Free app Special FX Camera offers 1000$ prize

Hello. My name is Miguel Angel Lazaro. I am the developer of Special FX Camera. It is an application that allow you to take amazing photos with special effects and tricks used by the best digital art gurus. It includes 40 distinct effects, belonging to thre groups:

Image processing effects
Masks: predesigned high quality filters blended with the live image
Color gels.
Everything is previewed in real time and the photo is taken in high resolution.
It is available for free for HVGA and WVGA devices.

As part of the promotion of Special FX Camera, I have organised a photography contest. It is very interesting because:
– Everybody (but me) can participate.
– Participation is free.
– Photos are displayed in the gallery of the website.
– There will be 20 finalists, chosen by an independent committee and everybody (participants and non-participants) will be able to vote for their favourite photo.
– The winner will get a prize of up to $1.000.
– All the finalists will get a discount coupon to downlad for free Special FX Camera 2, the second part of the application.

Full Special FX Camera description in SamsungApps can be seen here:

I hope you like it.

Thank you.

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