Official Angry Birds on Samsung Apps

It is no longer a rumor. Today Rovio Mobile Ltd. has published the well-known Angry Birds to Bada 2.0. Like most of the 2.0 applications it could only be downloaded with Wave 3.

It is Samsung’s fault they are working on the problem… Despite coming today it was already deleted from Samsung apps for unknown reason, but Google still remembers its profile; let’s hope that we get it back as soon as possible, also for wave 1&2

Game Profile:

18 thoughts on “Official Angry Birds on Samsung Apps

    1. kolle128 Post author

      This is the work of the quality Google translate, the original source was not english, but it is bada.

  1. Light8500

    Fuck bada, i have upgraded to bada 2.0, flashed, and now, i will be impatient that they release angry birds, but not for know that it will be available only on wave 3!!!
    Android better because whenever the device you can download all apps from the market, if samsung continue like that they will lost client, i have gave a chance to bada, begin to bored, and i have decide to wait bada 2.0, now i have it and i’m happy with it, but if they want to kill android and iOS, they must stop that or the next device i will take is an android!!!
    I don’t know for samsung but if they want that people stop to install android on their device they must work hard!!!
    with the processor on the samsung wave 3, i’m sure people will not have so much problem to install android on it!

  2. Mad_Dog

    NO use … the game was taken off immediately !
    Got a wave 3 last week, and even i cant have the game …

    so we are still all equal … 1, 2 or 3 … ! 😛

      1. john

        Games not available for wave 1 and 2
        For bada 2.0
        The Last Man On Mars: Free Edition
        TurboFly HD
        Space Escape: Episode 1
        Earth And Legend
        Welcome To Hell
        and only “Tintin Secret of the Unicorn” is available which is compatible with 1.2

        1. kolle128 Post author

          No, tintin is compatible with 1.2 but you need to have a wave 3 to download it, the only app I know about being wave 1&2 compatible is Bada 2 guide, which does not worth much, there might be others I don’t know about, but you can’t even have Polaris office from Samsung apps.

  3. Mido

    the worst day in my life that i regret on it sooo much .. when i bought Bada mobile ( WAVE 2 )
    i will i bought Android phone

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  5. Rahul

    Angry Birds and Asphalt 6 on Bada!

    See the below link to know how to install Angry Birds of Wave 1 & 2. I installed it on my Wave 2 and its working very well. No problems at all.


    Note: Firmware version on my Wave 2 is S8530XXKK5. It’s the best beta version ever. I phone never hanged to restarted after installing this one. Everything works perfectly (except the gtalk which sometimes doesn’t detect your account. But its solved after a restart).


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