Bada 2.0 Value Pack Firmware Now Available For Wave 525

Wave 525 has now got an firmware update after a long time. As we know all the features of bada 2.0 cannot  be ported to low end phones like samsung wave 525 so samsung has provied a value pack firmware update which provides some great features of bada 2.0 to your samsung wave.


Firmware: S5250XXLD1 VALUE PACK – BADA 2.0
Available officially for Germany and Romania

This value pack provides many new features like

FULL-Firmware (on MultiLoader select FULL )

-The overall speed of the system seems to have improved
(Immediately after the flash is a global slowdown, but after the first use, the processor wakes up)

-New version of SamsungApps

-Internet Sharing Via USB feature is now available

-New-style TouchWiz bada2.0

-New UI in Settings

-New screen-lock

-Creating folders (up to 9 items)

-Creating links on the homepage

-New Settings “Movement” in General -> Movement

For all those not living in Germany or Romania they can flash the firmwaes from the links below.

PDABadaDateCSCCountry/CarrierDownload link
S5250XXLD11.12012 MayS5250OXFLC1Romania (Orange)Download
S5250XXLD11.12012 AprilS5250OXALD1Open GermanyDownload

 sources: badaitalia and sammobile

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  • TrooperFX

    the menu is ugly

  • hariharan

    can any one tell me how to flash this firmware step by step for wave 575 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • slip

    there’s no “movement ” on the general,

  • Ishaan

    Whats this movement BTW…????


    The Menu screenshot is in EDIT MODE… in edit mode it does look ugly….

  • slip

    there’s no movement on settings..

  • Alberto

    download stops at 103 Mb of 126 Mb, why?
    tried several times!

  • Shoaib mohammad

    Phones doesnt restast now
    its less laggy
    java apps are not lagging music player is a bit fast
    can add shortcuts to homescreen
    add contacts to homescreen
    native chaton
    new ui.
    new lockscreen
    new homescreen with weather ,search , and calender widget..

    • Pradeep

      which one u like
      old or updated

    • rohti

      hey is this update working for people in india… help me out

  • suso

    when i tick on boot change in multiloader 5.65 it shows that cannot load binary??plss help

  • boopathi

    how can I update bada 2.0 value pack in India please help me………..

    • himanshu

      update directly via new samsung kies pc studio..when u will connect ur phn with pc studio it will directly ask for update..

  • prabhjot

    how to update wave 525
    s 5253
    in multi upload it says cannot use boot files binary
    and no port search is found

  • Pradeep

    Im frm india
    i use wave 525
    can i use tis update 4 my fone

  • Pradeep

    Im from india

    the firmware is for Romania and Germany

    can i use any one of it

    Which one is best for me

  • sathish

    I’m from india and i’m a wave 525 user….
    Is this bada 2.0 value pack upgrade available in india or should i use the above german or romania version…

  • himanshu

    how to install the firmware onn my wave 525.?

  • boopathi

    please provide download link

  • Nik

    For India, you can try the German firmware (temporarily) i.e. until the official one for india releases. Later, flash to the official one…
    Also, There’s a possibility that apps like CHATON may not work due to german CSC pre-config. You will certainly have to wait until Indian CSC pre-config is released. Although, it may work with certain carriers.
    Yet, Rest functionality of the phone like browsing, callin, textin, wifi, bluetooth, camera, etc will be fully functional.
    P.S. – Flash at your Own Risk. Btw, It’s a risk worth taking. It worked for my friend. Please post me the feedback so i can confirm this on other forum’s.

  • hemanth

    please help me to get indian version

  • subho

    any info for indian version??? when it available??

  • Vedant

    How do u flash for samsung wave 5253?
    plz help asap

  • abdel210

    i am live in morocco can i use germany firmware on my samsung wave 5253 can you explaine to me how to do it ??????

  • thotasaisharan95

    how can i update the firware of wave 525

  • Jimit

    I want to flash phone but this firmware is missing .ffs and .fota files … so how can I flash the phone without them ?

  • Jimit

    Bad News
    This only works with GT-S5250 Not GT-S5253 ….

