Not Enough Memory Problem”

Flash your phone only if you are sure about the flashing methods because it can brick your phone
and i am not responsible for any damage done to your phone by performing any incorrect step.


Thanks to Samfirmware.com for firmware links.

132 thoughts on “Flashing Samsung Wave S8500 (Updated)

  1. Shashank

    “no full firmware? means???”
    This means that its not a complete firmware its only having minor updates and patches.

    So if you want to upgrade to a latest firmware you must first upgrade to its earlier version which is a full firmware and later you can upgrade the minor firmware upgrades onto it.

  2. Shashank

    Yes you can use use XXJID(1.2) which is European firmware in Philippines,but its recommended that you install your region's firmwares only because you could face some problems like regional language and regional applications would not work properly…

    But till now i haven't faced such problems.

  3. Shashank

    S8500XXJID ## 2010 September Bada 1.2
    S8500XXJJ9 * ## 2010 October Bada 1.2 FIRST S8500XXJID
    S8500XXJK1 * ## 2010 November Bada 1.2 FIRST S8500XXJID

    JID is a full firmware and JJ9 and JK1 are minor updates and patches so you have to first install JID then JJ9 or JK1

  4. Shashank

    JF1 is very old firmware for Europe i would recommend that you download JID(1.2) it will be best for you.You can use JF1 version also,but its better you upgrade your firmware to JID.

  5. Anonymous

    is there a network issues problem? after the flashing? and last, how can i solve the prblem of my wave ” not enough memory”?

  6. Shashank

    I have also Upgraded to XXJID and i am not facing any network problem after flashing….by flashing your firmware to Bada 1.2(JID) you can solve” not enough memory” problem

  7. Shashank

    * No full firmware
    # Pass = samsung-firmwares.com
    ## Pass = samfirmware.com

    So as you can see from here its having”##” this means Pass = samfirmware.com

  8. Anonymous

    iam using now the JID then JJ9, but the problem is i cannot connect thru kies and there is still “not enough memory problem”?? what can i do? but the good is i play many apps bec of ur spoof. plz help me to solve the problem specially the not enough memory.. thanks – patrick

  9. Shashank

    when you connect your phone via kies mode open kies and do the device recovery
    after that your device can be seen in kies

    and try Enabling CP UART by *#8740#
    this code would solve “Not Enough Memory Problem”

  10. Anonymous

    i updated my phone again to JID version.. i tried 4x but there was a problem in browsing the photo? and slower in pinch to zoom? -patrick

  11. Anonymous

    hi, i used the code of *#8740# but there's nothing happened? its all the same the “not enough memory” was not resolved, huhuhuh please help. Any code to solve the problem? “not enough memory”

  12. Shashank

    I also faced some problems in XXJID so I flashed my phone to XXJJ9 but that also didn't gave satisfied performance so now i have XXJK1 which is the most stable version and till now i haven't faced any problems in that
    So Upgrade to XXJK1…
    MY Samsung wave

  13. Shashank

    “hi, i used the code of *#8740# but there's nothing happened? its all the same the “not enough memory” was not resolved, huhuhuh please help. Any code to solve the problem? “not enough memory””

    See the answer given below your question….

  14. Anonymous

    hi shashank …. do u have any problem like “no enough memory” on your phone?? i'am using JID and i had many spoof apps. now can i ask a question..if my phone will update to JJ9 then JK1 my spoof game will erase???

    i hate the “not enough memory problem” and during net browser they will say “page is too large' grrrr. please reply
    how can i fix this please…. – Brando

  15. Shashank

    I'm sorry for late reply ,there was some problem in my internet connection…Hmmm I also faced similar problems in JID so i upgraded to JJ9 then also i faced this problem…but in JK1 there are no such problems till now and its the most stable version of Bada OS i recommend that you should upgrade to JK1…..About Spoofed games they will not get erased because these 2 are just minor upgrades my phone memory was as it is after i upgraded to JJ9 then to JK1 Nothing got formated….

  16. Anonymous

    thanks shshank now how about this version S8500XXJL2 released by december?? can i update my JK1 to JL2?? what difference between of them? – brando

  17. Shashank

    I haven't tested this firmware myself but it has some minor differences from JK1 but if you are not facing any kind of problems in JK1 then there is no point of Upgrading to JL2…but if you want to test it you can and please do share here whatever differences you felt in JL2…:)

  18. Shashank

    this version is a patch over XXJID so you have to first install XXJID then XXJK1 (you can skip XXJJ9) After XXJK1 you can install XXJL2
    “*” means that it is not the full firmware its just a minor patch..

