Angry birds space Java

We don’t have a native app for angry birds space for our waves but now we have got a java vesion for it and has a Resolution of 480 x 800.

It is not as good as a native version but it is playable and is fun but i would love to have the native angry birds for bada since I know a native app would be better.

I would recommend you to try this app since till we don’t get a native app, this is the best option to play angry birds in samsung wave as we don’t even have any other option to play this game on our Samsung waves.


12 thoughts on “Angry birds space Java

  1. cyup

    When I run a Java game/App, it always asks for network permission. I am just wondering if there is any option on the java app, where I can allow all the apps to use internet data. I would also like to know if there is any Java program update witch has these options.

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