How to Install Android 4.0.4 ICS on Samsung wave I (S8500) and review

Update : Now it is possible to install android on Samsung wave 2 so if you own this device and not Samsung wave I (S8500) Go to this updated post

I have created a video for people facing problems in Installing Android on Wave I (s8500)

How to install ?

1. Download the ROM from the Link given below:


b) FOTA and bootfiles:

Only 2 bootloaders are supported.

Bada 1.2…

Bada 2

2. Flash the files with multiloader.(In Multiloader Just check LSI and Boot Change + Full Download are ticked and don’t tick anything else and just flash those files)

3. Copy the rom package content to root ( Main directory ) of bada user partition(411mb file system)

4. Boot to Android 4.0 ICS with the standard key combination (like on 2.2) []

5. ENJOY :)

Enjoy guys

let me know if you are stuck somewhere

If you want to know more about this version of android port for samsung wave I then see this


Deepak Kaku ‘DK’


181 thoughts on “How to Install Android 4.0.4 ICS on Samsung wave I (S8500) and review

    1. Greatpapa

      You can use any Bada 2 version or bada 1.2 version to install this ICS….only thing you have to do flash bootfiles and fota file with the help of multiloader 5.65

      1. asdasdasd

        hi, i do all with instruction, but when i click “port search” in multiloader 5.67 it doesn’t see my phone :/

    2. nishant

      hey pls help…
      1st i did not find multiloader….
      2nd da polish blood…(106mb) …is an imd extension….which….is after extention ….so we have to directly put the img extention or gota extrat it…??
      it is not getting mounted what do i do???

    1. KUMAR


  1. HappyRobot

    Nice work! Though is there any way to improve performance? Somehow I get the feeling ICS is running smoother in the video above than it is on my wave!?

    1. Greatpapa

      Actually this version is running smoothly in all waves…it is very clean version…already optimize…so you don’t need to improve performance…

  2. victor

    hello is super in the wave, I would like to further work in this vesion is the best I’ve seen and proven, it would be nice if the network worked, I would stay with the TV so forever if the network worked.

    1. Greatpapa

      Actually this android is not installing on your phone…it is running direct from ur internal memory….so have not to worry about to flash or remove it…this is very safe…..Just go for it and try some ICS…

    1. Greatpapa

      Well…wave 2 is second priority for devs…so you have to wait untill this become fully functional in wave 1…

    1. Greatpapa

      Yes…this is dual boot….
      Only call end key press will boot in bada….and call + call end key will boot in android….

  3. Greatpapa

    lo…Don’t beg…just wait like us…we were waiting from an year…now its your turn to wait untill dev will do it..

  4. matrix

    hey plz develop for wave 2 ………………………… my friends are teasing me usinf this bada os i want to get ride of this plz help me once if i ported to ics i will not hope for any upgrades it is enough “ANDROID”

    1. bada

      sure….. u better try dis android version on ur wave II device….. it wil deffenetly works good……. and v hav tryed dis on wave III ND ITS WORKING GOOD…………

      1. matrix

        But bro it is only for s8500 !!!!!!!! my device is s8530 can i use this on my device…….. but they said they are developing for wave 2 also wt does it mean ??????? help me bro

  5. hellgate

    Hey Bro, u guys are doing so GREAT….. Really its an excellent work.. hope soon we will be using ICS in our wave I, II & III. no bada anymore….looking forward to this project.
    wish u all the best from wavers…….

    bro i have BADA 2.0(its a custom ROM) in my 8500, i want try ur BEAUTY of ICS. is that all to follow the steps from ur video??

  6. David

    It doesn’t work in my wave I !
    I’ve done everything that is shown in the video but when I press call+end call the screen is completely black!
    What should I do ?

  7. Julienindahood

    I dont understand why it’s only for Wave I… Wave 3 is way better. I’m sure we’ll never have ICS on Wave 3. Too bad.

    1. TrooperFX

      wave 3 has other hardware.
      wave 1 and 2 has same.

      so to make ics for wave 2 is easy because they need to change the screendrivers only

      for wave 3 they need to make it from the beginning

  8. doubie

    im pretty noob, only flashed once or twice, so i need advice. Will flashing bootfiles without checking bootchange work, and if i do check bootchange is there more risk of bricking? Also if it is incompatible and my rom no longer has it’s proper boot files (because it was replaced with this one), wont it ruin my phone, or will it just loop (i’ve fixed a loop before so this should be good)?

