bada 1.1 + Value Pack for Wave 533 (Firmware)



This firmware is for wave 533 only which makes your bada 1.1 look like bada 2.0 . But I think this firmware features would be added on to wave 525 later on as both the phones are very similar.

New features in the firmware:

  • New User Interface.
  • The Java apps can work in background
  • The modified interface
  • Folder on the desktop and menus
  • Updates via WI-FI
  • The primary screen as in bada 2.0

Instillation Procedure :

Firstly I want to tell you that this firmware came out only for people from poland so you have to do everything below with utmost  care as if you don’t know flashing your phone can even brick your phone if not done correctly.


1) Flash to  S5330 XXJL6 OXAJL1 .

2) Reconfigure phone: *#5239870*# -> Pre-Config -> *#27236*# -> and select XEO (Polish).

3) And then put the Value Pack, After Setting all this in MultiLoader :

Put the check mark in the points: 1-BRCM2133, 2-Full Download. !! Boot Change can not be used!! 

And then specify the files that is: Apps, Rsrc1, Rsrc2, CSC, SHP APP, PFS and then Flash.

Download Value Pack . 

We hope this will be available for wave 525 soon.

ScreenShots Gallery (Click On Images To Enlarge Them)

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29 thoughts on “bada 1.1 + Value Pack for Wave 533 (Firmware)

  1. mdk

    my question ist going to this: “But I think this firmware features would be added on to wave 523 later on as both the phones are very similar.”

    Is this an spelling mistake?

    1. Shashank Post author

      Yes I got it now instead of writing Wave 525 i wrote 523.
      I corrected it now.

      Thanks For informing dude .

      And I wrote that both these phones are similar because except the extra keyboard in Wave 533 all the other hardware components are same on both the phones.

  2. altes

    anyone has an idea why i get the securityfail message? with both firmwares… and * # 5239870 * # -> Pre-Config ->asks for operator mode???

  3. slip

    guys, what if I don’t want to change my csc? Does this value pack firmware has an English language?thanks..:)

  4. Abhishek

    Hi Shashank….u r doing gr8 job dude….bt my problem is while i am clicking on “Download Value Pack”, it is showing me web page with different language which i really do not know…may be it is used in Poland…I would appreciate if you update that page in English or provide me images of the steps as to how to download the value pack from the same page.

    your prompt response would be appreciable….. thanks!

  5. Roby

    Hi all..i was wondering which firmware i should download the S5330 XXJL6 OXAJL1 . or the value pack?
    Pls help ! Thankxx

  6. bOyka8

    Did you guys flash to S5330 XXJL6 OXAJL1? Then after it finishes and auto-reboots do the settings you want, then do the pre-configuration as mentioned above , then auto-reboot again and then flash the Value Pack.

    I had to use a different CSC because I needed AZERTY though…

    1. bOyka8


      I had to use a different CSC because I needed AZERTY though…

      Scratch that, I just changed some code like this: METHOD 1:
      You can open the preconfig directly by typing *#272*[insert actual time here]#
      For example when it’s 18:35 on the display, then you type in 1835.

      It has to look like this: *#272*1835#

      After you hit the # sign, CSC selection menu will appear.
      Thx for this goes to user “Bence”

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