Angry birds space Java

We don’t have a native app for angry birds space for our waves but now we have got a java vesion for it and has a Resolution of 480 x 800.

It is not as good as a native version but it is playable and is fun but i would love to have the native angry birds for bada since I know a native app would be better.

I would recommend you to try this app since till we don’t get a native app, this is the┬ábest option to play angry birds in samsung wave as we don’t even have any other option to play this game on our Samsung waves.


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  • Cristian

    Excellent alternative, it works fine on my Wave I. Thanks!

  • TrooperFX

    is this like the other angry birds java or does this version is like the real one with those crazy planets?

  • TrooperFX

    this is fake man

  • Vincy

    hey some1 please tel me how to instal it i mean it is a .zip file how to instal it on phone

  • .:TC:.

    Its pure CRAP!!! We dont need this kind of cheap shit.

  • mitra

    hi this file is .zip please rename .zip to .jar and install ane enjoy good game

  • h

    cheap shit ………….. this isnt anyway same 2 d original ab space :((((

  • Lovekhush

    plz help me how to install it.

  • cyup

    When I run a Java game/App, it always asks for network permission. I am just wondering if there is any option on the java app, where I can allow all the apps to use internet data. I would also like to know if there is any Java program update witch has these options.

  • xLilice98x

    Comment fait-on pour telecharger svp??

  • xLilice98x

    Ce n’est pas le vrai jeu… :(

  • siddhant

    where does it goes after installing??