Bada 2.0 animated ferrari clock+animated battery clock as screen saver

Category : Themes

Created By : Dmx99



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  • sankar

    how to unlock this screen saver

  • Sumit Chaudhary

    Press Lock key some time

  • Vijay

    i have downloaded animated Ferrari it is downloaded in smt format but i am not able to install it it hangs when we try to set it please help

  • JohnB

    I don’t get it. This a theme AND a screensaver for Bada 2.0 ? I must say I haven’t got the 2.0 fimware for my country and I’m not planning to install a beta firmware specimen for my Wave II S8530. So can someone confirm that you can have a screensaver for 2.0 (if it “ever” will be officially released !!!)

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    to unlock hold the unlock key for 2 sec.
    to install use stune(look on the internet how to install bada 2.0 themes using stune)
    looks more like an unlock screen to me..