Installing Android On Wave(Almost Stable Version)(Edit 29-6-11)

New in this update
New FOTA (Lot Better than the last one)
-Removed some unnecessary steps 

I know many of you have been looking for ways how to install android on wave.
The method i am going to tell you is the easiest understand and implement
so that anyone having basic knowledge of flashing could do it.
And your warranty will not be voided as you are having Bada OS.
You should flash with full firmware of your region to get warranty.

All credit goes to XDA-Developers for porting Android on Wave

We  are NOT responsible for any damage you make to your phone. You also shouldn’t expect us to fully support it since it’s still an alpha that changes every hour. 

Upcomming Update
I will make an interactive step-by-step video tutorial which could possibly help you.
These are the compatible firmwares in which there is no need to flash bootloader files.
  • S8500DDJE7_MAY
  • S8500JVKC1_MAR
  • S8500XXJD9_APR
  • S8500XXJEE_MAY
  • S8500XXJEF_JUN
  • S8500XXJF1_JUN
  • S8500XXJF4_JUL
  • S8500XXJH2_DEC
  • S8500XXJH2_NOV
  • S8500XXJH3_AUG
  • S8500XXJI3_FEB
  • S8500XXJI3_NOV
  • S8500XXJID_SEP
  • S8500XXJK2_MAY
  • S8500XXJL2_APR
  • S8500XXJL2_DEC
  • S8500XXJL2_MAR
  • S8500XXJK1_ALL

What works in this version

  • Launchers
  • Market (including install)
  • Settings
  • Wi-Fi
  • Audio
  • Video (Confirmed)
  • Modem (not in this version yet)

What NOT works in this version

  • Modem (3G, Calls, etc.)
  • GPS
  • Sensors (This causes the battery charge bug]

Installation Procedure


  1. Your S8500 + USB Cable
  2. A Computer running windows or Linux(Ubuntu)*
  3. Virtual-box (if not having Ubuntu)…-71778-Win.exe
  4. A Ubuntu 11.04 CD
  5. Bootfiles: (for people with incompatible FW)
  6. Fota:…
  7. SBL.bin: 
  8. zImage:
  9. MultiLoaderX_v5.65:
  10. Android File System: (There IS an zImage in the file, Do NOT USE IT, DELETE IT)

* You won’t need the Ubuntu CD or vBox if you are using this.

WARNING: Flashing is NOT without risk. Do NOT do this if your haven’t Flashed Ever THIS MIGHT BRICK YOUR PHONE.

Once you have everything mentioned above then proceed further

First Check 
If you are having S8500XXJL2 firmware because i used that for Flashing my S8500.
IF you are not having then download S8500XXJL2 firmware:
Or  you could any of the firmwares mentioned above

Step 1 
Flashing the BL and FOTA
1. Open up multiloader,
2. Select LSI and check full download
3. Click BOOT ,Select “BOOTFILES_EVTSF” folder(You get this folder after extracting ) (do this only if you are having incompatible firmware)
4. Click FOTA, Select the FOTA you just downloaded.
5. Bring your phone to download mode. (When Switched off press Volume down key + Call End key + Lock Screen Key at the same time )
6. Click Port search,
7. Then click Download.
8. When done boot bada to make sure the phone works fine. If it does. Continue

Step 2:

Installing VB, Ubuntu

In this step i will discribe how to install VirtualBox and Ubuntu,
If you already done this Skip to step 3
1. Download VirtualBox from:…-71778-Win.exe
2. Install it. When installing i Suggest you download and burn/mount ubuntu if you haven’t yet.
3. Make a new VM in VirtualBox. Jst follow the steps. If you have 4GB RAM I would recommend assigning 1GB to the VM
4. Install ubuntu on the VM. I’m not gonna explain how to do that, just follow the wizards.

Step 3:
Setting a user as root:
1)    Run the terminal, clicking on the top left there is such a character in a circle and then type in the terminal and run click.
2)    As a first command type “sudo su” (without quotes)
3)    Then type “sudo passwd” (without the quotes).
4)    Then type your password, which you have to remember.
5)    Then click on the very top right character and select Logout or Restart
6)    Then at  the start up select Username: root Password: your password as you are obliged to enter the terminal (sudo passwd)
7)    Ok now you’re logged in as root.

