Modern Combat: Sandstorm Version 1.0.8


Modern Combat: Sandstorm


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CategoryGames > Action
Version1.0.8 (Jul 8, 2011)
ReleasedMay 18, 2010
Age12 +
LanguageDutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish
Compatible OS 1.0


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  • a2386

    plz tel me another container app for this for bada 1.0
    rash awack is already being used for i think gt racing or sumthn

  • nikhil

    u cud try using “admiral ambush”…it works ..i think!

  • a2386

    admiral ambush 480 is for bada 1.2

  • Anonymous

    i dunno (tried it only on wave 2)…u cud spoof gt racing wid “simon”, if u want to

  • a2386


  • a2386

    plz also tel me a container app fr zombie infection fr bada 1.0

  • badawaveapps-shashank
  • nikhil

    shashank..i dont know if u can read russian(or whtever language that game is in, (the post stated above by u))…i cant..and i certainly cant play game in the language, which, more than half the ppl here dont hv a clue abt…ergo..this post

    P.S. the game doesnt have any option to change the language

  • Anonymous

    Nikhil is right………

  • Anonymous

    Guys, the game is GREAT and if you try a little instead of talking crap all the time you will see THAT THE GAME HAS THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE !!

    Thanks Uploader/

  • ME

    LINK DOESN T WORK canyou ressed plz? thx

  • Akash

    These links are dead :P

    give some other link…

  • A1100083

    guys how could i install this game? tell me please