Gameloft brings bada 2.0 update for their Games

Here is a good news for all the Gameloft fans. Gameloft has updated their games with a update on bada 2.0. Sooner or later, Bada users will have already noticed it.

I personally recommend Gameloft games because their games are of higher standards than others. So, it is always a pleasure playing Gameloft games.And now those games are working perfectly in the bada 2.0 platform. So, all the gameloft fans, lets play.. ūüėÄ

And if you believe “Adfree” a¬†recognized developer on XDA community,he reported that many new Gameloft¬†¬†games would be¬†coming¬†soon to bada platform.

18 thoughts on “Gameloft brings bada 2.0 update for their Games

    1. Campa939

      what about Fruit ninja for example or i like “Find a Way Jos√©” or “twin blades” but twin blades was removed from app store … but these games are good too… but i have to say 98% of the other games are crap as u said

  1. TrooperFX

    can we have the downloadlink for
    Gangastar West Coast hustle HD v1.1.0

    for spoofing?

    because the older version at the list of unmoddifited apps doesn’t work at bada 2.0

  2. Campa939

    Damn got the United Arab Emirates Version if u remember why (free apps for a limited time) and Let’s Golf! is not updated there yet…

  3. shooter

    To TrooperFX
    Com2us & Divide Arts games are excellent.
    Even though D.A. do not have a page of their own, all their games are for free and worth 5 stars.

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