Mobile Scan:First Antivirus from Samsung


At last guys bada also has got it’s first antivirus app made by samsung itself . Though i think there were no viruses for bada os yet because if developers don’t have time for making apps for bada they also don’t have time to make viruses for bada :)  but as many people were demanding the app  so now it is there.

It is worth a try.





Version 1.0.1
Updated 01-Mar-2012
OS bada
Compatible OS 2.0 +
Size 0.35MB


Mobile Scan is to protect samsung bada mobile phone from several type of malwares. It scans files on the phone and SD card, and notifies to user. Then you can cure it. I recommend you to download again whenever this app is updated.


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14 thoughts on “Mobile Scan:First Antivirus from Samsung

  1. james

    samsung is totally crazy..instead of realeasing an anti virus why don’t they concentrate on developing bada …tit’s been two years now but i can’t feel that i’m using a smart phone….it’s better if they make it an open source….they are too greedy..

  2. [email protected]

    It’s fun

  3. [email protected]

    It’s not work my phone samsung wave

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