Wave 3 S8600 Official Firmwares

Here are the official firmwares for wave III (S8600).

To See how to flash these firmwares See FAQ on the Top navigation bar.

Firmwares for GT-S8600 Europe

PDABadaDateCSCCountry/CarrierDownload link
S8600XXKK7 ## *1969 DecemberS8600OXEKK5RussiaDownload
S8600BOKJ1 ##22011 SeptemberS8600TPLKJ1Poland (T-mobile)Download
S8600XXKI9 ##22011 SeptemberS8600OXAKI1Open EuropeDownload
S8600XXKJC ## *22011 OctoberS8600OXAKJBFranceDownload
S8600XXKJC ##22011 NovemberS8600DBTKJ4Open GermanyDownload
S8600XXKK5 ## *22011 NovemberS8600OXAKK3FranceDownload
S8600XXKK5 ## *22011 NovemberS8600OXAKK3PolandDownload
S8600XXKK5 ## *22011 NovemberS8600VIAKJ2Germany (O2)Download
S8600XWKL1 ## *2011 DecemberS8600OXGKL1SwitzerlandDownload
S8600XXKK5 ## *22011 DecemberS8600DBTKL1Open GermanyDownload
S8600XWLA1 *22012 JanuaryS8600OXGLA1SwitzerlandDownload
S8600XXLA1 *22012 FebruaryS8600DBTLB1Open GermanyDownload


Firmwares for GT-S8600 Africa

PDABadaDateCSCCountry/CarrierDownload link
S8600JPKK4 ## *2011 NovemberS8600OJPKK3United Arab EmiratesDownload

22 thoughts on “Wave 3 S8600 Official Firmwares

  1. wrack cu

    dear Shashank/ . /
    i have wave -ii . .frm french . . bouygues telecom . . fw s8530AGKA1 : csc BOGKA1 . now i’m Bangladesh.
    my phone is totally unlock ( sim.,network etc ) .so i know that i can change my csc for kies update bada 2 or flashed any kind of official and custom rom .there is no official update from bouygues telecom till now?
    so which country csc is better for me for kies bada 2 update or any customize rom ( battery issue is my best consider )?
    please ans me ,please

  2. wrack cu

    dear sir
    any upcaming news for us that
    are u or neohack will make any custom rom , which is far better from any official rom for wave ii ? ? ?

  3. raj tanna

    umm this is something unrelated to bada or samsung
    but what plugin did u use for making the tables above
    please let me know thanks

  4. dark_8800

    can i install anyone of those firmware on my wave 3? actually i have SFR firmware on my phone and live in Algeria (NorthAfrica) which one should i install?

  5. ryan

    iv got wave 3 gt-s8600, im in india,so i need the latest firmware which works in india, thanks,pls guide me which to download!!!

  6. rita

    I buy the wrong version of s8600, the firmware is bada2.0 JPKK4. I live in Hong Kong now and I need to look at the webpage in Chinese. This version can’t display Chinese language. Anyone can help? Is there any software that I can download to support Chinese language?

  7. Nagaraj


    Same question here too….

    Where is the full n latest firmware download for wave 3 users in india?

  8. djilali02051968

    j ai pas trouver ces trois fichier——- BOOTFILES +FactoryFs_S8600.ffs+dsp1.bin samsung wave 3

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