Step 4:

Installing gParted and partitioning your card

For this step you should have your phone running in bada USB connected with Mass Storage mode.
1. In your Ubuntu VM go to ubuntu software centre. Search for gParted and click install
2. In the VM window you see the menu, Click Devices -> USB Devices -> Samsung Electronincs GT-S8500 Wave. This will connect the wave to ubuntu
3. Launch gParted and wait till it’s done scanning. At the right top corner you’ll see a drop-down box. This will list all seperate devices. In my case /dev/sdb was the SD Card. You’ll just have to look which one os yours(See it according to your MEMORY CARD size)
Note: In this case i am assuming we’re using the standard samsung 2GB SD card.
4. You found your card? Great, Now first format the partition(s) and then delete them all
5. Then (assuming you’re having a 2gb card) Split the card in half (that mean make 2 equal sized partitions) the FIRST partition must be FAT32 the second MUST be ext2( always make EXT2 partition of size 1GB  even if you are having 8GB card)

Step 5: 
Transferring Files 

This part can ONLY be preformed on Ubuntu.
In this part we’ll need the
a) galaxyboot files(make a folder named “galaxyboot” (without quotes) and the put sbl.bin and zImage file in that folder)
b) filesystem

1.Log in as root on your ubuntu box if you haven’t already.(if have performed Step 3 then you are root)
2.(re-)connect your wave so it mounts the partitions.
3. Open up the filesystem and move the CONTENTS of the filesystem folder to the root of the ext 2 partition.
4. Open up the internal memory of your wave and put the galaxyboot folder in there. In there you should have two files: zImage and sbl.bin

5.You can download this file  and copy it into an ext2 section to / System / usr / keylayout paste and replace the it
6. Now to operate Wi-Fi to download this app 
and put it in / data / app /
7. Open up a terminal(Ctrl+Alt+T)
after opening Terminal type the following in the same order
After every command press enter
a)sudo su
b)s7udo nautilus
c)sudo sync
d)cd /media
e)cd android (name of the Ext2 partition)
f)chmod -R 0777 ./*
g)sudo sync

Step 6:
First-Time run

Okay, now we’re ready for first run. This does NOT mean we’re done yet.


1. Remove the USB cable and shutdown bada
2. When shut down press the end call button and immediately after that you press the start call button. Release the end call button when the screen turns on
3. When you see the Samsung GalaxyS S screen release all the buttons.
Notice: It may take up to 5 minutes for first time boot. As long as the screen stays on everything is fine.
Notice2: In case your screen turns of remove the battery and double check everything you’ve done.
4.Booted up? Awesome. Pass the welcome wizard. Do NOT type in the keyboard part. This will freeze the phone.
5.You passed it? Great. Now you can continue
6. The phone will ask you which launcher to use. I don’t car which one you use. I’ve always used TwLauncher. it’s up to you
7. In order to let your keypad work normal Go to settings -> Text and Locale -> Samsung keypad -> Uncheck all

Step 7:
How to Start-up Wi-Fi
1) Go to settings WI-Fi settings press volume up key, go to advanced then tick Static IP and enter the details as above.
IP Address: When you connect to your Wi-Fi router to assign you an IP so you need to get into your router and see what kind of an IP router has assigned you an IP and here you enter there.
Gateway (Default Gateway): You’ll find in Windows when you give information about the connection.
DNS1: You’ll find in Windows when you give information about the connection.
DNS2: left blank

2)  THEN we put down the Add access point to enter the SSID name of the Wi-Fi for which you want to join.
3)  Turn off and turn on the Wi-Fi and connect to Wi-Fi as you’re asked to enter the SSID.

This is it. Now your phone should function normally. If things go wrong for you do not hesistate to ask.


I stay stuck at the Galaxy S logo or it boots bada
A: I dunno, Redo all your steps (except for the flasing part)

I want to see some proof of android running
A: Go to

My apps wont install
A: This is an permissions error. If you have CHMODDED everything as told then it should work.

Q: What file system is required on the SD Card?
A: 1st partition must be FAT16 or FAT32. 2nd parition must be ext2 (Recommended) or ext3.

Q: What is the size of the ext2 partition?
A: Recommended 1GB or below. Up to you if you want to set more, but got reports that the partition crashes after 1st boot or can’t install apps when partition is over 2GB.

