WhatsApp For Bada

As we all the the market share of bada phones is increasing day by day and it is ahead of Windows Phone 7 in the sales.But still we are lagging behind other OS in terms of good apps.

So at last we have to take step on our own and ask developers to develop their apps for bada platform because Samsung isn’t doing anything so we have to take the initiative.

As OMG! bada! has asked their readers if they are willing to participate in a campaign to demonstrate the need for WhatsApp on the bada platform. We Badadownload.com and Badahub.com are also supporting them and would ask our readers and users to have Tuesday, 28th February (GMT) set aside as WhatsApp for bada Day.


So what can you do?

Do you blog about bada or any tech-related stories?

If you do and you would like to help, please spread the word about Tuesday, 28 February and direct your readers to this page for more info.

Do you use social media?

You can help to create awareness by sharing this page with your friends.

You can also make the pic below, your profile pic on all social media for the day:

3 important things to do on the day:

  • Tweet a request to @whatsapp using the hash tag #whatsappforbada


@whatsapp Please will you develop WhatsApp for bada :) #whatsappforbada

Again request kindly for WhatsApp on bada.

And this is how you can help campaign for WhatsApp to be ported to bada! Have fun, be kind and don’t forget!!!


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  • anand2dr

    m doing this for sure…we need whatsapp..

  • Nash Stinson

    I’m in!! All Wavers!! Charge xD

  • addy

    I AM IN ……….

  • miau


  • jamy

    +1 m in.

  • Deep Desai

    i am in….+1…
    i also need whatapp..
    all wave has better hardware then android and symbian..so why samsung do this…
    i will email to whatsapp to 28th FEB.

  • Sash007

    Along with WhatsApp…We need several other apps too for free…to make the Bada app store grow and get satisfaction of customers like us.

    Apps to be given a spark for bada:

    1. WhatsApp
    2. Skype
    3. Real Racing
    4. … (Its your turn to add)

    • yangsiro

      google map (not java)

    • yangsiro

      6. trillian

    • yangsiro

      7. PowerAMP or Winamp

    • Dino

      i agree with you.. we need it all to be complete..

    • sm

      ya we need bada to progress and like androids and symbian bada users should also need this!!!!!

  • ghulam subhani

    me also with bada to developed it to make it better then anroid and symbion

    but please make it large so we get whatsapp quick

  • GS

    quick navigation needed…

  • Vishal

    i need some good app for Facebook chat….and some good navigation app…..

  • john

    am in

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/thxe13?feature=mhee alon121

    im in 4 lol

  • light8500

    We want emulators, at least SNES, and GBA would be great ^^

  • Eng_Emad

    fuck bada

  • prashant

    good bada….now it time to begging…first buy phone and after that beg about good apps….heheheh :) what a great customer service…….we need to do it because we chose it…so okeeeeeee i will also do….we do not have choice only we have chance :(

  • tony

    fuck bada!!! Eng_emand you right!

  • guest

    navigation app needed….but I will definitely support the whats app day

  • only

    yeah… fuck bada!!! give me the bada 2.0 still not released, and also need whatsap. nomore bada for me

  • Cameliosso

    This action is pointless because:

    - IM market on mobiles is not that monopolized as initiators think – people rather match the IM to the friends base, and in many places WhatsApp is rather unknown because the lack of popularity

    - Thousand of people unrelated to Bada community forums are begging for WhatsApp everyday on their twitter, without response. Still, you can’t control it…

  • sereg

    fuck bada

  • MM

    Anyone know when Bada 2.0 going to release for Asian User?especially for Singapora and Malaysia

  • Ahmad H Storm

    count me in :D
    We Also need Roms And Launchers so…

  • prgeeth

    youtube downloader plz…….

  • nn

    FUCK BADA!!!!!!!

  • GS

    1. Skype (Not Java)
    2. Google Maps (Not Java)
    3. Fring (Not Java)
    4. Free Navigation
    5. Office (Word, Excel editor) (Not Java)
    6. Youtube downloader (Not Java)
    7. Offline dictionery (Not Java)
    guys pls addup more what u want….

    • yangsiro

      8. Trillian
      9. PowerAMP or Winamp

    • yangsiro

      10. Teamviewer

    • julanart


  • ervirendrasingh

    I m in +1

  • tony

    sry guys but i have a free navigation without internet!!! navvmii in samsung app store?!

    • GS

      dear bro… we r talking abt in india… do u hav??

  • eaman

    i m in bro!!

  • zeiisgomes

    WhatsApp Team Reply: Sorry, your device Bada is currently not supported and we have no plans to support it at this time. We currently support iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian S60, Windows Phone 7 Mango and Nokia s40 devices.

    • Prashant Khombhadia

      Whatsapp Inc,

      Give me one good reason why you don’t want to support BADA.


    • sm

      please add there bada also plzzzzzzzz :)

  • http://twitter.com/moketesethunya Mokete

    I’m in, I will spread the message to my fellow South African bada users

  • akh

    bada is shit

  • Any

    Mother fucker bada

    i want my money back

  • tony


    • JaY Mehta

      me too

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  • gurpreet122

    done all 3 as the day starts

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  • komate

    i want whatsapp for bada.
    you lost .
    symbien have whatsapp win bada

  • Sagar Padwal

    i want to download whatsapp on my wave S8500 phone……….

