Bada 1.2 Facebook App. Updated

Hi Wavers,

Good news for bada 1.2 users as there is a update available in samsung apps on your wave for Facebook Application.

Yeeeeeeesssss the Facebook App. for bada 1.2 got an update just now.

The major change is that :Notification” Tab has been added.

Push Notifications on Bada 1.2 working great & also the app is processing fast than before so over all a nice update…..

Enjoyyyyyyy Updating…

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  • ratnesh

    how to update??. i m not able to update

  • badadevelop

    its a rumor



      Watch your language and it is not a rumor

  • Sam

    No new update received. Notification was already there in the facebook app. But we always got error message whenever we open the facebook. the error msg is Facebook server not stable.

  • huzaifa

    ya didnt get the update

  • venkatesh

    ha i got the update.i am from india,……….

  • huzaifa

    so its only in india??? :( not fair

  • manju

    hey venkat how you updated it… I am also from india… Please help me out…

  • amine

    Its only for new devices wave III M Y shitttttttt

  • happy

    i got this update before 6 mnths….

  • amine

    how to update??. i m not able to update

  • ramkumar

    i am using samsung s8530 wave 2…. is there anyway to download hd games and gameloft games for free….?? they are really very expensive..!!…thanks a lot…!!

  • ramkumar

    the bada v1.2 intrerface is very poor…!!!. do u hav any idea abt the release of v2.0 for s8530…??

  • ramkumar

    even if i get an unofficial version of bada 2.0 can u pls tell me steps to install it in my mobile…???

  • mgn

    hello i wana facebook app

  • ashish

    its rumor….
    no update….

  • nancy

    how to update?

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