Q: My WAVE stuck at the Galaxy S logo, what to do?
A: There can be several reasons:
1) does “galaxyboot” directory exists in the root of internal memory?
2) had performed “chmod -R 0777 ./*” on the SD Card partition?
3) had performed “sudo sync” after copying files?
4) had safely removed the USB? Remove from the Virtual Box and then remove from the Windows before unplug.
5) maybe some files in the ext2 filesystem already crashed.
6) you must have not done something, try do it over again.
7) your luck for today is used out, please try the next day. (just kidding )

Q: Some files in ext2 crashed, what to do?
A: No way to recover those files. You may either format the partition and copy all files again, or perform a check using gParted to remove those files and copy them agin.

Q: I cannot unlock my screen, what to do?
A: Try many times to wipe and unlock it, then change unlock screen method by using PIN. Or try to reboot, may have problem gone, and chance to crash the ext2.

Q: My wifi don’t work, what to do?
A: Use static IP. Your router also need to setup to use static IP. If you don’t know how to set static IP, try search the forum or wait for someone fix the issue.

Q: How to install apps?
A: Download from market if wifi works. Or download the apk file on sd card and install it inside Android.

Q: Where to download apk files?
A: Anywhere you can download apk file…

Q: How to power off Android?
A: Press End Call, select Power Off from the menu. Wait until the WAVE have a little vibrate, and the bada boot logo should comes automatically.

Q: ext2 partition on my SANDISK card always crashes after first boot, what have goes wrong?
A: There are reports that SANDISK cards (4G / 8G / 16G) always crash the ext2. If you have a SD Card of another brand, try use it. If not, please help to test out how to make it stable.

Q: I don’t want Android anymore, what to do?
A: 2 options: 1) Leave it there, or 2) flash you phone with another full firmware and all data lost.

Q: My screen turns off and locked after 30sec idle, what to do?
Go App Market
Download Load Monitor
Open it, go to preferences
Click “Add Notification”, “Only Notify high load”, “Auto Start”
and “Wake Lock”

That’s it, your phone won’t shutdown in idle anymore.


109 thoughts on “Installing Android On Wave(Almost Stable Version)(Edit 29-6-11)

  1. eistiger56

    I tried and looks good. I can start android and work with it. But the touch screen doesnt work perfect… :(… Well for the first state its ok :) Thanks to the DEVs which made this aviable

  2. Shashank

    Can i install android on XXJID firmware?

    No you can't use XXJID just use only those maps which are listed in the list above.XXJID has not been tested yet with Android.

    If you are eager to try try it on your own risk….:)

  3. Shashank


    Yes almost every game is playable on this ported version of android.

    I have currently installed.
    angry Birds,Angry birds Rio,silent hill,Modern combat black Pegasus,Cut the Rope etc…:)

  4. Noobieguy123

    for the flashing part i have to take out the sim card and memory card as usual right? what about the when transferring the files? And please explain to me fully how to gain root privileges. sorry I'm a novice with ubuntu

  5. Anonymous

    After spending a whole day on it i finally got it to work…….thanks to the guys at XDA we now have android…im looking forward to an update and hope they figure out the problems of the modem and sensors…..and thanx shashank for posting this tutorial……

  6. Shashank

    “””helpp ubuntu cannot recognise my wave. it says my device is busy with another request on gparted”””

    Did you connect your phone using Mass Storage MOde…???
    Try restarting the gParted,ubuntu and samsung wave…

    If the problem is still there let me know…

  7. Shashank


    just perform STEP 3 that's it
    Open Terminal(Cltr+Alt+t)

    Write these commands as written here one by one and press enter after every command…..

    1)sudo su
    2)sudo passwd
    As soon as you press Enter
    you have to enter password for becoming root(type “1”without quotes now your password is “1” without quotes.

    now restart Ubuntu
    and type

    now login
    now you are root and you have all permissions.

  8. Shashank

    Right now its
    Only for S8500

    when will it come for WAVE II ?

    Not for S8530 it will be coming out soon
    right now there priority is S8500 as their project started with this handset.

  9. Anonymous

    hi everybody, I'm blocked on step 4 and when I want to do this:

    “In the VM window you see the menu, Click Devices -> USB Devices -> Samsung Electronincs GT-S8500 Wave.”

    there is a window ==> “USB device 'Samsung Electronincs GT-S8500 Wave' with UUID
    {f884efd1-0fca-41d6-b406-7351bae61809} is busy with a previous request. Please try again later”

    someone can help me please ?

