Colour Metal ( bada 2.0 theme )

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Hey Wavers !

after receiving appreciation for the Meego Theme, i have decided to share another theme with the badahub community…

Some icons have been inspired, created, modified, taken from Superflurry by [email protected] ( thanks to him )

a metallic background supporting a set of colourful icons…. ( i hope u guys love it…)

download @

4 thoughts on “Colour Metal ( bada 2.0 theme )

    1. singhr Post author

      there is a video tutorial regarding adding third party themes to bada 2.0 ( on this site )…

      Use STune (available on this site ) to copy/drag and drop the theme with .smt extension to the AppEx/User/Themes/Download

  1. ranjith

    awesome works like a charm
    but i have one question
    i am not able to play swf files on my phone
    previously in bada 1.2 it was possible
    thank you

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