New S8500 Official Firmware S8500DXLD1

New bada 2.0 official firmwares are released for some Asian countries like Thailand,Vietnam, Malaysia. It has been a long time since we have got an update for any new firmware. 

For the people living in those countries it’s time for joy as after a very long wait you have finally got bada 2.0 released for your device officially and now you can upgrade your firmware through kies ( if you still haven’t flashed bada 2.0 on your own ).

For the people not living in those countries try the new firmware (by flashing of course ) and give a review below in the comments i will add your review to the post and tell all of us how is the new firmware .

Waiting for some of the reviews.

You can download the firmwares from below.

PDABadaDateCSCCountry/CarrierDownload link
S8500DXLD122012 AprilS8500OLBLD1ThailandDownload
S8500DXLD122012 AprilS8500OLBLD1VietnamDownload
S8500DXLD122012 AprilS8500OLBLD1MalaysiaDownload

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34 thoughts on “New S8500 Official Firmware S8500DXLD1

  1. Teoh Tze Chian

    I am malaysian, before i flash the malaysia firmware i have flash thailand firmware, and it nothing different@@

  2. Mao

    is this official for PH users?

    S8500DXLD1 2.0 2012 April S8500OLBLD1 Philippines (Smart) Download Unlock
    S8500DXLD1 2.0 2012 April S8500OLBLD1 Philippines (Sun) Download Unlock

  3. Ken Jackson

    I uploaded to the official Thai 2.0 firmware about a month ago for the Wave 2. I give it a 2/10. It really is incredible to believe that after such a long time in development it it still so full of bugs, slow camera, games and apps crashing, slower response time, volume is almost inaudible….
    I’ve tried tweaking what I can but nothing is improving very much, I still have to find a sound-proof booth to hear callers or listen to music. Oh and speaking of music, Samsung in all their wisdom have moved their music settings away from the player into the main phone settings menu. And you’ll have to download apps such as movie maker and photo effects to chop videos and play with photos because Samsung didn’t add them in, and guess what, the movie-maker app which was great in 1.2 doesn’t support the video in 2.0 for some reason…hahahahahhaha…Samsung might make nice hardware but their software is worst than the code my 8 year old daughter writes.

  4. ayan0314

    There’s already available firmware Philippines S8500

    check this links:

    CSC=XTC=Philippines (Sun)

    CSC=SMA=Philippines (Smart)

    CSC=XSO=Singapore (Singtel)

    Im using Globe(Philippines) whill it be ok to flash the firmware(Smart)? – Yes. No issue at all

  5. Blackwell


    is this official for PH users?
    S8500DXLD1 2.0 2012 April S8500OLBLD1 Philippines (Smart) Download Unlock
    S8500DXLD1 2.0 2012 April S8500OLBLD1 Philippines (Sun) Download Unlock

    These firmwares are used for the Philippine Postpaid based models. So if you bought your phone through these Network providers then update your phone.

    But if your phone is based from Samsung Philippine based models, then we still have to wait.

  6. ansh06

    anybody feel quality loss for the images which is taken using fone camera. am facing big problem with this after flashing with indian version for s8530. if u guys have any solutions pls let me know.

  7. BADA 20

    Well, finally Bada 2.0 has officially released in my country(Malaysia). I just upgraded it thru Kies this Morning. I lost all my apps as in my expectation, but I’m facing a critical problem when I want to download apps from Samsung Apps which in my mobile. When I click on “GET”, it pop up Samsung Account with a blank pages. I don’t know what to do with that, and now I’m not able to download apps from my phone as well as Kies. So what can I do now in order to solve the Samsung Account’s problem? Or any ways for me to install apps??

    1. Teoh Tze Chian

      or add me at facebook, you can get help from me [email protected]

  8. Stanley Loong

    After i have updated from Bada 1.2 to Bada 2.0, the Papago M7 (Malaysia and Singapore version) is not comply with Bada 2.0 and resulting the Papago M7 is not working at all. Any one got this problem ??? Can it be resolved ???

    By the way, after updated to Bada 2.0, the platform of the Bada 2.0 is running smooth and no issue…………..but certain third party’s software will not be comply with Bada 2.0 such as Papago M7 ……….

  9. Blackwell

    I flashed my phone from Indian firmware DDCL2 to SEA Firmware DXLD1 and I noticed the following:

    1, DDCL2 text message conversations overlaps on the cloud box while on DXLD1 doesn’t.

    2. Language packs have change (of course.)

    3. Medium size texts of DXLD1 is much smaller than DDCL2.

    4. Crashing of Apps is minimal on DXLD1 compared to DDCL2.

    5. Browsing is still the same.

    I’ll post additional differences as soon as I noticed another,

  10. maria

    i’m from the philippines! the upgrade is already up through kies. I updated 4 days ago. The youtube app keeps giving me the ‘try again’ sign. ugh.

  11. twoYien

    can someone give me other download links…
    i can’t download from hotfile…
    mediafire link will be betterr…

  12. overdosew

    Please help us!
    Download the chat for facebook app, start it and to the box of pop-up window write this: [email protected]
    Thanks for all!

  13. yuncharis

    why did i buy samsung wave 2 again???
    reading from all this complaints make me regret what i did, im gonna sell this phone and im gonna buy a new one this december, if our bonus is available…aish!
    i should have bought iphone instead… arghhhh…

  14. Nimesh

    Can we mix a firmware and a csc,
    for example, Malaysian firmware (S8500DXLD1) with Indian csc (S8533ODDCL2), (Then I think I can select SLK from pre-configuration., coz I’m in Sri Lanka)

    Thank you

  15. Tuan Hakeem

    already flash my wave couple days ago.. not quite happy enough with bada 2.0… samsung apps didn’t work.. can’t use front camera either taking pics or videos.. most important is.. NO FAKE CALL!!

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