Protect your vending machine!!!

Have you heard of the fantastic world called “Canimal Land” ?
Here you will find “Canimal land” where waiting for you.

CANIMALS DEFENSE is full of cute and mischievous pranks.
Let’s go to the CANIMAL LAND with characteristic Canimals.
Your goal is to protect your vending machine that creates canimals and destroy your enemy’s vending machine,

– Easy to learn control
– Gorgeous sound and stunning graphics
– 16 different characters with unique
– Fun for those who love defense or hate defense
– Support your units with your special powers to effectively defeat the enemy
– Evolving skills and systems to upgrade battle
– Adorable cartoon-like characters and animation

 Zombie Slaughter_Free

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    plz upload on anyother site like megaupload or rapidshare plzzzzzzzzzz, unable to download from this link

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