Android With Bada 2.0(Dual Boot)

Installing Android on Wave i.e dual booting Android 2.2 Froyo with bada 2.0(XPJK1,XXKK5,XXKK7)

THIS IS A NAND method (Internal memory method RISKY but easy i have already done this)

THE SD CARD Tutorial would be Given a day after this.

This method is for Samsung Wave S8500 only

Case 1: If you have installed a previous firmware from XPKJ1 then you have to flash the firmware XXKK7 on your Wave above before proceeding to flashing Fota file.

Case 2: If you have instead a FW (firmware)  XXKK5, you simply change the bootloader with that of  XXKK7  (a kind upgrade).


Now I am going to explain how to install Android on Samsung Wave:-

Flashing Bootfiles (Case 1 and 3)

Before Flashing take out the Sim Card and Memory Card and set default theme on your bada 2.0.Now, start MutiLoader_V5.65.exe in admin mode.

a) Make sure you have LSI6410 mode is selected and select “Change Boot” from the row below. Then click “Boot” and we’re going to find the folder “BOOTFILES” on the firmware XXKK7 give the OK and go to the Samsung Wave.

b) We connect the Samsung Wave to the PC and Multiloader recognizes the port (COM8 in my case). If we read in the box next to “Ready” can easily click on “Port Search”, if the writing [LISMORE] appeared next to “Ready” then we can hope good luck and click “Download”.

 All this happens in up to 3 seconds, after which if there were no hitches, your Wave will reboot. If this happens it means that everything went well and we can proceed to the flash Fota file.

Flashing FOTA (Case 1 and 2)

Turn off then back on Wave and restart the MultiLoader.

a) Reconnect the Wave in Download mode and select as before LSI6410. his time, simply click on the little button “FOTA” and select the file. Download FOTA file

b) Again “Port Search” and to give LISMORE “Download”. Also this time in less than 3 seconds and it’s all over again should restart in your Wave in bada 2.0.


After this very simple and easy part starts

a) You need to connect your pone in Mass Storage Mode and simply need to copy two files provided in the MemIntWave folder i.e. galaxyboot and as it  is to the Samsung Wave internal memory’s Root Directory (the one with 390mb). Download MemIntWave from Here

b) After this you need to disconnect the phone and Turn it Off.

c) Then Press three Keys simultaneously Volume Up+Menu+Power(End Call Key). After pressing these buttons Something should pop up(as shown in the image below) to the screen do absolutely nothing while this screen is there just sit back and wait till the process is over.

After everything is done you can boot Android Simply by pressing Power Key + Call Key. 

Nor do I and neither this site take any responsibility if you end up screwing your phone.

About The Project

Badadroid is the project to port the Android Operating System to the Samsung Wave (S8500 and S8530) smartphones. This project was started due to the poor support, feature set and updates for Samsung’s Flagship “Bada” platform. As the phones, even by today’s standards have good hardware, the Badadroid project was started to get more from our hindered phones. Here you can find information on every aspect of the project.

Project Status: In progress – Pre Alpha
Android 2.2 Froyo has been successfully been ported to the Samsung Wave (S8500) with limited functionality. The project is still live, but progress has been slowed by the lack of driver developers. Below is a list of features of what is working and what is not.

– WiFi (+dhcp)
– Video
– Audio
– Apps/Games (Not every app working)
– Android Market
– SD (Limited success, some cards work, some don’t)
– Launchers

Not Working
– Modem (3G, Calling etc.)
– Idle (Phone will shutdown after a short time in lock mode. -See workarounds-)
– Sensors (Battery, Accelerometer etc.)
– Camera (You’ll get a lovely green screen in camera)

You can also check the XDA Badadroid forum:

48 thoughts on “Android With Bada 2.0(Dual Boot)

  1. mandeep

    when it will come out for S8530 wave 2. this is only for s8500 .i have asked u this question last time .but still i have no answer from u .now i m asking u again my repeat question to u .when u will come out this method on S8530 wave 2

  2. Jack

    I’m sorry to say that I’m desperately trying to get rid of Wave 2 which I have and I really need Android phone. Even Bada 2 is not capable of things which I wanted to do with my everyday life. It says it can do everything and it has every basic apps but they don’t work properly. Everything is just another show off. I can’t even sell this phone because if you ask in the market you will not even get the half price of the phone when you bought. It’s even known among buyers that Bada is good for nothing by now and I’m stuck with this stupid thing.

  3. Ninad

    my suggestion is that if you got anyone who wants to buy your phone plz sell it and buy any samsung android based phone like samsung ACE which is much better than our WAVE’s… Android developers are very good with their skill, these wave developers are idiots.. they have no knowledge of what their customers wants from them always getting stuck with developments and saying us to have patience so sell it and never come back to BADA

  4. kiran

    hey guys atleast port android a stable firmware on wave.. guys or release bada 2.0……wich 1 would be better….???? and y in android network not working i have ported android on my wave but network not working..:( do something….!!!

  5. rkbest

    Did everything as suggested on BADA 2 XXKK7.
    on android boot I get this message
    Entering BL3 DOWNLOAD MODE.

    What to do . Ayny idea what went Wrong.

  6. Patrick

    I hold the power button + call button, than the sasmung galaxy s screen started, but than there is a black screen and the phone do not start.?

    What’s the reason

  7. Debobrata

    Great ! Earlier I tried the same with Bada 1.2. It worked ! Now I was looking for a procedure for Bada 2.0. It worked again !!

    Thanks dude

  8. Patrick

    You said i must wait on the screen you’ve posted a image of that, but i wait long and long but nothing happens, what did i wrong?

  9. akash

    i wana know what performs better android on bada 2.0 or the android on bada 1.2 … in terms of games and application …
    i am currently using bada 1.2 so i just wana know should i just install android with 1.2 or 1st upgrade to bada 2.0 and then install android ..
    i will just install android for playing games ..
    thank you

  10. mushi

    Please provide another link for downloading the MemIntWave file……..plzzzzzzzzzzz
    the link you provide here are all down..and i couldnt find it anywhere on internet..plz i wana try it on my wave.
    its a request to all admin on this site or article… :)
    i am waiting

  11. mushi

    please mail the file MemIntWave…mentiond above to my mail please i shall be very thankful…because i needed the files to port android.
    [email protected]

  12. Siva

    Hai, I wish to install android in my wave s8500
    but i cant get the download links for MemIntWave.
    so some one please send me another working link.

  13. sudip

    dont waste your time to changed it to wave is sahmeful…wave is good for bada not for android…dont experiment those rubbish immposible things…go and get a proper andorid phone…

  14. sankalp orignal,s

    sucking post of sucking thread.why this much if you can simply install android apps on bada 2.0.i just got wave runs on android open source.after hacking some 2.0 package files,copying some of android 4.0 to my wave i can simply install android apps on my wave.what i need is some package files and my phone to recognize .apk extension.bada ui with android

  15. Hakii

    gibt es dieses flashen nicht für das wave723? weil ich suche das schon den ganzen tag für mein handy aber ich habe es nur für dieses handy gefunden.

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