Facebook for Bada Chat now working.



I noticed that the recently updated Facebook for bada app’s Chat is now working fine. You can see everyone who is online and chat with them in real time.

You will also get a Facebook notification on your phone when the app is minimized whenever/whoever PMed you through chat (as long as you stay online or logged on to chat). I’m using 3G connection when I took the Screenshots.

So you can go ahead and see what are the differences and in this new update.

24 thoughts on “Facebook for Bada Chat now working.

  1. Arjun

    ddudde can u please. provide .the notification screenshot.
    ahah beacouse i never saw it on my cell phone, tho i use a 2G . and my om ont allow me 2 use a 3 G connection . but compare 2 other phones. still the get all updatees. of facebook. for example notification msseges. ETC ETC. go i just needd to see a screenshot..

  2. Gourab

    the app doesn’t closes it minimizes,i don’t know why this happens but this is very annoying..so use monami app from Samsung apps

  3. Sam

    @Gourab. Monami doesn’t have event details.. But you can chat on monami but you cannot remove the old conversion

  4. Blackwell Post author

    @Arjun – Ok I’ll provide one as soon as I got some time to post it on pc. Im just using my mobile now for internet.

    @Joseph – At the Kies, go to appstore then click on the MY PAGE tab located just below the search box. Then you will see the apps that you have downloaded/purchased. Just change the recently downloaded dropdown box to RECENTLY UPDATED option. There you will see the apps which recently updated their softwares. Just click the UPDATE button (if there’s at least one app who got an update) to update your app.

  5. Blackwell Post author

    @Wave – Im using V. 0.9.6 and Im from the Philippines. Im using my country’s official firmware DXLD1.

    By the way, if you want to know the recently updated apps on your phone, just click on the MyPage on the SamsungApps Browser on your phone then DOWNLOADS. Remember that you must be log-in your Samsung Acct. 1st before you can access the Downloads page. There will also see the applications that you have recently downloaded. You will see an UPDATE button just beside the apps lists (if theres an update on the app)

  6. Blackwell Post author

    About the ANNOYING automatic minimizing or CRASHING of the Facebook for Bada app, it is because of the Low RAM. All you have to do is follow these steps while and before using Facebook for Bada to enjoy it more without the inconviences like auto-minimize or CRASHING. Please do remember these…

    1. Before using facebook for bada, restart you phone first. This will reset down all the Running used RAMS of the phone.

    2. Do not open multiple apps/programs while using it other than sms messages. The more apps you use, the higher the RAM consumption. Its just okay if you will minimize it then just check the sms msgs or writing/sending one.

    3. While logging in to chat, wait for it to FULLY LOAD or FINISHED LOADING before scrolling or clicking anything. Doing something while the system is busy will just add additional RAM and eventually your FB App will just crash or minimize. You will notice it already finished loading if all of the photos of your friends on chat are fully viewed.

  7. Blackwell Post author

    (Photos being load starts from the buttom to top)

    4. Lastly, do not end the FB App or close it if you are not yet through/done using it. Closing it then opening it again for 2nd time and so on will just make it CRASH or minimize while using because of the PREVIOUS RAM used.

    This is the SAMSUNG WAVE’s downside. We can’t reset the RAM by the Task Manager (Like Android Phone does) to avoid crashing of programs.

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