Gameloft Modern Combat 3 and Let’s Golf 3 released for bada 2.0

Finally great news, Gameloft after a long time released the  famous Modern Combat 3 for bada 2.0 it’s the best, most realistic smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States, for one or more players and Let’ Golf 3 the third version of our most beloved golf game on any mobile.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation:

• An impressive 13-mission campaign with impressive cinematics and memorable moments.

• A great multiplayer with 12 players, 6 maps and 7 different modes.

• An addictive ranking system with more than 90 experience ranks. ( you will always keep checking your rank )

• High-tech modern day’s weaponry with modifications and attachments.

• Next-gen high quality visuals that will compete with the RAGE and UNREAL engines.

I think the best thing is the multiplayer !! ^^

But the game is not free !! :/


Download from Samsung Apps

Let’s Golf! 3:


The world’s most exciting golf game returns with more great new features for which you all have been waiting for! Everyone can join this fun and exciting golf adventure. Create your avatar from thousands of combinations of clothes availabe, hair, gear and more. Then challenge opponents from across the globe in golf tournaments in six of the most far-out locations in the world, from the Great Wall of China to Outer Space! And when you need a change of pace and want to practice your golf skills, play some challenging mini-games like Catch the Star, Target Range and Putting Master to improve specific skills and become a champion of the links.


36 thoughts on “Gameloft Modern Combat 3 and Let’s Golf 3 released for bada 2.0

  1. kktkaran

    u guys stop spoofing ,buy apps ,and support bada
    so that they make more n more gameloft and ea games
    I recently buy tom clancy splintercell ,gangster,zombie inflection ,spiderman ,shrek

    waiting for discount on morden combact ,lets golf

  2. bong

    i did buy apps to support the developers most especially gameloft but what happened?
    I cant update to bada 2 coz blades of fury, asphalt 5, shrek kart, hero of sparta, all of which i paid for are not on the list of gameloft games available for bada.
    Made me regret since on android i get updates for paid apps.
    On bada its just not guaranteed even for paid apps.

  3. sam

    fuck those devs who only want a creditcard payment because of money. i’ll don’t get one spoof his crap an i’m fine. and i do not pay double of the price with an much bader programmed app xompared t ios and google….

    same crap with all gameloft gaymes yes gaymes cause they are gay. plus they remove killer games like dungeon hunter…

    fuck those devs fuck gameloft fuck bada but still want a baby from samsung

  4. Sohan

    Hey Rohit. Thanx for game link..How to install dat game aftr downloading? M using wave 2 wid bada 2.0…

    1. Metalrar

      rohit grover i dont think so…. i can install like 10 apps and all functional on mi wave, to do that you need:

      1.- the 1 app method
      2.- save the original .XML dont erese it cuz you need it for play more apps at the same time
      3. put the wave on SD enter in the Memory Card => Others => __@@ bada_applications @@__ raplece the .XML (use the originals nowcopy and paste 1 by one)
      4.- choose the wave on kies mode now and enter on kies.exe make a backup to all the apps
      5.- restore your backup P.S (don´t delete any app, the backup just move your app)
      6.- now select the app you want to get ORIGINAL and restore
      7.- enjoy

      if backup dont work check this out:

      1.- never delete app before you make the backup (it work for me, people say i have delete and then restoe, but doesn´t work for me)
      2.- check on your wave by setting/general/installation location/ must be on phone (dont worry the app will be on your SD)

      if backup dont´t work yet maybe is the FW, the turko XXLD2 not work for me, so i use m90ultimate-S8500 v2.0 FW, i will post the tutorial in a few minutes whit images OK

    1. Metalrar

      Modern Combat 3 doesn´t work cuz have some graphics problem, like use to be on SIMS 3, Asphalt 6, NFS HP (it need raplece some files from other phone (like android i don´t know) if you remember before

    1. Metalrar

      mmm i have no idea i´m using m90ultimate is XXLC1, i will give a chance to FW turko XXLD2 and post a new tutorial, like part 2 of-working-method-of-app-spoofing-on-bada-2-0-more than 1 app. i have no idea for the title. XD need some HELP

  5. Edogawa CN

    The app freezes and then crashes when I try to run it..

    I live in Korea and I use Samsung wave2..
    I paid for it but it doesn’t work!!

    Haven’t gameloft tested their game?
    what a neo attitude:(

  6. metalrar

    ok the tutorial is almost done, stay tuned, i don’t post it that day, cuz i was on a travel, (fixing images and redaction)

  7. rafee

    hellow metalrar please if i restor the backup the application phone which is not within the restore will be remove or not????i mean that restor delete all app in phone and add only the restore file

  8. redabonna

    Modern Combat 3 doesn’t work with me too on my Wave 2 ,,i think coz this game needs to alot of RAM more than the availible defult on wave 2 …also it’s so bad from Gameloft Co. coz it had released this game without any test ..what a bad attitude ..!!

  9. sharath

    hi could you please tell me how to install modern combat 3 on my wave 2 running TurkoCFW Ultra Lite V6 firmware please

  10. sohan

    hey rohit. thanx a lot yar. for gangster.. biggest thanxxxx….

    have u link for h.a.w.x??? avatar??

    plz help us……

  11. BLUR

    erm … about that MC3 ….. actually how long u guys took to spoof it ….. because i tried before….. i spoof around 40min+ onli reach 15/3500 (copying that stage ) ….. is this consider normal?

    1. Anas

      if u are doing this with appspoof… just sign and rename the app then copy the folder manually in memorycard>others>@@badaapplication

      copy the foldername
      switch ur phone back to kies mode
      in app spoof installation tab paste the folder name and then spoof

      got it done in 5 mins

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