  • bubu

    i think the development of bada is so so so slowly

  • JaY Mehta

    I am kinda late but em surely gonna do this……
    BADA is such a waste……

  • JaY Mehta

    I am kinda late but em surely gonna do this……
    BADA is such a waste…… :(

  • maskdj


  • wael

    please whatsapp developer we desire to have whatsapp in our bada phone, thanx

  • nev

    i need whatsapp

  • Tree

    I must commend on this small niche of a phone having such a strong will to live on :) The wave is a awesome phone, but lacks one massive flaw (support)
    For those with Bada 2.0, you can use ChatOn – it’s like a whatsapp for Bada 2.0, iPhones and Android. If you can’t get Bada 2.0 like me, then don’t hold your breath because you’ll probably fail.
    I accidentally dropped my S8500 in the toilet today. Still works but moisture is beginning to mess the phone a bit. Maybe it’s time for us to move on. Putting her in a box until 2.0 rolls out in Australia.

  • mony

    thamk you

  • jordan

    whatsapp rocks man !!!

  • moegamat shafiek

    hi guyzz make it happen

  • http://aytenayaz Ayaz


  • john denver

    fuck u samsung for making a stupid platform like bada! may u rot in hell!

  • Sarah Detilio

    We need WhatsApp in Bada guys.. lets do the better to have this!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/WhatsAppBada WhatsApp Bada

    WhatsApp for Bada…

    Want it????

    Lead the Demand at http://www.facebook.com/WhatsAppBada

  • http://yahoo Nancy hesham

    need whats app.

  • dust

    Samsung suck in fact ive bought a Samsung bit a nexus .. so i dont need to beg Samsung forma updates ad they come directly from google …i had a wave top.. now you stilo beg for an app,while they had already choose to quit bada support to make another shit band unsupported OS :tizen …

  • nitin

    i need android on my s8530 urgently or atleast whatsapp….

  • fezrel

    Pls develop whatsapp for bada..am using wave 3 bada samsung

  • http://jmg.ad seda


  • http://http://badahub.com/2012/02/whatsapp-for-bada.html edward

    They won’t listen so why try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mayur


  • ekagra

    i m in

  • kacem

    i hear its good


    how to downloa this on wave 3

  • Govind chaurasiya

    Please add whatsapp on bada…….
    Please please please……..

  • jacqued

    please i need whatsapp on my daba phone

  • http://whatssp.com rishabh patel

    how to install whatssp dawnload

  • http://whatssp.com rishabh patel

    who to install in whatssp massnger

  • Siddharth

    Done !

  • Vinit

    Please i too want whats app on my cell phone….

  • zangy

    here i m…

  • Muhammad Zohaib

    hi every one …………. i have posted to whatsapps page on facebook with the image on this page………. plz go all and must comment and like……………… we have to get most comments on that post.

  • nirav mistry

    please devlope whatsapp for bada….

  • http://il ilyes


  • http://ilyes ilyes


  • salin

    whats app is really a superb messanger

  • nikhil

    need whats app………………………………………………….

  • http://www.facebook.com mohamed saeed

    it is good app

  • rohit

    i’m in……plzzz bring whatsapp for bada

  • pankaj


  • http://whatsapp ergün


  • Tanuj

    Please develop apps for bada like whatsapp, live thems….etc.

  • http://[email protected] gktu


  • akarm


  • http://techware.ucoz.com hardeep

    i need whatsapp for bada…..bada os is having only few apps…this is irritating ….

  • shailesh

    I need whatsapp any how for my samsung wave 2 s8530.

  • JuanCarlos Furci

    Watsapp ya para Bada!!!!

  • ali zafar


  • Vignesh

    +1 me tooo
    we shall hold a parade in the net

  • Dino

    yes, badly need Whatsapp and Skype, or else soon will have change this very good phone.. infact i have started looking for seller for my Wave 2..
    Lets see when they develop Whatsapp for Bada…

  • pankaj

    fuck this bada os totally loss of money not a single application to download

  • Rahul

    Yar shashank bhai….
    Skype full version for wave II ka kuch kar na yar…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/whatsapp.officia mayukh mishra

    @whatsapp Please will you
    develop WhatsApp for bada #whatsappforbada

  • Krishna

    Something is better dan nothing :P am with VIBER on WAVE 2

  • harikrishnan

    pls provide some apps. we need whatsappppppp!!!!!!

  • Danzic Zaire

    One love

  • http://www.facebook.com/raziedah.telletubies nurulraziedah

    @whatsapp please will you develop whatsapp fo bada :)


  • sunayana

    please develop whatsapp fo bada

  • Faisal

    Hello can we download what’s app for bada os ??plz helpmeet out

  • heena

    hello i have install whatsapp on my wave 2 bt now during regd process its nt proceeding…can smbdy help me

  • Tim Ryan

    We all Wave 3 users need whatsapp by hook or crook.Wave 3 is an amazing phone and I really dont wnat to use any other phone.We desperately need whatsapp for free.Please someone make it happen.

