Samsung to boost investment in their bada platform

Samsung Electronics explicitly states that they will increase their investments “significantly” to increase his own bada platform.

“We believe this is a good platform to build,” said Juha Park, senior vice president for product strategy at Samsung, said in an interview with Bloomberg on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 in Barcelona, ??Spain, yesterday (28/2 ), which refers to the software platform bada. “We want to have a wide portfolio to bada, ranging from high-end segment up to the mass market.”

While the smartphone market to industry analysts also acknowledged that the existence of the bada is very useful for the Samsung for the implementation of their strategy in the market.

“It is quite meaningful for a niche market segment,” says Thomas Kang, director for wireless smartphone strategy-based Strategy Analytics in Seoul. “Sales for the current might not large, but existence itself can give Samsung a lot of influence.”

Kang said that Samsung sold about 8 million to 9 million bada smartphones in 2011, up significantly compared to 2 million a year earlier. Kang also argue that to adopt the bada in high-end model to compete directly with the iPhone, Samsung will need to increase the availability of software applications running on bada.

To overcome this, Samsung now has another platform enables developers to memporting or modify existing applications, based on Apple’s IOS platform, Google Android and Nokia Symbian to the bada platform with ease. Samsung also will utilize web-based applications through support for HTML5 and WAC to raise the amount of available applications for bada besides organizing various events for developers in different countries and the world renowned campus to introduce their platform.

President of Samsung Mobile, JK Shin told reporters in Barcelona on February 26th ago stating that Samsung aims to double sales of mobile phone (feature phone), smartphones and tablet computers this year, and expects to sell about 380 million handsets in 2012, for all types of

15 thoughts on “Samsung to boost investment in their bada platform

  1. DiGiTLgame

    improve the os …yeah right like they have done jack s*** in the past 2 years …samsung are blowing smoke out their a** again

  2. Peersen

    okay guys i tested ALL bada versions now… i got 4 wave phones now 1 wave 3…2 wave 1 and 1 wave 2…the wave 2 came with bada 1.2 and the wave 1 with bada 1.0 and the wave 3 with bada 2.0.
    I must say that bada 1.0 and bada 1.2 are WAAAY faster than Bada 2.0…many games are stucking and lagging in bada 2.0.. but in bada 1.2 and 1.0 not so much… the lockscreen on bada 2.0 stucks often and i need to tap on the screen sometimes more than 3 times to unlock the phone… on bada 1.2 and bada 1.0 i just need to tap 1 time to unlock the phone. Bada 2.0 got many not wanted reboots and stucking moments but bada 1-2 dont got that as much as bada 1.2 same as 1.0…its not shuttingdown until your battery is low. Yes sure bada 2.0 got more features and stuff but i say u guys..i throwed the wave 3 into my trash bin cuz its damn bad and fucking anooying!!! SO FUCK BADA !!!!

    1. john

      are you a developer or a reviewer?cause a normal person would not have bought another bada phone after buying one.not counting the low end waves

    2. cata

      totally agree with you! from bada 1.0 i flash to one of beta’s version of bada 2.0 couple of months ago! since than i tried different bada 2 os without a satisfying feeling! a week ago i decided to downgrade to original 1.2 for my country and to wait for official release of bada 2.0! now, i dont think i wanna upgrade when 2.0 comes in my country!
      bada 1.2 is unbelievable…comparing to bada 2.0!
      will wait and see!

  3. Vijay

    Yeah right. I believe you Samsung. Just like when I believed you when you said that you were going to release bada 2.0 in June, 2011.

  4. chetann

    do you people get something about samsung ..?
    the roms u flashed are beta means test versions…and ya if samsung will launch something incredible you will understand why samsung made you wait hey…india is special we will get something more logical and different from rest of the world you might know that wave 1 was maximum sold in india first…so keep waiting something big is coming positive guyss….i too have spent bucks on wave II im too patient till then enjoy the speedy 1.2!!!

    1. Vijay

      No offence but what will it take for so many of you open your eyes. bada has no future whatsoever. Even Samsung has more or less left bada to rot and occasionally they come up with some empty promises like – “We’ll release bada 2.0 in June, no Jul, no Sept, no Oct, no wait its Nov” or “We have started developing bada 3.0” or “We are going to invest a zillion dollars on bada” and so on. Please open your eyes (again, no offence at all).

  5. james

    they are not interested in bada what they are interested is on thier income..they are bunch of liars and sh!!Ts!!…’s been 2 years since wave came and until now it grows a little…..they call it smart phone but it it’s not smart phone……it’s fuck!!ng pHonE!!!

  6. kenorsom

    I agree, Bada will quietly die away. Samsung haven’t bothered to push it anywhere, and droids are just getting better. We are the suckas for paying into their game. For every Bada developer there are probably 10,000 droid developers so range, cost, quality of products and apps is just too much to imagine.

  7. Kuldeep Chauhan

    BADA Must Shutdown Because Of These Reasons:
    1.Lack Of Apps And Games.Main Ex.Whattsapp.
    2.No Android Porting.All Phone Ports Android Even Nokia.
    3.Lack Of ROM Like Cyanogenmod.
    4.Even Samsung Kies Stopped Spoofing Apps And Games Through Applist Which Was The Only Hope For Time Pass.
    5.Last But Not The Least Samsung Kies Takes Lots of PC Memory To Run Kies.
    This Is A Shame To Samsung,As They Consider Two Os Android And BADA.But BADA Lacks.Therefore PLZ Shutdown BADA Platform And Stop Releasing BADA Phone U Fucking Samsung BADA U Ruined My 2 Years.Fuck U.

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