Bada S3 themes


Developed by: badaturkiye

Today I am sharing with you Bada S3 themes. This is supported on wave I,II and III phones. There are two different looking theme under the same name. I liked the both.

The first one is quite dark. You can download it from here



And the second one is about nature’s touch theme as in Galaxy S3. And you will like it anyway,

the download link here



11 thoughts on “Bada S3 themes

  1. hero355

    Developer: maniek0928 ???????? You See picture Forum name is BadaTurkiye and Themes aren’t Developer: maniek0928 this is the ahuzur you gave it here

  2. Paulo

    Nice theme!

    I just have a problem here, the clock, when phone is locked, is placed in landscape….
    I wish it was like the screen shot!

  3. bala_92

    use stune 1.0.6 for bada 2.0 for installation of themes and widget.. it really works… try it… first it dint work for me… then later it worked…

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