Skype for Samsung Wave(Java)

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Skype one of the most common chatting and calling software
Now available with it’s mobile client for Samsung Wave.
This version of skype does not offer calling feature its only for chatting purposes.


43 thoughts on “Skype for Samsung Wave(Java)

  1. Shashank

    I Installed it and its working fine for me…i don't know what happened with you…???Which firmware are you using …???

  2. Shashank

    yup that's the bad part of it you can only chat using this java application…hope samsung releases the Skype for wave Soon.

  3. Anonymous

    it does not work for me shashant… non of the files does. please HELP me . e mail is [email protected]

  4. anonymous

    its working for me, but why it doesnt have touch screen sense, and as well as its irritating while typing with tok tok sound… its better if it has touch effect as well as without this sound

  5. hims

    successfully installed..but i when i try to log says..cannot connect over your phone..i m using samsung wave 525…please internet works fine…

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  7. roshan

    hi pliz pliz help me i am using wave 2 s8530 and there is no any option to install Skype pliz who even no about this pliz help me i cant able to install…

  8. rajendra

    plz. send me skype sansung wave 2 S 8530 Plz. my mail id [email protected]
    anybudy help me

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