  10. Anonymous

    I read a lot of questions about installing Android on XXJID firmware and here is what I did. You can update it to XXJK1 – no application is lost because XXJK1 is not a full firmware and also spoofed apps work ok with it (no need to use samsung apps to start). After the upgrade just backup the “Others” directory from your micro SD card. Then install android as described in the tutorial. After you are finished – restore the “Others” folder to the FAT partition of your SD card and voila – you have all your Bada apps, spoofing works and Android too :). This method was confirmed by several other XDA users. Angel

  11. Anonymous

    Hi! first of all.. i have to say u are AWESOME! (and im spanish.. so sorry for writing like a 3 years old)
    the only question i have is this.. if i complete this tutorial.. i can have android and Bada in the phone? and choose wich one to boot evry time? by pressing end+call or just end? 😀

  12. branimir

    Yes you could dual boot. When you enter in android by pressing end call buten than start call button you just have to press and hold end call button inside android and select shut down, then when its shuted down you just press end call button to start bada, etc…

    I have successifully instaled android on XXJK1 firmware, JID isn't supported because it does not have fota! But if you want to install android on JK1 you have to use this one bootloader ( not one provided by shashank in 5th step of flashing, and this fota (, and than you just flash your phone (full download) with these, boot and fota. Than you continue procedure to step 2, and everything like shashank explained.

    Shashank, i have experianced a problem with touchscreen, its not working properly without 3-4 restarts (tap and hold not works, pinch to zoom not so good), and if you left fon on idle it sometimes shoots down. Did you have these problems too?

  13. Anonymous

    yes . android and bada on the phone. bada for normal boot, android for the (end call + start call “after a second”). im using this. and wow. the live wallpapers beat wave.hahaha.

  14. Anonymous

    hi & thx for the explanation ..
    but is there any other way to access “download mode” , cuz I have a problem
    with volume down button (down volume rocker) plz need help

  15. noobieguy123

    “helpp ubuntu cannot recognise my wave. it says my device is busy with another request on gparted” i tried restarting my wave, ubuntu on vmware over and over again. and i connected it in mass storage mode but the same error still came out

  16. noobieguy123

    I figured it out and installed android! if any of you either cannot partition the memory card, go to disk utility and unmount the memory card. It worked for me. Thanks to all devs!

  17. plshelp

    Help! after i arrive at the galaxy s animation screen i release all buttons as told, i waited for a while, but the screen turned off, a little while after there was a slight vibration and that was it. Nothing came on

  18. Anonymous

    Hy guys :) I have a big problem 😀 I have installed android on my bada but this andronoid Unrecognized my SIM card. always in the air mode, although I turn off the air way

    Please help me

  19. Anonymous

    You're right. If your modem is not even call. So do not recognize the sim card.
    Does anyone have any solutions? Or we have to wait for a better version?

  20. Anonymous

    reporting bugs: turns off about 5 min after screen locked in android without the turn off animation automatically
    2.Not sure if this applies for everyone, you have to restart the phone multiple times to try and boot android before its successful.
    ps:tried kingston 4gb sdhc micro sd card and it worked

  21. Shashank

    “”reporting bugs: turns off about 5 min after screen locked in android without the turn off animation automatically.””

    For this bug there is a solution that is download the an app called Load Monitor from Android market place.

    for apk download and how to use it read the last FAQ question

  22. shashank

    just paste galaxyboot folder into the internal memory of the wave

    you can do that by connecting your wave in mass storage mode in ubuntu it will be around 411 mb partion right click on it and mount it then just open it and paste there.

    you need to have root permissions for doing that.

  23. Anonymous

    hi! i have flashed and instaled succesfuly android on my wave, but i did it with the previous FOTA, and i want to change it for the new one.. i just have to flash the new fota in now? im thinking to try Multiloader, flash only the FOTA and see what happens.. what do u think?

  24. AnkitB

    Hey Shashank I am from India. I have flashed to XXJID now I would like to flash XXJK1 but iT is not full firmware. So what opTion should I tick to updgrade via Multiloader.Please attach a screen shot. Also, if I flash XXJL2 Then I don't need to flash booT files foR installing Android, Right. This means that if I have any of the compatible firmwares then in multiloader I have to click full download and just select the FOTA files. Please coRrect me if I am wrong

  25. Anonymous

    Hi Shashank, I successfully installed android on my wave and its working but why is it my memory card cannot detect on android. It says “Your phone does not have a SD card inserted”.