  19. Anonymous

    shashank.. i update my phone to JK1 from JID but there is still problem ” not enough memory” and during internet “page is too large” how bout u are u still experienc the prroblem like this?.. want can i do. huhuhuh plssss help”

    i read your comment last past month, u said that ur phone update like this
    —> MY Samsung wave

    – BRANDO

  20. Shashank

    yes ,there were problems in JK1 I also started facing these problems so i upgraded to JL2 yesterday, its a nice version i haven't tested apps on this version but the internet problem “Page too Large” seems to be resolved in this update and the phone is a bit faster than the JK1 Update…i will be testing some of the games today hope the “not Enough Memory” problem doesn't show up this time.

    MY Samsung Wave

  21. Saqib Razzaq

    I have XXJL2. Tried to spoof apps, but nothing happens when I click on the app. Some other forum says that spoofing is supported upto XXJK1. Right now, I am flashing again XXJID and will update to XXJK1, just for spoofing :)

  22. PlayBoy Zia

    Hi everyone

    i recently bought a wave and it restarts randomly

    i live in Saudi arabia and i tried flashing to Bada 1.2

    but now also the problem remains the same

    i tried returning to the original firmware by reflashing but its not getting back to the old firm ware

    Any help ?

  23. PlayBoy Zia

    Hi i tried downgrading this way S8500 JPJG2 and it says wrong passsword in ShpApp.app ??/

    ! C:UsersVIRUS INSIDEDownloadsS8500JPJG2 FULL.rar: Unexpected end of archive
    ! C:UsersVIRUS INSIDEDownloadsS8500JPJG2 FULL.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file S8500JPJG2 FULLS8500JPJG2ShpApp.app (wrong password ?)
    ! C:UsersVIRUS INSIDEDownloadsS8500JPJG2 FULL.rar: Unexpected end of archive

  24. Anonymous

    i'm new into this and really do not follow all the way how to flash my wave to a previous firmware in order to use spoof.
    I am in Europe, can somebody please tell me which firmware to use, i'm lost in the maze of all the different existing versions.

    Thank you in advance

  25. oswald

    My phone has network Lock ON, Can Update my firmware anyway? I from Argentina and Could I Update to S8500LUHJL1?, Will Wavespoofer work with this firmware? now I have Bada 1.0 s8500lvdjf2. thanks!

  26. Mayank

    “i'm new into this and really do not follow all the way how to flash my wave to a previous firmware in order to use spoof.
    I am in Europe, can somebody please tell me which firmware to use, i'm lost in the maze of all the different existing versions.”

    please mention your name before asking question.
    First of all i need to know which firmware you are using…???
    type ” *#1234# “
    in your keypad and tell me whatever is shown on the screen..

  27. Shashank

    You should not upgrade your firmware through multiloader while Network Lock is ON but you can update it through Kies.

    You should not upgrade your phone because you are able to use spoofed apps..

  28. Anonymous

    okeyyy.. thx
    i tried this one S8500XXJID on my samsung wave s8500 with s8500xxjf4/s8500oxf3 ( ITV ) ..
    im from germany and would like to have DBT but first i would like to have S8500XXJID.
    i did it like in the viedeo. thxx for the faste answer !!!

  29. Anonymous

    i m from india…and i wan to flash ma wave s8500 by bada os 1.2…rite nw i hav 1.0.2 firmware…so can i use american firmware os 1.2 in ma wave??? is there any problum by doin this??? plzz help me out…..

  30. Adi

    i am not able to spoof apps…means afetr spoofing the app it shows “u r done” and play…..but after opening tht game it is running d samegame….after restarting also im nt able to play tht new spoofed game…..plzzz help me….

  31. Manoj Nair

    Hi Shashank,

    I flashed to xxjid, but now kies 2 does not connect my phone, what could be done, also i am planning to flash further to xxjk1 and xxjl2. Is xxjl2 a good firmware to upgrade,

    Manoj India

  32. Shashank

    @Manoj Nair
    I guess by now you might have sorted out this problem…
    The answer is there in the post read the post carefully
    you will find your answer at the end of the post.

  33. Hendra

    Hi shashank,

    Thank you so much for your post. :)
    I've successfully flashed my phone to XXJID, But how do I upgrade to XXJJ9? I already downloaded the XXJJ9 firmware.

    Thanks in advance :)

  34. Joseph

    Hi All,

    I hope someone could clarify me, Im in india and bought wave from saudi, It has S8500JPJH1 firmware currently,
    1)Can i be able to update to S8500XXJL2 which is bada 1.2? If i do so will i brick my phone?
    2)Is bada 1.2 has “bass enhancement” mode enabled when hearing songs through Bluetooth headset ?

  35. Hendra

    I've already upgraded to XXJJ9 using the flash method, hope it's the correct way.

    And I can't connect to kies too. I've already tried the device recovery. Any help?

  36. joseph

    Hi All,

    I hope someone could clarify me, Im in india and bought wave from saudi, It has S8500JPJH1 firmware currently,
    1)Can i be able to update to S8500XXJL2 which is bada 1.2? If i do so will i brick my phone?
    2)Is bada 1.2 has “bass enhancement” mode enabled when hearing songs through Bluetooth headset ?

