Pocket Piano

Released 30-Aug-2011

Age All age

Language English

Category Music/Video

Type Application

Version 1.0.1

Updated 11-Nov-2011

OS bada

Compatible OS 1.1 +

Supported devices: S5250-S5330-S5750-S5780-S7230

Size 6.36MB



Pocket Piano is a virtual piano that easily fits in your pocket and is always ready whenever you feel inspired to make music.


The high quality sound samples give the piano a rich and vibrant tone in the lower register and a bright and singing tone in the upper register.


Pocket Piano features 37 keys spanning 3 full octaves. Middle C is marked red while the other C keys are marked yellow.


To shift the keyboard, press anywhere in the black space above the piano keys and drag to the left to move up the keyboard or to the right to move down the keyboard.


Double tap anywhere in the black space above the piano keys to re-center the keyboard.


Pocket Piano fully supports multi-touch of up to 6 simultaneous notes making it possible to play any type of chord.


The keyboard is very responsive and suits all playing styles. Fast riffs, complex rhythms and glissandi sound equally great.


Beginning as well as experienced musicians will be happy to bring Pocket Piano along anywhere they go.



Note: As you know all the links on the multiupload.com has been deleted so you can still download those apps from our List of Unmodified Apps.

Link to the post:


Open the above link press CTRL+F on your Keyboard and write the name of the app you want to download .

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