Google Maps App for wave 723, 575 (bada 2.0 beta)


I modify a Google maps widget to use like an application for wave 723, 575 (bada 2.0 beta)
because I dont like to use a big widgets…..
after install, it will be appears in the menu, next you can take an icon to the main screen.
when starting it first: in less than 1 sec you will see a bootload image(dont worry its normal)
next: you MUST! tap onto the screen (google map picture-tap on the center or anywhere)
And google maps is starting (such as like you opened from the Java)
this is a first version, the icon is resized for my theme–Google-Maps-by-Tyr-wgt.html

Submitted by tyr


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  • tanmoypal


  • Martebs

    Hey thanks, but it isnt Java, how to install it?

  • michael

    unfortunately the download is down. is it possible to reup ist?