Development Of Voip Application By Viber On Bada Os

Hi Wavers,
Some good news for all the Bada Os users is that one of the Voip Provider name “VIBER” has already started developing their voip application, So it could work on Bada Os. Viber is already available on the most popular platforms like IOS & ANDROID.
Many consider it as when Samsung Apps launches viber in their App Store this application will urge other Voip  Providers like Skype, Icall and many more to port their applications to Bada Os. So for the Bada Users its a win win situation.
So we wait for VIBERRRRRRRRRRRR…. :)
Note : This came out from an official email from Viber.

17 thoughts on “Development Of Voip Application By Viber On Bada Os

  1. mushi

    finally some good news about voip…..since skype and samsung are not doing any shit about it….
    i hope viberrrrr can do its magic sooer coz im waiting for something like that for a long time….
    hey neo do you have any idea when its gona come out any date or anything…?????

  2. Souhail

    On a vraiment besoin le viber ds notre mobile je veux dire sur le system bada ,psk c une ppalication impressionante ,on a pas skype le moinde des chose vs pouvez nous offrire cet application,est milllles merci por tt l equipe qui trvaille sur l application viber bon courage

  3. Tinu

    ofcourse, this information brings rejoice to every bada users. y all other voips r reluctant to develop apps for bada? anyway, lers hope this may be an inspiration for them too. hurrey… viber!!!

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  5. Bogdan

    I am afraid this Bada system it is not regarded with any confidence for future applications because if you see the samsung apps store for Bada is simply patetic. I own a Wave 2. I like the phone because it has good speed over the internet, simple functions for wi-fi and bluetooth and other good functions but I am sure that Viber will not be on our phones soon.

  6. #13

    i just bought my samsung wave, at first im happy about it coz it is easy to use and great functions but doesnt have great application until i read about this. soo when is viber going to make us all bada users happy??

  7. Manuel

    I don’t think Viber is still excited to port it to bada, just like majority of app developers.

    Maybe they’ll spare a person to do it at his own sweet time, and by then, our phone is already way obsolete. I’ll never buy any samsung device with BADA OS. It’s just plain BAD!

    Upgraded to BADA 2.0 a few weeks back, it’s terribly unstable. Hangs every now and then, lose the SWIPE to call/text function, and drains the battery faster. I really regret upgrading it from 1.2.

  8. mohamed samy

    viber has been released in samsung store a few days ago but i wonder when it will has voip & it’s unstable as i cannot sync my contacts yet

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