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Deathland 3D
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Death Land 3D is a action-adventure, third-person-perspective game. We play as a female character, who’s  name is Wichita. The main target of the game is to complete in-game quests, that are given by characters that are met in the game, while eliminating tones of zombies!

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Space Hell is a 3D shooter/action game that is presented in the traditional side-scroller format, which is perfectly suited to mobile devices. One of the game’s strong features is usage of 2D physics simulation, which made it possible to create a diverse and interactive environment. For instance, the main hero may destroy a bridge that hangs over his enemies causing it to fall and eliminate them. The physics simulation also made it possible to create puzzles that keep gameplay interesting. The player is further challenged with minigames utilizing the phones’s accelerometer. A lot of effort has been put into level and character design. Many special effects have been used like: advanced particle system, light glow, light-mapping and more. Enjoy!
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  • Anonymous

    bakwas game ekdum bakwas.tatti download karlu mai apne phone mai instead.:D

  • Anonymous

    can we install death land in wave 525