Hidden or Secret Codes For Samsung Wave

Here is the List of the Secret codes for Samsung Wave:-

1)   *2767*3855#

Make a Backup brfore proceeding….
This code will Format your phone completely (HARD RESET)
It will also reinstall the phone’s Firmware.
So think before you type this.

2)  *#197328640#

This code is used to enter the service mode and run various test.

3) *#0228#

Detailed info. about battery

4) *#7465625#

Used for checking Sim lock and Network Lock Status

Codes For checking Firmware Information:-

5) *#4986*2650468#

SW Version,HW version, MP,RF cal Date,CSC Version ,CSC Model Spec,FFS Version….

6) *#1234# –

SW Version And CSC Version Check

7) *#1111# –

FTA SW Version

8)  *#2222#

FTA HW Version

Codes For Wifi and Bluetooth Tests:-

9) *#526# –

WiFi MAnual MFG TEst Mode

10) *#232337# –

BT RF Test Mode

Codes to Launch various Factory Tests:-

11) *#0# –


12) *#0673# OR *#0289-

Melody Test

13) *#0842# –

Vibration Test

14) *#2663# Or *#2664#
TM Command

15) Secret GPS Menu: *#4097*4097#

Delete old gps data to reenable assisted gps.

66 thoughts on “Hidden or Secret Codes For Samsung Wave

    1. niwre

      i try some of the code listed but some of them are not functioning in my phone invalid code,im using samsung wave 3, im a new user of bada

  1. Shashank

    Actually this code will Format and Reinstall your current firmware with default settings….and do make a backup of your data before trying Hard Reset… :)

  2. Rafa? Bartnik

    yeah i made all possible backups so it was no problem for me. Itried… and it is reinstalling firmware to this cursed modified Era software. oh well i'll just go to the samsung service

  3. Anonymous

    Will *2767*3855# reset my phone to the factory installed bada 1.0.0 firmware or will my current bada 1.0.2 firmware remain? I updated my phone through samsung kies

  4. Shashank

    “Will *2767*3855# reset my phone to the factory installed bada 1.0.0 firmware or will my current bada 1.0.2 firmware remain? I updated my phone through samsung kies”

    Please mention your name while asking question its easier for me to address
    This code will format your phone and bring it back to its current firmware Bada 1.0.2 not the factory installed Bada 1.0.0…

  5. Shashank

    “secret gps menu: *#4097*4097#
    delete old gps data to reenable assisted gps.”

    Thanks Dude,your information has been added into the above post and please do mention your name so that i can mention it over there…and you are welcome to help others in this blog if you are interested in posting here tell…

  6. Anonymous

    to increase the volume of your wave!!!

    Type *#197328640#
    Click the button 5 ( Audio )
    Click the button 2 ( AP, Volume Config)
    Click on the button 2 (EAR Config )
    Click the button 1 (volume MP) – to increase the volume of music files or the 5 key (FM Radio volume ) – Radio
    We can see the 7 lines (0-6 ) we can increase the value of
    all lines (these are the lines that define the level at each
    support ), you can change any of them or increase only
    last value of 58dB to 75dB and 100db max .

    To increase headphone volume, select line 6 and then tap on the white box below the number keypad 2-3 times. A new window will pop up – Enter the value over there. Click on done and ok twice.

    hi shashnk i found this…. – BRANDO from philippines

    1. Sunny

      Hey man, if you find something about removing touch screen tones, the irritating *bleep* *bleep* but keep the system sounds, if you do, can you please share it?

  7. Shashank

    Thank you Man
    and if you are interested in posting on this blog please
    give me your E-Mail ID i would add you as an Author On this blog then You can post whatever you like Directly on this blog and you can see yourself as a Contributor

    I wish that you post this above information on your own on this blog.

  8. Akis

    Sorry guys I bought the Samsung wave s8500 and I check the codes. I saw that my rf cal date and sw version is not active. Can anyone tell me what is the rf cal date and sw version ? please.

