Gameloft brings bada 2.0 update for their Games

Here is a good news for all the Gameloft fans. Gameloft has updated their games with a update on bada 2.0. Sooner or later, Bada users will have already noticed it.

I personally recommend Gameloft games because their games are of higher standards than others. So, it is always a pleasure playing Gameloft games.And now those games are working perfectly in the bada 2.0 platform. So, all the gameloft fans, lets play.. :D

And if you believe “Adfree” a recognized developer on XDA community,he reported that many new Gameloft  games would be coming soon to bada platform.

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  • TrooperFX

    i recommend only gameloft and ea games, because the other ‘games’ are crap.

    • Campa939

      what about Fruit ninja for example or i like “Find a Way José” or “twin blades” but twin blades was removed from app store … but these games are good too… but i have to say 98% of the other games are crap as u said

  • TrooperFX

    can we have the downloadlink for
    Gangastar West Coast hustle HD v1.1.0

    for spoofing?

    because the older version at the list of unmoddifited apps doesn’t work at bada 2.0

  • TrooperFX

    I’ll give you all free the spoof downloadlink for GANGSTAR!!

    i’ve bought it because i want 2 cool games.
    so yep.

    downloadlink within 5 min

  • TrooperFX

    For you guys, here is
    Gangstar West Coast Hustle HD V1.1.0
    from samsungapps uploaded to mediafire:

    • jugen

      any one has download link for splinter cell? coz i dnt knw how to spoof

    • Nina

      i can’t download because link deleted,please new link download Gangstar West Coast Hustle HD V1.1.0

  • Campa939

    Damn got the United Arab Emirates Version if u remember why (free apps for a limited time) and Let’s Golf! is not updated there yet…

  • maslina

    i hope soon or letter papago will updated their softwares to 2.0..

  • shooter

    To TrooperFX
    Com2us & Divide Arts games are excellent.
    Even though D.A. do not have a page of their own, all their games are for free and worth 5 stars.

  • aaditya

    can anyone tell me how to spoof more than one app on bada 2.0

  • Rathor

    if anyone has working hawx unmodified apps, please upload it.

  • Ashish

    tintin is not available!!!!!!

    • TrooperFX

      i’ve seen it

  • Rathor

    please upload modern combat unmodified apps

  • Rathor

    please upload modern combat 3 unmodified apps

    • TrooperFX

      1 is available for bada
      2 not for bada
      3 not for bada

  • TrooperFX

    please wave 3 app:

    Modern Combat 3!!!!

    spoof app, please!!