  • Mohit

    please develop whatsapp fo bada……

  • bruno abdallah

    pllz we want whatsapp on badaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    bada for wave 2 is totally nonsense…
    No wechat
    No whatsapp
    No Viber…
    fcuk that BADA

  • Aky

    m in +1

  • yudo

    i want whatsapp on bada !!

  • kishor

    i want WhatsApp for bada

  • Dipranjan Handique

    Is for wave 2 s8530?

  • aakash

    aleast samsung should make apps for bada, why we purchased so costly cellphone. samsung have to do something for bada. we want whatspp, sky pe any other good apps. and whatsapp team to made this softwere for all company cellphone why dint u make for bada. plz do something sir.

  • Pathan

    Im in, either have them Whatsapp or do something where we can change BADAOS to Andriod

  • Tony

    I want apps for BADA..fuck BADA..i’ve spent a good amount of money this samsung phone..and why can’t samsung provide apps for BADA?
    i want Whatsapp,Skype,Ebuddy,Instagram and games like Temple Run,Cut the rope like that..please provide these apps..

  • Iz

    Still no whatsapp for Bada Os :(

  • Caribbean girl

    I want whatsapp on my wave y 5380

  • Sanmat

    Whn Developers will make this application for Bada OS

  • pratibha

    i want watsapp,templerun for my wave2…pls help..

  • moha

    pls whats up & viber for samsung wave Gt-s8500

  • vishal

    whats app :-(:-((:-(:-((:’-(:(:-(:-((:(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(

  • shoaib shaikh

    plz bada include for best apps for android like angry brd,temple run,whtsap,opera mini on wave 525

  • Kunal Prajapati

    whats app :-(( :-(:-((: ’-(:(:-(:-((:(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(

  • http://www.whatsapp.com Name sai

    I need what’s app please provide me that

  • Kells

    fuck samsung ,i wasted my money on this bloody fuckenbada wave device…. it can’t even support a single app it more lyk i bought a 1St generation handset wit a digital camera

  • Abhishek

    28th feb has crossed….still no news for whats app for bada….what the hell…..i have wasted my money on bada

  • sj

    what the fuck is going
    only android has full attention
    is bada phone are useless
    we all need whatsapp
    owner of samsung as well whatsapp should pay attention to our demands
    plz launch whatsapp in bada soon

  • Priteen

    Plz plz plz badly need whatsapp and skype for bada 5380 pls do something and accept our request we are ur customers we trust u and spend our earning for buying this mobile Atleast we can expect this much from u request from dil se plz do something

  • Neeraj

    yeah.. we actually need gud apps for our bada os phones..
    i’m in

  • Nilesh Mhatre

    i need whatsapp in my samsung wave3 as early as possible.

  • Brajesh verma

    Really need whatsapp software for bada …and if you samsung guys really wanna grow with bada you have to introduce whatsapp and some important softwares…thas and waiting for good news..

  • Shubhamsaabbbbb

    I need whatsapp for my wave y plz send me link

  • tauseef

    i need whatsaap for wavey y young

  • saurabh

    hey frnd i wana whatsapp on my samsung wave y s5380…….. so please do needfull with it…. And i hope you will definatly gives a solution on it…

    thank you

    saurabh………. :)

  • farnoosh

    i need watsapp for my wave2 plz send me link

  • jozemt

    Whatsapp or viber! anyone to save me from my wave II prison?

  • kan3kan

    are samsung walo ye coment ki jagah hata do b’coze aapko ko to comment ka koi ans dena nahi hai or na to comment ka koi matlab niklata hai. isse accha hai brother micromax ka android 2500 me milata hai lelo………… taki whats app, viber etc app ko use kar sake………. m i right? wave me to call or msg kar sakte hai woh to sab me hai. baki wave me koi useful app to hai nahi.

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  • http://badahub.com raja keshri

    can we download whatsapp in samsung wave 2 if yes then how ?

  • om

    can we download whatsapp in samsung wave 2 if yes then how ?

  • shanda

    Hello Sashank Bhaiya please help me to get Whatsapp for my mobile samsung wave S8500.

  • Raman Arora

    i need whtsapp for my waveIII phone

    kindly send the link to downlad

  • Deepak

    i have a mobile samsung wave3 s8600 and i want to download whatapp in my mobile kindly help me out thank

  • http://Google jaiesingh Badhe

    i have a wave y GT5380 & i want to download whatsapp in my mobile.

  • shubham

    WhatsApp should b dere in wave 2

  • yuvaraj

    I have samsung wave3 I want to download what’s app and skype in my mobile

    why they not interesting to develop ?

  • erormelve

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  • sagar

    Whats app must be on BADA……

  • http://Tizenhub.com Akshat

    We realy want watsapp for bada user….i m too with all the bada users….

  • karthik

    we want whatsapp for bada user……

  • Gilbert

    i realy want Whatsapp in my wave 3.. lz help me.. i realy want it

  • Shalini

    I need whatsapp for bada os..

  • harsh

    haha :D :D th aluminium case wud just suit fr that :D