  9. Anonymous

    Hard reset helped me a lot in bringing my wave525 back to factory set…..
    thanks to the admin of this site…..
    keep posting more codes… 😉

  10. Anonymous

    Increasing the volume DB through *#197328640# was so easy on bada 1.0 but after updating the firmware bada 1.2. the value does not changed from the existing DB level to the new dB level.. is there any other options to increase the level for bada 1.2(s8500DDKD1)

  11. sandeep

    I TRY EVERY STEP *#197328640# FOR INCREASING sound but its not work.
    I upgrade my phone BADA 1.0 to 1.0.2
    its work on older VER. 1.0
    the ver is ddkd1
    i m from INDIA
    plz help me

  12. ravi???????

    Hi, m using wave 8500 and my gps is not working. any1 with a solution plz help me out. my email is [email protected]… Ravi

  13. Jony

    Prosz? o pomoc, mam Fal? 8500, w jaki sposób powinno si? kasowa? niepotrzebne wcze?niej pobrane widgety, b?d? bardzo wdzi?czny.

  14. max

    jak nie dales jescze rady z widgetami pisz na mail: [email protected]

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  17. lakshya

    You just need to type the codes using Keypad:
    Think before you give this code. This code is used for factory format. It’ll remove all files and settings including the internal memory storage. It’ll also reinstall the phone firmware.
    PS: Once you give this code, there is no way to cancel the operation unless you remove the battery from the phone. So think twice before giving this code.
    This code can be used to enter into Service mode. You can run various tests and change settings in the service mode.
    This code can be used to get detailed information about phone battery.
    This code can be used to check the status of Sim Lock and Network Lock.
    Codes to get Firmware version information:
    *#4986*2650468# – SW Version, HW Version, MP, RF Cal Date, CSC Version, CSC Model Spec, FFS Version, RC2 Version
    *#1234# – SW Version and CSC Version
    *#1111# – FTA SW Version
    *#2222# – FTA HW Version
    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Test Codes:
    *#526# – Wi-Fi Manual MFG Test Mode
    *#232337# – BT RF Test Mode
    Codes to launch various Factory Tests:
    *#0*# – LCD test
    *#0673# OR *#0289# – Melody test
    *#0842# – Vibration test
    *#2663# OR *#2664# – TM Command

  18. saquib1986

    Hey man, if you find something about removing touch screen tones, the irritating *bleep* *bleep* but keep the system sounds, if you do, can you please share it?

    :Specially the Bleep bleep when ur using a java app and typing using the touch/virtual pad

  19. vishal

    i installed a gmap and gps version from internet but gps app of this doesnt work and gmap has not work in fullscreen mode…the problem is this gmap installed in phones firmware n i cant uninstalled it…i want my previous default gmap version back….and to reset phone i forgot my phones password…plz plz help me.

  20. uttam

    plz any one help i am not format my wave 1 mobile then i type this code *2767*3855# the phone show next screen type the password plz help me how can i found my wave password plz any one help or just make a post ‘hw we find mobile password’ thank in advance

  21. vikram

    I have samsung wave 2 and i have installed google maps .. but it doesn’t show my current location.. and navigation app.. doesn’t show my current location if i am inside the building .. please help me

  22. SAVIO

    hey i have a wave s8500 from uk unlocked by 3g services in uk officially i won it at work .
    now i cant upgrade the firmware.says latest version
    however i am still on bada 1.0
    any ideas or suggstions

  23. sandy

    can ya help me i just changed something using code in USB so now i can’t connect to internet using PC it shows modem failed to respond i also reinstalled firmware & even tried Hard reset nothn worked

  24. Subhash

    I’m trying *#197328640# on Samsung Wave III but it didn’t work. The reason I tried it to enable Diagnostic port. Is there any new command for Wave 3.
    Can any one please help. Thanks In Advance

