Samsung is about to discontinue Bada platform by mid-2013

I know it is very hard to hear for all of you that Samsung is now about to close the bada project ,but no  platform termination announcements, promised support and subsidies for Bada app developers will continue until the very end.

Samsung now thinks that Bada is a flop project which they have created and there will be no more development on the project called bada but there is hope for you guys the Tizen OS, an open source effort backed up by Intel. The idea was to work on a new OS based on MeeGo that would one day compete with the likes of Android.

As per the report, the author states that one should not wait for any high-profile announcements regarding smartphones that would run on the Bada OS, as there would be none.

According to

“Such statements will never be simply due to the nature of the company and that it, unlike Nokia, does not seek to destroy their sales. Gradually the number of Bada phones in the market, will begin to decline and next year they will disappear, and new models will not be issued. Support for developers already included in the budgets of 2012, will be carried out until the last moment, as well as support for the products themselves. But to say that the cardinal will jump in that direction, it is impossible. In bada in 2012 there is no priority within the company.”


Unwired View

“The success of the first Galaxy S, even bigger Galaxy S2 and the lackluster performance of the Wave phones, sealed the fate of Bada already in 2011. Samsung was always very good at throwing things at the wall, seeing what sticks and running away with it. And doing it in very pragmatic way. If the sales/traction isn’t there – the stuff gets left behind. The things that do work get all the resources, attention and investment. Frankly – I am surprised that Samsung’s Bada experiment lasted this long. But it was a good learning exercise – with experience gained now becoming part of Android’s TouchWiz and other Samsung smartphone efforts.”


But as we know Tizen OS has just released it’s 1.0 version yesterday so it would take time to develop and it is not confirmed that how many Samsung wave phones will receive the Tizen OS Update so let us keep our fingures crossed and hope for the best.

I tell you it’s not the time to panic but to look at the future of the bada OS which will be not bada 3.0 but Tizen OS  and i tell you it is far better platform than Bada .

Tizen OS Features Better than Bada

1. Developed from Meego and Bada . Created by Samsung and Intel.

2. Hope for better Support as we would get better support form Intel , Samsung ( Combined Effort ).

3. Open source Like Android.

4. This mobile OS is the latest that’s why it has the best SDK (Software Development Kit) better than any other platform and comparable to  Android 4.0 SDK.



67 thoughts on “Samsung is about to discontinue Bada platform by mid-2013

  1. kktkaran

    i think there will no new apps will produce in bada samsung apps
    from now
    i wish tizen will super duper flop

  2. hippo momo

    after using bada.. i wont even touch tiezen…n i dont know y but i want tiezen to fail.. may be bcs i feel cheated by samsung after spending rs17000 on my phone

  3. RPO

    Anyone else feel that Samsung are going to lose a lot of customers who are fed up with empty promises? They had Bada and now have throw it away like some old worn out toy, should we really trust them with Tizen.

    Personally I’m so bored with this whole Samsung fiasco that i am switch brand.

    Samsung seem to have lost their way so much that even a magical GPS system couldn’t put them back on the right road.

  4. nevermind

    With how they behaved with bada seems to me “mid 2013” will be around “the end of 2019”

  5. Yopi

    well, lets just accept the changes. maybe tizen is a better OS . lets just be satisfied about it. because change is good and it is for betterment of our experience in our wave phones, because wave phones are the best for me, the performance and the visual experiences :). just saying :) haha

  6. what the hell iz gong on.. i just wastd mah money on dis shity stuff.. :-((:-((

    wave 3 iz such a crap.. nw it iz gong 2 scrap…

  7. disp

    f…k you sammy you broke million bada fans heart i hate samsung …good bye sammy its better go for HTC

  8. REX

    From now on i am not going to fall prey of any of the samsung flashy stuff!
    I recently brought Sony LED TV with PS3 and will gonna get their new SONY branded mobile as well…Its the trust of the company that drives!

  9. To98

    This was my last Samsung mobile, because Samsung doesn’t support their phones. Maybe my next phone is a phone with Symbian or an INTEL phone with Tizen OS.

  10. prashant

    i am just start saving money for iphone 5, i will watch only 2 movie in a month and no outing party…i have to punish my self bze i brought BADA.

  11. gaganlok

    Haha,,, after the wait for 2.0 now we have to start waiting for Tizen?????

    You must be kidding….!!!

    Bada and Tizen go to hell…. I DUN WANT TO BE A PART OF EXPERIMENT ANYMORE..

  12. nevermind


    Haha,,, after the wait for 2.0 now we have to start waiting for Tizen?????
    You must be kidding….!!!
    Bada and Tizen go to hell…. I DUN WANT TO BE A PART OF EXPERIMENT ANYMORE..