  • Jimit

    NO GUYZ ….
    It WORKS FiNE :-)
    …. COOL UPDATE …..
    m using it in Samsung Wave GT-S5253
    Germen E-Plus

    • rohti

      hey is chaton working in india if we flash with the germany firmware… i’m living in india

    • ganesan gr

      boss i used wav525 mow use bada 1.0 os i uapdate bada 2.0 help me step by step send to my mail id’s

  • Anmol

    please tell me how to install this firmware on my samsung wave 525

  • John Carlo Abanto

    Hi! I’m from the Philippines. and I’m using wave525 of course. which is better, Romania or Germany? reply ASAP! thank you!

  • arvind

    i m from india and i use wave 525
    will i brick my phone if not careful
    anybody help…..

  • Ankit

    Guyz in this samsung app store is not working plz help :(

    • http://9162262031 deepak

      cell me -9162262031

  • nithin

    hi frnds anybody installed value pack for bada 2 in wawe 525

  • caliz12

    hi am using samsung wave S5253,can some one help me with the procedure to upgrade the OS bada 2.0?

  • maulik patel

    wow its locking gr8 . im really waiting for this frameware………thanxxxxx

  • mayank

    i have downloaded the firmware now plz tell me what to do??

  • Vinit

    I am using Indian firmware for about a week and its great.
    However 1st screen is annoying (calender, search, clock, city). Is there any setting or way to remove it from first screen? Thanks.

  • Vhino

    Hey Can you please help me how to install bada 2.0 in Wave 5253 . im from philippines

  • Vinit

    Unfortunately BADA 2.0 is not available for wave 5253. You can have value pack instead of BADA 2.0.

  • Jainam

    If u want to update bada 2.0 the go to nearest samsung service center

  • amey

    Pls Pls Pls
    release the Indian version of BADA 2.0 (GT-S5253).
    We are waiting badly.

  • Xy

    has anyone tried this on their s5253 phone and really worked? i’d like to know ’cause i really want to flash my phone but i’m really scared that i might just brick my phone :P

  • nikhil

    hey how to download can anyone will give me some idea

  • yashika

    can i download bada 2.0 in my sumsung wave 525

  • Vishnu chunakara

    iam living in India i updated my samsung wave 5253 in indian offical value pack it is working good .but there is no “movement” in setting and the samsung apps not updated its old..but chaton is working good

  • Vishnu chunakara

    @Yashika Bada2.0 is not availble for wave 525 .you can use the value pack of bada2.0 in your wave 525

  • Vishnu chunakara

    The value pack works 100% in wave GT-S5250 and GT-S5253 Iam checked in my phone its working great….

  • http://ww vaja

    weri good

  • priyanshu

    i have option to upgrade my sowtware but 24mb space is needed in device. I have deleted everythin in my phone memory but still 1.1 MB more has to be deleted.What should i do?

  • priyanshu

    Guys dont waste your time.If you live in india ,goto kies ,upgrade it,connect your wave 525 and install the update. But you will be requiring 24MB space in your phone memory.IT WORKS

  • vignesh

    hey can u give link for indina firmware ?

  • sumit

    yes bada

  • AKS

    I have updated my firmware for samsung wave 525 to s5253ddlf1.
    And chaton now in my wave 525 but not working .every time is ask push notification fails. plz help me how to use this ?

  • varun

    hey its showing no update avilable though i updated my kies to 2.5..
    how u guys updated??

  • Shubham

    When i connect my wave 525 to kies it says “kies doesnt support firmware upgrade for your device”. plz help! :(

  • Jose

    Main complain about the new firware is battery life is reduced to about half.

  • Argha

    WAVE 5253:
    I have tried to update the firm,ware from Kies.But it updates under Bada 1.2but not to 2.0. So if anyone have the Value Pack Bada 2.0 for India please share the link.

  • mohamed jia

    after upgrade it is showing ver 1.1 not bada 2.0 don’t cheat us.

  • asish

    heyy……i have bada 2.0 in wave 525….and it’s worst

  • asish

    heyy……i have bada 2.0 in wave 525….and it’s worst…plzz dont upgrade it

  • asish


    heyy……i have bada 2.0 in wave 525….and it’s worst…plzz dont upgrade it

  • vincent fugen

    my phone restarted infinitely,
    Because i forgot to reset the phone/hard reset.
    Pls. Hlp me