  25. boparai_hardeep

    I bought Samsung Wave III 2 months b4, wen i bought it i insert my airtel sim and i found my own number in “setting – general – about phone” , but last saturday i changed my number and when i inserted new Sim, i didn’t get new number in “setting – general – about phone”… it is totally missing… can any1 plz help me how can i get information abt new sim in phone’s setting – i mean in about phone Menu…. plzzz reply soon if any1 knows how to set it back… thanks

  26. rajesh

    i have a samsung wave 3. my problem is when i operat samsung app by new sim card it does not work even all other samsung application like facebook and its show set network profile while i use my old sim card its working plz give me solution

  27. mayank

    Is your new sim operator the same as the old one or its different one…
    Check in your application profiles that for sam apps which new gprs setting is configured for your new sim…check

    secondly, I have wave 3 bought in Feb 2012..but i dont have an inbuilt Facebook app and navigation app?? Do you have these in yours???

  28. Soumya

    A fatal error occured when i tried to update my ChatON from Version 1.5.0 to Version 1.7.0…. I retied….it didnt get installed properly…currently Version 1.7.0 is installed but there is a display problem….plz help!! i also tried the code *2767*3855# but to no avail….the problem still persists….I have a Samsung Wave 3!!

  29. naman

    hiee shashank i tried to increase
    my ear phone volume but it decease the volume nd now i cant able to hear music player sound in earphone..

  30. Subhash

    I’m trying *#197328640# on Samsung Wave III but it didn’t work. The reason I tried it to enable Diagnostic port. Is there any new command for Wave 3.
    Can any one please help. Thanks In Advance

  31. 2lani

    I’m also using Wave 3 & tried to increase/enhance the volume of loud speaker/music player using this command *#197328640# on my Wave3 but its not working. Can anyone please help me how to increase the volume. Thank u.

  32. Cindy

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve trouble using internet and apps on my wave II when i’m abroad. I bought it in frnce but while i’m going to Switzerland & Turkey it doens’t work since i install the Bada2.0 version. I check all the internet access from my network cause i bought my phone with one network provider and change for n other provider and everything is properly set up. I went as well to both providers shop and nobody is able to help me.
    Thanks in advance for yourt help

  33. karthik

    1. my key pad is changed like OCR light pen, i want to get my key pad as before. each time when i want to type something i have to tilt my phone to change it to qwert mode. I am using Samsung wave 5253. Any one pls suggest.

    2. Am using wave 5253 is it possible to upgrade to any android versions

    3. is it possible to upgrade to any bada versions.

    if possible pls suggest

  34. Andrew

    Hello ! I have a question ! My samsung wave 2 was working perfect untill it restarted and did’nt recognise my any more. After some flashing, and some hard resetting sometimes recognise my sim card but only untill it restarts by itself. The sim card is working properly. If i put a new sim card it works for 5 minutes, after that it restarts and the same problem appears ! After it restarts i have to select my time zone, …. ! Please help !!!!!

    1. mitra

      hi andrew i”m not profesional but may your frimware have problem change firmware from custom to offical firmware
      good day to you

  35. 2Lani

    Hey guys I need your help urgently. Two days ago I did a full reset on my Wave III (I’ve done this twice before) after tht I immediatetly tried accessing the SamsungApp store. On the screen its displaying “Initialising SamsungApp store, do not press any bottons or touch screen while initialising” and its been doing tht ever since. I’ve heard on other forums tht I must wait at least an HOUR until it finishes, I waited for TWO HOURS & it was STILL “INITIALISING”. But as I’ve said, I have resetted it b4 but have never waited tht long, it was done within minutes. Can anyone PLZ help me tell how long does it take to do tht or hw to fix it. Thanks in advance.

  36. oange

    hi i hard reset my wave now my phone wont charge it just blinks with the samsung logo when i charge it. i got a new battery and charger still the same problem can some one help?

  37. Ashok

    Can you please explain me that how to change my wifi name in samsung wave 525, you can also explain by phone my contact number is +91-9533395977, and e-mail id [email protected]

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