BadaIM: a new Skype client for Samsung Wave Phone

We all know about Skype the best VoIP app in the market soon to be available on Samsung app store.But its not the official app from Skype but you will be able to use it for VoIP as well as Video services.

On Samsung Bada Pionners Club a developer named Valeriy shared news about the new Skype client for Samsung wave phone. This client will run on every Samsung Bada smartphone, which will be called BadaIM!

The current version works only with the bada 2.0 and supports a resolution of 800×480, along with the availability of video chat. This application will not be free to download that is you have to pay for labor costs, which have been spent on it to develop as told by the developer. Its under certification process and might be certified soon by Samsung Apps to download. The further development of this client will depend on popularity.


So, is it going to be the the best application on the Samsung App store for bada with plenty of Samsung Wave users of Skype? 😀

Here is a snapshot that shows the login page of this app and also the page showing people available for chat:-

login page    


23 thoughts on “BadaIM: a new Skype client for Samsung Wave Phone

  1. Nik

    wow…finally…!!! Voip…!! Good to go bada…looks like my wave doesn’t need replacement for now… :) gr8 work by the dev’s! Highly Appreciated.

  2. mushi

    hey…aaaa any news on when will it launch…coz i heard and read these kind of articals many many many times..and get my hopes up all the time so by reading this i dont feel that much happines as i should be…
    so unless i know a date or saw the app im not gonna beileve it …
    its a fact not just from me but from every wave user.

      1. GS

        which navigator brother? i am using inbuilt navigation+maps in wave2, but gps takes a huge time to get locked… any solution??

  3. redabonna

    Before saying anything we should ask samsung bada to start releasing a new Rom of bada 2 which support VOIP service ..then ,,we all will be able to enjoy with skype and any app supports Viop ,, we should sending posts from now to samsung CO ,,my regards.

  4. nigelvrijn

    a bada VOIP app, which will only allow conversations with other bada phones.

    i don’t know anyone besides me with a bada phone.. -_-

    1. Ken Jackson

      i don’t know anyone besides me with a bada phone.. -_-

      Well said….Everyone laughs at me when I say Bada…….They are like “Whut?”
      Nobody has Bada except for us…..we could be the Loser Club, let’s start a new facebook page Samsung’s Bada Bitches “

  5. Ashish

    no its a voip application that connects your skype account, u can chat with anyone in your friends list,whatever plateform that is using,…. PC, android, anything……!!!!!

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