Samsung Wave Fonts

Hey All Samsung Bada Users Here I Explain How Install Samsung Wave S8500 fonts Lets BEGIN:

1.) Turn ON your STune.

2.) Connect Select> BROWSER>SystemCSC>Font ,Here You can Drop ******.TTF fonts

3.) You can Find in Google com :DD SORRY But I Now Searching Fonts for My Samsung Wave Later I upload Pics and Fonts Packs When I found :) Thanks For Waching:) Have a nice day:)

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12 thoughts on “Samsung Wave Fonts

  1. Rishiraj

    PLs mention the Stune Version and Bada OS version Bcause i didnt find any “FONT” under “SYSTEM CSC” menu !.. but i did find “FONTS” under “User” tab and i followd d same process u mentiond above!… but nthing happened!… I have bada 1.2 samsung wave 2 s8530!…

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