How to make a bada custom firmware (Tutorial 2) Update.

So here is the second part for my tutorial. First of all let me tell you what is there is CSC file.

First of all you will see two folders.



Let’s study about CSCrcs first.

Keep expanding folders till you see three more folders and you will find:




In font you can find all the fonts used in your phone. Delete unnecessary ones which will eventually free some memory.

In IME you will find OPEuro which contains languages(keyboard and phone)

Will write how to add languages later as I am not sure. If anyone knows he is welcomed.

Third folder is Strings. It is not useful though you can change strings(text) of certain menus.

In my next post I am gonna write about the second folder in CSC. This is the best folder. Most of the modifications are done here.

In short it contains CSC Preconfig, SHP activation, Activating Call recorder and some more things.

Updated from here

The other folder CSCsfs contains all the CSC preconfigs, java apps and other registry settings from other countries.

There are four folders:



3)Debug and

4)System FS


Let’s talk about AppEx.

there are two folders,

1)Sys and


I don’t touch Sys but you can experiment with it as it contains widgets.

In SysDefault, you can delete the existing java games and add more.

So, how do we add new java games or apps?

I will explain to you in short.

For reference I used nexus’s firmware. I just compared two firmwares and found it.

1st copy the folders containing .jar and .jad plus the icon of your app in CSCsfs/SysDefault/Java/Games. See the fig for reference.


After this you have to edit the KJxFolder.ini file. Refer the screenshot and you will understand. Edit using notepad.

and KJxMidlet.ini as well. Look at screenshot again.

You have to even edit/update the registry.

Add this to SystemFS/PreConfiguration/Default/Registry/MainMenu_Init.inu




/ Palringo

// Opera Mini

// Google Maps


26 thoughts on “How to make a bada custom firmware (Tutorial 2) Update.

  1. satish

    IS it possible to remove the ENTIRE message viewing sytem & replace it with the old message viewer…since it was far more better functionality suppoerted in Bada 1.2 message viewer..?

    1. harshs Post author

      It’s difficult. See satish, basically the problem is with testing. I have flashed my phone so many times and if we go for testing something, we have to flash it n number of times. Tht’s the reason I would not do tht.

  2. cool_avi

    Hi harsh, I added some fonts in CSCrcs\fonts folder and saved the dump folder. Howere, I am not sure how to update it to my wave. Could you please guide me on this? Thanks in advance:-)

      1. Divaksh

        Please check it… there is No Indian/Asian fw to download in Check fus list..
        and if i try to download manually it says:
        Product Code: GT-S8600HKAINU
        No firmware info retrieved for given data.

  3. PAllAV BADA MAster

    hey my friend i use wave 3 .. how to save and flash the files i edit
    please also tell which option to take in multiloader and ehat to do decrypt , encrypt etc.

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