Windows BADA Ultimate V 2.0



Change Log:

– added to the Windows Calculator.

2 – Some bugs fixed. Bada Ultimate Windows v1.2 1 – Finger-sensitive mouse cursor movement was added. 2 to 3 pieces added a new wallpaper. 3 – a slide show of pictures added widget. 4 – Home screen icons original icons used for the windows. (SMT or any of the files to download RAR extension enough) 



DOWNLOAD (SMT format): 

DOWNLOAD (RAR format): http : / / 



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10 thoughts on “Windows BADA Ultimate V 2.0

  1. Jack

    For downloading, just right click and select “Save as” and copy it to the phone memory.
    It’s a very nice theme but on the calendar I wish we could change the language.
    I was also wondering if we could get a theme which changes the wallpaper every 30 seconds or so.
    Thanks for bringing us nice themes.

  2. kunal

    i am havin bada 2.0 but it is telling unsupported file type. plz help me [email protected]

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