  13. hadi

    come one!!!! man
    i will buy my WAVE soon & go to another company respects there costumers cuz we’re waited to much and now no apps for us
    bada RIP
    WAVE I’l miss You so much But my Patience for that company named samsung didn’t respect my wishes Gone
    2013 What a Joke Man !
    What a Joke
    really DAmn it:(

  14. Vijay

    Haha. What do have to say now bada-optimists? Every time someone criticized bad, you people start cursing them, saying that bada is growing, ‘just give it more time’, etc. What have you to say now? From the time I bought my Wave II, I knew it was a huge mistake. Hopefully, those of you who were optimistic to the point of being foolish would finally open your eyes and see the truth – bada has, never had and never will have any future, it is a flop project by Samsung.

  15. raghav

    guys i am also one of the criticizers of bada but i will not say the same about tizen…. the concept of smartphone for every one was good but bada didnt help that much.

    The main reason of bada’s failure was, the os itself was primitive and buggy so no developers were interested in developing anything for bada ..

    but the scene might change…as tizen will be based on a linux kernel and not on RTOS i guess it will perform a lot better even on devices with limited it uses HTML5 framework and web api;s which is really new and will give it an edge against android.

    now the app development trend is shifting from native to HTML5. developers can write the same piece of code and can easily migrate it to various platforms.

    most of all as it a linux kernel not modified android kernel we can run linux application and even run windows apps using wine. i even saw a demo of world of warcraft or some other game like that running on tizen.

    and best of all intel is involved in it. i have lost my faith on samsung but atleast in my case intel has never let me down.
    so i guess i will give tizen a chance.

    awaiting comments…:-)
    BADA sucks…:-p

  16. Omar Mohamed

    I still didn`t receive Bada 2.0, and now they are now ending it!!!.

    No more Samsung.

    Although Nokia offer bad specification phones, It cares about it`s customers with Nokia Discussion and Nokia Conversation, Youtube Funny videos and new ideas, contests and shows, Lots of updates (The ancient N8 received one Last week).

    Nokia is treating with Human beings, while Samsung is treating Wallets!.

    No more Samsung. I repeat.

  17. inderpal singh

    i bought samsung wave on 12 april 2012, i made a hugh mistake wasting my 15900 rs. bada os sucks. it is the worst os. i am very dissapointed. it has no apps like android. my friends laugh at me. now i want to sale my wave 3. samsung your bullshit device is super flop. i will buy sony ericksson. u bada.. go to hell. i hate samsung..

    1. john

      haha the only thing good about the waves were their looks and the rest they were dumb phones just like wp7 and ios but both of them atleast get proper software support from both developers and companies.
      In India people dont buy high end phones once every 6 months because there is no contract system here,we have to pay full so we use it for around 18 months to 2 years.
      Next time i will and request all of you to not go to experimenting with other crap and simply buy android phones,i have friends with super cheap android phones who have a lot more features than my wave 2 at half its price,my phone is a joke for them.
      Not hating samsung for this but its time to admit that android is the king and the place to be.

    2. Vijay

      You bought a Wave in 2012??? I can understand if you did so in early 2011 as bada was still young and Samsung was making plenty of empty promises (we didn’t realize they were empty then) but in 2012? Seriously? After all we have been saying about the delay of releasing bada 2.0? I’m sorry to say this but you probably deserved what you got. When spending nearly 16k, please do some research. Also, most importantly, since Sept 2011, you also had the option of a 1GHz, 5112MB RAM ANDROID phone like Xperia Ray, Neo V, etc (which was unavailable in 2010 or early 2011). So WTH were you thinking when you purchased a bada powered (or should I say un-powered) phone in mid-2012?

  18. Amaresh

    i dont know what made me to buy a bada phone(badass phone) like wave 2 i think my micromax was better than this. i learnt a lesson. never go for a experiment or outer looks always do some research before buying something….. next mnth m moving to android bye bye bada.

  19. blejach

    in my opinion they better to make android for wave1,2,3 instead making other os coz all apps r for andoirds


    BADA was a FLOP project!!!
    I am very happy that i got rid of my wave 2 recently. It was real good mobile ( hardware and screen) but with flop OS.
    Android is the Future…

    Samsung is the worst company i have ever seen , with no customer support, they could not make single Kies version that was bug free.

    Samsung will provide you the best hardware , but the Software , it just sucksss!!!

    I’d rather go for HTC or Sony Ericsson than this crap!!!