  26. branimir

    @AnkitB , if you want to upgrade from JID to JK1 you just select fulldownload and everything (HERE IS A SCRSHT:, than you boot to bada, shutdown the phone, enter download modeagain, and flash with these boot files ( and fota from this post. It worked for me. Without boot files it did not show samsung galaxy S screen at all, always boot bada. But if you flash your phone with JL2 you dont need boot files, just flash phone with new fota after flashing to JL2. Bu i recomen you to use JK1 because you dont lose anything on bada, its a minor patch to JID (it brings FOTA and some minor upgrades), not full firmware. Also if you use 8GB card of class 2 its better to use ext3 partition.

  27. Vegeta

    Heyy shashank I am currently on DDJE7 firmware. Can i directly start with the Android installation or do i need to install XXJL2 first ?

  28. Anonymous

    I MADE EVERY think just only last 5 STEP, i can't done, besides then i turn off USB its says this memory card is unrecognised ;( help anyone please

  29. Anonymous

    I am on S8500XXJK1/S8500OXAJK1
    So should I Directly flash the new FOTA?
    The Steps should be:
    1. Full Download
    2. FOTA File
    Pls correct me if I am wrong

  30. Anonymous

    Can I back to old original bada firmwares after installing this android on my wave gts8500!!! Please give me answer!I want to know what to do it,becouse after some time when bada 2.0 release a stable version i want to install without android.
    And one more question: I have JID firmware,but it`s updated to JJ9 It is supported for this android.

  31. Anonymous

    hello sir! how are u ? my name is mandeep. first of all u are a good. sir this method (android on wave )works only wave S8500 .but i have wave 2 S8530 i wish my wave running on android by you .so please come out this method on wave2 S8530 i would very thank full to u if u can do this please sir .its my request to u.

  32. madhan

    i installed android sucessefully…thanks to xda developers and shasank for this guide..but it is not working in s8500ddje7…i flashed it to europe its working

  33. Anonymous

    hello sir my name is rahul i hve S8530 can i use android method on this phone if yes then how ? if no then when will it possible?

  34. noobies

    damn..i try twice but doesn’t work..even the galaxy s starting screen also don’t pop-up. i followed all the instruction perfectly but failed. A video tutorial should be very helpful.

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  36. XsMearX

    WHERE IN THE NAME OF FUCK IS VM WINDOW ”In the VM window you see the menu, Click Devices -> USB Devices -> Samsung Electronincs GT-S8500 Wave. This will connect the wave to ubuntu” … WHERE THE FUCK IS IT, WHERE IS AN OPTION TO CLICK ON DEVICES… FOR FUCK SAKE, i give up this is bullshit.

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  41. Sreenivas


    I have successfully installed Android on my Wave. But, What is the use of installing android on wave when we cannot use make calls. Please let me know if this is possible? or when can we expect a android os which will allow call feature


  42. Tom

    Hey Raj.

    can you send me the 10th file of Requirements, Android File System to [email protected] ?

    because megaupload is banned for illigal downloads.
    so i can’t download it

  43. Mayur

    When Can Android Will Be Available For WAVE 2……Please Reply….I dont Like Bada….Sowiii….Plz If not available….Plz Make It available for WaveII ASAP

  44. Marion

    Hello Raj.

    Can you also help me with download part. The Android File System seems to be down because in megauploads. It was banned for illigal downloads. Can you send to me the file to [email protected] . Thank you so much

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  46. Hindrik

    Please send all files to [email protected]

    Cause Megaupload is down.

  47. sachin

    hey all the the links of android installation has been removed .can any body send me those files on my id its [email protected]
    can we install android in wave 2

  48. erick


    THANKS !!!!!

    1. erick

      **PLEASE HELP**

      THANKS !!!!!
      ([email protected])

      1. Raj

        Hello Guys,

        Why are you trying to install Andriod on Wave? It’s uselsess because Modem will not work in that which means that you cannot use the Phone for Voice Calls. So, the basic purpose of the Mobile is beaten. If you install Andriod on Wave, you can only use your phone as a Wi-Fi device to access the Internet.


  49. Hari

    Hai this is Hari i am using wave 2 and i like android on wave2 if it is possible pls share me on [email protected]
    thank you sir


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