Windows Phone 7 (Green)

Here is another addition to the Windows phone 7 theme
and this time its lime colored theme
I Don’t know whats so special about this theme
for which you guys were demanding…personally i liked the blue one

6 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 (Green)

  1. Igor

    hi Shashank,i dont know where is the problem, but i was trying to donate 5$ for your work and support and no matter what amount i choose there is always 1 dollar in paypal site.

  2. Shashank

    @IgorFirstly Thanks For your support,since paypal has removed the donate button feature now you can donate by changing the quatity in the donate option after you click on donate button…:)Again Thanks because you will be the first Person Donating to Support this Blog.

  3. Anonymous

    My wave tells me that the theme is not supportet. Do you got any tips? I got Bada 1.2 the inofficial JJ9.anyway thx for your great work…

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