VLC remote

Released 27-Apr-2011

Age All age

Language English

Category Music/Video

Type Application

Version 2.2.0

Updated 05-Oct-2011

OS bada

Compatible OS 1.1 +

Supported devices: S5250-S5330-S5380-S5750-S5780-S7230-S7250

Size 0.59MB

Rs. 99.00



Remote control for VLC player for multiple platforms.

Now you can control VLC directly from your WAVE.


Watch videos or listen music directly from your computer on your phone with integrated stream option.

Navigate through folders and files in most efficient and fastest way.

Relax on your sofa and just enjoy with ultimate remote media controller :)



-unlimited number of clients

-play/pause/stop/next/previous/seek media controls

-volume control

-playlist editor

-browse media files on your computer and play it

-favorites folders for fast access to files you like most

-streaming option

-help included



-VLC player

-WiFi local network



Note: As you know all the links on the multiupload.com has been deleted so you can still download those apps from our List of Unmodified Apps.

Link to the post:


Open the above link press CTRL+F on your Keyboard and write the name of the app you want to download .

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