3D Reddroid Theme [Wave Y & Wave M]


Hi! guys this is a new theme for bada.

It has a good appearance with a 3d red icons which makes it appear like android.

Please give me comments about it.

 Download by clicking over this link below

6 thoughts on “3D Reddroid Theme [Wave Y & Wave M]

    1. sparki Post author

      @ raju
      I will tell u two types of method follow any one.

      method 1:
      create a folder “Themes” in phone memory by connecting your phone with kies through explorer. then copy (.smt)
      file into it. then go to [SETTINGS–>DISPLAY–>THEMES] select the theme.

      method 2:
      copy the (.smt) file into “OTHERS” folder in phone memory and then go to [SETTINGS–>DISPLAY–>THEMES] select the theme.

      Let me know which methode worked for you…….

  1. Rachit

    Bhai can you please suggest a site for wave y apps
    it seems to me a useless cell with no apps….no games….bada stand nowhere be4 android

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