  21. badamate

    heyyy wavers, CALM DOWN pls.
    it’s only Eldar Murtazin thoughts about future of BADA. i admit he’s
    a first class editor and very respected professional and insightful about gadget market and specially mobile phone but
    it was clear that samsung lost their interest in BADA but it’s still alive officially.
    anyway i dont trust sam manager about “we think this is a good platform and we increase our investment” about two months ago.

  22. samsung sucks

    great…..i hav waitng for this news to come up.. thank u samsung shit heads.we all trusted u and u kicked as alll… this is the end samsung and please dont ever come with another shit ….

  23. azam

    every one say gudbye to bada…. nd no 1 z gona miss it, i assure… letzzzz hope tizen can keep the promise the that they say it will…. nd i hope tizen z nt jst a waste of money nd time both for the company and the people like us using bada….

  24. ramesh

    wave hw = top notch
    wave sw = piece of ****

    however, the original wave with 1.2 is the best in terms of music, video, HD video recording, camera and call quality.

    however, the poor extensibility has made is more of a “feature phone” than a smart phone. sammy was successfully able to fool people to buy these devices while knowing fully well that they are selling their internal feature phone OS covered with API layer, and making all of us believe that something extraordinary is being sold to us. its just that we couldnt decipher this sh***y act early and now after a *$&*(@&# bada 2.0 and subsequent capping of the same, the puzzle is not that hard to understand.

    shame on you samsung.

  25. mike

    What??? , I definitely sell this phone now , I am tired of waiting for an improvement on bada and nothing has yet come , so now comes this ? , you have to be kidding me , I`ll buy an Android which I know won`t cause me any problems at all and I`ll enjoy a lot of apps . good bye Bada RIP

  26. Bada3.0>Tizen

    One question to the XDA Developers Team:
    Will YOU support Bada in the future? I mean will you support Bada after Samsung OFFICIALLY says that the Bada project will merge with Tizen?

    The reason why I ask these questions is, that I LOVE your custom roms :-)
    Maybe it is possible, that you will go on with your fabulous custom roms, so we will keep bada 2.0 alive (like a zombie^^ joke).

    People, seriously, do you think that Tizen will run on our “old” waves (1 and 2) ? If you do not like to buy a new phone you have to believe in the bada project. I DON’T want to buy a new phone – needless to say that I don’t want to support Apple / Google.

    Please, all you developers, go on with your Roms – you made a f**kin’ good job. Don’t abandon all you made! Please go on in fixing problems.

    I stick to bada, to an OS that has potential to be a nice “insider” OS. Please compare Windows to Linux and then tell me which of them has problems with viruses and malware 😉 I don’t wanna say that there are no viruses for linux, but the more people use android, the more people will try to program viruses for that platform. It sounds childish, but a platform like Bada will never be a great target for malware programers and criminals, because only a small group of people use it. Another reason why I like it… F**k the millions of apps that I “miss”…

    Let me know what you think. I know that my windows/linux = android/bada theory is not 100% true…

  27. Bada soul which is going to die

    Samsung r the robbers, i whant kill them i wasted about 20000rs on bada with 2 phones

  28. louie

    oh yeah what a big DISAPPOINTMENT SAMSUNG,,,
    Can you just return our money back and then we will return our samsung bada,,, we’ll just buy android phones :(

  29. Jamal

    as far what I know.. that they will make Tizen support in BADA..
    I mean, for samsung wave 1 & II phone..
    I have read news about it.. and they say they will make it compatible with wave I & II soon… dont worry.. cause I like samsung wave I too.. and still use bada 2.0 … I know… miracle will happen…

  30. chris

    I think people should get some perspective its just a bloody platform I’ve had a s8500 wave since 2009 best phone I’ve ever had yes the only downside is lack of apps but in my opinion apps are a gimmick for kids and mostly pointless I use mine for browsing internet and calling and textIng only . I remember people moaning that they didn’t get angry birds straight away on bada , pathetic . I will go for the Samsung galaxy lte next simply because Samsung stuff is quality and built to last I don’t think I’ve ever had a Samsung device that’s failed before upgrade never mind Samsung you tried and failed with bada but I certainly won’t be crying about it

  31. Ahmed

    You guys stop hating samsung. What they are doing right now is for their own good to keep the company growing. Do you realize how risky it is to launch an os and depend on it solely. The way i see it right now is an ambitious company trying to be the next apple. Yes, having a wave and suddenly finding out you’re never gonna get the next bada or realizing bada sucks but if you really think about, all companies experiment with consumers. Would apple have been the apple we know today if ios wasnt a big hit, it simply would have been terminated despite the customer who love it, it’s just business. In the end, they only care about our money.

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