  37. Joseph

    No one to help me? @Shashank Can you pls clarify the below ques?

    Im in india and bought wave from saudi, It has S8500JPJH1 firmware currently,
    1)Can i be able to update to S8500XXJL2 which is bada 1.2? If i do so will i brick my phone?
    2)Is bada 1.2 has “bass enhancement” mode enabled when hearing songs through Bluetooth headset ?

  38. Hendra


    I managed to connect to kies after I take out my memory card and my simcard. Hope it helps for those people who face the same problem.

    @ Joseph
    1) It wont brick your phone if you follow all the steps in the video above
    2) I don't know. I don't have a bluetooth headset

  39. Anonymous


    Please advice. Can the above firm ware version be updated to any of the above “Bada 1.2 FIRST….” firmwares. Please advise.
    Thank you

  40. Anonymous

    How to install a patch (JJ9 and JK1) after flashing the phone with the “S8500XXJID ## 2010 September Bada 1.2”. Is it the same way that it's flashed with the full firm ware. I am asking this because, flashing would remove the previous firm ware totally.
    Thank you

  41. Anonymous

    umm i am in bahrain… and with firmware s8500JPJk1 …
    if i flash with the same firmware? will i be able to play spoof apps…
    directly from the menu????

  42. Anonymous

    Sha shank
    pls help me..im very worried..i accidentally upgraded my samsung wave s8500 to bada 1.0.2..now i cant use any spoofed and cracked app..and also how to know your region?..sorry for being uninformed..im a newbie..
    pls help me to solve my problem..i need to go back to bada 1.00..
    thanks..and morepower to you..

    my firmware :



    i dnt now what these things are..pls i desperately need your help..:)

  43. Anonymous

    S8500JPJG2 #

    aisaian version: supports urdu, arabic & farsi language, very nice, working excelently and also u can also use cracked apps because its bada 1.0

    i flashed my samsung wave s8500 (orange uk)

  44. Anonymous

    after flashing my samsung wave s8500 with “S8500JPJG2 #” having some problem, but after updating it with “S8500JPJH1”, now its working very nicely, now its bada 1.0.2 and still supporting spoofing, no prob with spoofing procedure.

  45. StonedGoat

    I just bought an s8500 I bought in China (I'm still living in China) with SW VER S8500ZCJE8, rf cal date 2010.08.12. KIES cannot update the device so looks like I have to flash it myself.

    The product code is (YOG) but I believe I can change this in RegEdit

    What order and versions should I use to flash the firmware? I will use the Asian downloads

  46. Anonymous

    My firmware is XXJH4, so what update should I choose? As I understand choosing the same XXJH4 firmware won't update my phone to 1.2 bada?

  47. Anonymous

    My firmware is jk1
    if I UPGRADE To JL2
    I can start all applications spoofed FROM MENU

  48. Anonymous

    I am in scandinavian. My firmware is: xxjl2 and xbjl1. What firmware i must install that i can run wavespoofer, and how do it?

  49. Shashank

    “what is the password for unpack”
    password are already mentioned in this post…
    try these:-
    # Password = samsung-firmwares.com
    ## Password = samfirmware.com

    1. krishna

      shashank plsease help me if u knw about this problem
      while uploading jl2 software on my wave s8500 suddenly my phone switched off started showing blinking blue screen what had happrn plese hepl me now it not start up also…

  50. mayur

    i m using ddkd1 1.2 on my wave and ddkd1 dosnt support to spoof app i m thing to downgrade to ddjk1 will this firewar support to spoof plz help

  51. kimo

    Hi there I flashed my phone to bada 1.2 the same version which was at my phone already its the only one here 1.2 arabic version S8500JPKB1 i'm from egypt but my phone not accepting spoof the same problem
    you said any flashed version should spoof is that right

  52. Anonymous

    @kimo , you have to use XXJID (works to minor patch JJ9 and JK1) or some older firmwares to use spoofed app's.

  53. Anonymous

    Guys,relax i have flashed my bada to modded firmware 1.2. Now i am able to run all the spoofed apps from the menu, as well as having the advantage of latest firmware of bada os 1.2

    Just go to firmware-modded firmware-s8500………………

  54. Danee


    I need help. On my wave was official xxjl2. I upgrade the full flashed xxjl2 firm.

    Its look evrything is ok, but I lauch Samsung Apps, I pressd a confirm, and the screen went black, whit this massage:

    UPLOAD data to pc

    What is the problem?

    Ps.: which flashd fiwm supported hungarian lannguage?

    Thanks your help

  55. danee

    I found the solotion, (low/mid file), and the cell is ok.

