Remove virtual keyboard and fit to screen java apps in bada 2.xx

First download any .jar file in your PC (like latest opera,ebuddy)

now open it with 7zip –

now open META-INF folder and then right click on MANIFEST.MF and click on edit and then you choose edit there are open 1 edit box

now in edit box paste this in new row

“MIDlet-Scaleup-Support: False
LGE-MIDlet-Width: 480
LGE-MIDlet-Height: 800
MIDlet-Touch-Support: True”
now save it and close the edit box. and click on ok and close the 7zip.

now copy the .jar file and paste in your mmc and then install it……now your done….the keyboard is removed.


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  • To98

    You can also add:
    MIDlet-ScreenMode: ROTATE
    MIDlet-Landscape-Support: true
    MVM-Pause-Background: false


  • trooperfx

    doesn’t work.

    if i edit paris nights my screen is not fullscreen or my screen is doing weird

  • humanbeing667

    Gr8 work
    your guys are rocking
    keep it up
    my favorite website for bada….

  • risingbada254

    hey…nice…amazing work….now i hve opera like real.

  • Rohitanjnaiya2517

    its nice working for me.
    gr8 work.
    give us some more tricks.

  • parveen

    edit for opera mini

    delete all data n replace with this

    MIDlet-Vendor: parveen
    MIDlet-Version: 6.5
    Nokia-MIDlet-On-Screen-Keypad: no
    MIDlet-Permissions-Opt:, javax.wir
    eless.messaging.sms.send,, jav,
    MIDlet-Name: Opera Mini 6
    Nokia-MIDlet-No-Exit: true
    MIDlet-1: Opera Mini, /i.png, Browser
    MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0
    MIDlet-Icon: /i.png
    MIDlet-Description: Opera Mini
    MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-2.0
    MIDlet-Scaleup-Support: False
    LGE-MIDlet-Width: 480
    LGE-MIDlet-Height: 800
    MIDlet-Touch-Support: True
    MIDlet-ScreenMode: ROTATE
    Splash-Screen-Image: /splash.png

    n enjoy latest opera mini

    • anand2dr

      works fine parveen..but looks fuzzy..not so clear like others java versions

      • trooperfx

        if you have elite rom, you have the app opera

  • Bada FTW

    it worked with me :) ………. i dont know how to thank you
    Great work :D keep it up

  • mdk


    LGE-MIDlet-Width: 480
    LGE-MIDlet-Height: 800


    MIDlet-Width: 480
    MIDlet-Height: 800

    for better fonts

  • Aman Tukrel

    If you’re that good at java,why don’t you try moddin whatsapp.jar for bada. I have the file.i can also open it. But when I register my phone no. the java app restarts! This version of whatsapp Is meant for java phones like Nokia c3,Nokia x6 etc.

  • shenx

    You guys are great i converted google maps into a total rocking app.

  • Sagar Padwal

    doesn’t work.

  • paul

    cheers works a treat

  • noyvirak

    when i change commend in edit box my samsung wave 3
    can’t touch and have no java keyboard , what shout i do

  • Rahul

    it says that:
    invalid jar type

    • Akashc5212


  • Akashc5212

    How to enable fit to screen in wave y??This trick is not working..

  • Sayantan

    great work brow.all trick are working
    thanks Brothers

  • Sunny

    invalid file!!!!
    what happen???
    anyone can help me to get rid of this virtual keyboard???