Tizen Held It’s First Developer Conference 2012

Tizen held it’s first developer conference and i have to say that the implemention of html 5 in the operating system is great. The best thing that we get to know is that now even an HTML 5 developer who develops sites can make apps for Tizen without many changes to the code.
So developers who program in HTML 5 will not have any problem in porting apps for tizen devices . We had a big problem of apps in bada but with tizen i think all those problems will be solved as HTML 5 is the future language for Apps & Sites and it is implemented in Tizen with great intelligence. So for example if RAVIO makes angry birds for android and IOS In HTML 5 ( Which they will as all the compnies are moving towards it ) so they won’t have a problem porting that app in Tizen.
So if you are interested in tizen and want to see what is the future of mobile phone devices then these videos below Which Will Show You.
What is tizen ?
Why is it a better OS |?
Is Programming for Tizen Os Easier ?
And answer all your answers about Tizen And Why is it the worth to discontinue bada and work on tizen.
Imad Sousou of the key presentations (Director, Intel Open Source Technology Center co-Chair, Tizen Technical Steering Group), Jong-Deok Choi (Executive Vice President, Samsung co-Chair, Tizen Technical Steering Group), Dr. Kiyohito Nagata (Senior Vice President, Chairman DoCoMo, Tizen Association) and James Pearce (Head of Mobile Developer Relations, Facebook)
A description of the architecture of Sunil Saxena Tizen (Intel) and Vincent Kwon (Samsung)
A description of Tizen WebAPI and web application development for Tizen by Sakari Poussa (Intel) and TaeHee Lee (Samsung)
A description of Web Runtime Tizen of Ming Jin (Samsung)
Presentation on HTML5 application development for devices Tizen for developers from Intel and Samsung
Explanation of how to convert web applications to Tizen by Cheng Luo (Samsung)
And finally, Hands-On Lab for Tizen SDK and answer session
source: tizenindonesia.blogspot.com

21 thoughts on “Tizen Held It’s First Developer Conference 2012

  1. Hardeep Singh

    can we port tizen on Samsung Wave 3?? if yes then when that day will come & If no, then what will the future of Samsung Wave 3 ???

    1. DK

      wave 3 has a different architecture all together

      wave 3 has higher chances of getting a tizen update

      but as i said, DONOT build hopes

      we donot know what samsung’s upto

  2. Sam

    But one question remains will the wave trilogy get the tizen update ….,if yes then its a grt news but if not then worlds most sad news coz we already suffer pain for not having droid and again if we dont get tizen we are finished so r u sure that well get tizen.

    1. DK

      its too early to say that but may be yes
      Donot build hopes though

      Bada updates will be discontinued
      may be there will be a bada 3.0

      we actually don’t know whats samsung upto

      1. Bharat

        BADA 3.0 will be nothing but TIZEN, so in a way WAVE III will get TIZEN update( just like WAVE II got Full BADA 2.0 update)

  3. Sam

    But frndzz a suggestion from me dont hope coz we i.e wave nd wave ii users know that wat we hv hoped for samsung nd wat we got

  4. kaka

    Bada will not be discontinue , its will be open source on almost some level the tizen with more Samsung touch on it .

  5. Hardeep Singh

    brother Apples IOS is also not open source os but look IOS user have lots of apps in app store, even they got much apps than andriod, but BADA is totally headack nw coz of lack apps….. i read abt Bada and saw “Source model :- Mixed: open source and proprietary” bt i’m confused why third part launchers dont interested to make apps for Bada ??? i think Samsung make BADA compatible to run .apk apps i mean Andriod on Bada in future, its the only way 2 survive Wave series phones…

    1. harsh

      lack of apps in Bada is the oly bad thing in this OS i believe… there might be a bada 3.0 (but not sure) but it wudnt be gud if one keeps hoping fr a tizen update fr their waves… its all in Sammy boy’s hands 😛 samsung dint release bada in the US market and thats wer many of the developers are…
      American attittude: we dunno bout the OS, uuhhuu,so OS sucks!
      i dont think it wud change much of anything e1 if bada goes open source! love bada.. but hate the app factor!!

  6. Hardeep Singh

    brother do u have any idea about Tizen on Samsung wave 3 ??? can we port Tizen on wave 3??? if yes, when da day come..?? otherwise i change my phone and i will buy any andriod phone…

  7. ansh06

    i think the persons who are waiting for tizen for wave are forget about bada 2.0 release. we had been waited for months for this buggy os. and now expecting tizen for wave.!!!
    my last hope is ics from mike

  8. Ken Jackson

    ,Bada 2.0 is so full of bugs, 1.2 was so full of bugs, no way can Tizen come to the rescue. Hope for Android is the only way.

  9. kunal

    wave 1 is getting android…..& wave 3 is likely to get TIZEN………
    and the wave 2 users will have nothing but bada left………. :-(

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