    But the spoofed apps not running, (I not selected in multiloader the boot files… < -- this is the reason?)PLS Help

  56. r.heitzmann

    i downloaded the fimeware S8500XEKC2 the last of europe.
    i installed it and then there was a blue page and there was a text…
    at the end stands To exit press 0 2sec.
    I pressed the button in the middle of my wave and then was a black window there.
    There stands *Upload data o pc*
    What´s to do?

  57. Anonymous

    Hi guys, Sry if this is not the right place, but i have problem with watching youtube videos on my wave. My firmware is bada 1.2 xxjid and when i play a video in youtube through 3g internet the video and the sound start lagging ! So is it a firmware problem or the browser's player i dont know. PLS HELP

  58. Anonymous

    heloo shashank yar i have flashed my s8500 to XXJID now i am facing some problems now the colours of my wave is low and some games are not spoofing some are spoofed but not working properly plz help me bro

  59. rhodbugz

    Hi Shashank,
    My FW is DXJF3/LBJF1 – i wanted to reflash it to its original firmware. What should i used from the list -> DXJE9/ZCJF1/ZCJF6/ZCJF7. And if i want to upgrade it to XXJID, is it possible? Please enlighten me for i don't understand those listed FWs…


  60. uglyman

    dear Shashank thx for ur explain ..i have s8500 bada 1.0 ver lis-s8500jpjg2_kor…firmware s8500jpjg2 s8500jpjg1 ..
    i wanna upgrade to bada 1.2 arabic ver…did i need flash my mob? when i plug wth kies its say canot update ur phone….help me for this plz…right now i live in Iraq..arabic ..thx for read

  61. Anonymous

    hi i dont seem to have the boot file and ffs file,u said to use your own region
    software??i don't understand i have a samsung wave gt s8500

  62. Anonymous

    Dear All,

    could you please tell me the best bada 1.2 firmware which can be used spoof apps. and swype. (and call recording also if possible?)

    im from sri lanka and we dont have paid apps here.

    im currently using XXJID it can be spoofed but its unstable like when the data connections are working phone hangs, problems with mass storage mode and no call recording.

    looking for your reply
    thanks again 😎

  63. Jay Shree Kant

    @ Shashank(it is my younger brother's name)…..

    It is really very important….

    Currently i am using S8500DDJK1… i am unable to spoof any applications …. if i do as so ….. they do not work… i am currently live in INDIA(Bangalore)

    please shashank tell me …which bada firmware i use ..such i can easily spoof the application …. please help me thanks in advance…


  64. Anonymous

    So if i want to upgrade to a latest firmware by using updatee firmware not full version.

    What can i do?? same methods of using full firware??

    Thank You.

  65. Anonymous

    hellow I have s8500DXJF2 firmware which is 1.0 and the deafault firmware of my phone now I want to flash S8500DXJL3*## which is minor update of 1.2 is it posible?does it works?thanks

  66. Rohan

    Hey. I have S8500DDKD1 for asia from Samsung. So will I have to download and flash my phone with a modded firmware , or the spoofing stuff will work fine with my already installed firmware?

  67. Rakesh Chaudhary

    hieee friends i updated bada 2.0.1 in India now i want downgrade back to bada 1.0 but unable to find boot files of Asia region i want to know which firmware has boot file so i can downgrade back bada 2.0.1 is realy f*******

  68. krishna

    while uploading jl2 software on my wave s8500 suddenly my phone switched off started showing blinking blue screen what had happrn plese hepl me now it not start up also…

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  72. WaveIuser

    I have Network Lock [ON]. What will happen if I flash it with multiloader?? (BTW i have JID bada 1.2 firmware for my Wave I and i cannot upload it through Kies ;/ don’t know why)

    Please help me

  73. shahram

    I need to install persian(farsi) language on my wave but I am living in Germany.
    here in guide mentioned “use your own region firmware!”.
    This means, I can’t instal persian language while I am living in Germany. is that right?
    Thanks for any help

  74. Janine

    hello.. How can I upgrade my wave 1.0 into bada 2.0 version? i live here in the philippines. I downloaded samsung kies and try to follow the instructions which the samsung website demonstrated. but while processing, the user control setting keeps on appearing and then the processing keeps on repeating but never ending. hope you’ll be able to help me with this problem. thank you

  75. Denn

    samsung kies said My s8500 cannot be upgraded?

    im stuck in 1.0, i want it to be 2.0 version.please help!


  76. apit_din87

    i’m already upgrade to bada 2.0 via kies….but cannot use smt file for theme.what should i do????please help me!!!!!!!

  77. Drei

    Hi, I’m using Bada 2.0 already and want to install S-LiteCFW Asian/Arabic v4 _ Based on King’s v4.1 And TurkoCFW v8.1 (W1). Does it mean that I have to downgrade my firmware again to bada 1.0 or i can still install it. Thanks

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