    Any help is appreciated 😀

    P.S my parents would kill me if i ruin the phone 😛

  9. Cristian

    Great job guys! I hope to soon have a fully functional beta version :) The only problem is observed with the keyboard, are a little outdated keys and it is impossible to type the letter “a” for example.

  10. vaibhav shanbhag

    tried to copy the polish blood (4 files) in my phone memory but i am unable to copy “polishblood nightly1” file….plz waiting for your reply

  11. killerlaca


    I have a bada 2.0 costum rom LD2. Is it possible to use android 4 this version?I flashed the boot and fota but the phone is always rebooting…


  12. bringmetolife1089

    i’ve done everything that you’ve stated above. i press Call + Call end key…. the phone boots in bada. it dsnt work the way as you’ve shown in the video. please help. where m i going wrong??? HELP!!!!

  13. Zuhaib

    works smoothly for an alpha. the main issue for me is the keyboard… nevertheless, a gr8 job done… thanks

  14. SK

    You are doing a great job. Congrats. Bada’ll never be able to touch the height of Android. I’ve just watched the video. My device is 8530. so waiting.. and if the waiting period is too long i’ll change the phone. Easiest way to get rid of Bada. :-)

  15. GKG

    Should i install it on my waves8530 or should i wait for the one that comes far the particular device…? It would be great to get some replies..:)

  16. enry

    por favor aver si pueden calibrar la pantalla bien por que nos da muxos problemas gracias y mucho karma para vosotros!
    un saludo desde españa!

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  18. Hazem

    i have Bada 1.2, S8500xxJPKC1, and i followed the tutorial even tried flashing in “download mode” and still it won’t work for me! it boots bada every time, anyone plz help

  19. suso

    guyz..i have a big problem..since one month my call key is not working.even if i press it hardly…i have not yet gone to care to check it..can any one tell me how much it would cost….to make the functional?shashank plsss help…as i know you r the only person who can give me correct answer.nd help me to get rid of this..if my call key doesnt work then i will not be able to boot the plsss help

  20. suso

    this site is awsome…since wen i bought my wave 1 nd half yr back..i hv this phone..i know bada is not so good.but still i lv my ph..nd i hv not so money to afford another…this ph mean so much to me..nd now wen we can port ics..its an awsome news for all wave users…i will appreciate if u guys help me out..

  21. suso

    guyz..i have a big problem..since one month my call key is not working.even if i press it hardly…i have not yet gone to Customer care to check it..can any one tell me how much it would cost….to make the functional?shashank plsss help…as i know you r the only person who can give me correct answer.nd help me to get rid of this..if my call key doesnt work then i will not be able to boot the plsss help

    1. Ravi

      sry it’s workin…jus need to press both keys properly…i must say devs has worked really hard…jus need some more broken pieces to be fixed and wave wil be a gr8 fone…thnkzzz guys

  22. £x

    Gorgeous!! Take that all you non believers!! Androbada all the way…. Great job guys….. Cant wait for the final working release….. Awesome!!!!!

  23. medo


    i followed every step and when now i press call+call end key it just norrmally boots to BADA

  24. medo


    i followed every step and when now i press call+call end key it just norrmally boots to BADA

  25. vnnarendran

    I did as instructed. I am successful with android booting. but when i open bada, the memory card is not found. please help me.

  26. Siva

    Hai I sucessfully booted android in my phone

    but wifi is not working on my phone please help me

    anyone else had the same problem how to rectify it

    so i also dont know how to install apps

  27. Aniruddha

    ICS 4.0.4 is working great on Samsung Wave, but I m not able to get network signal. Please help….

  28. sandy

    hi guyz excellent work now i can see the real power of android with the same hardware. comparing fruit ninja in bada is a bit slow but in ics its like butter. however is there any way the internal storage can be increased bcoz even after moving apps to sd card still the apps use some internal storage hence decreasing it with each new app installed.

    thanks in advanc

  29. durga prasad

    Great work guys !!! Its so simple to instal and try this. I appreciate your the effort you people have put into this. Because of this OS i wanted to purchase another mobile, now will tick with my wave and enjoy this OS on my wave. Thanks a Ton.

  30. vikram

    Hi Dear,

    I am unable to access my vodafone network….Its not detecting on my cell …Is any one else also facing the same issue…

  31. prins

    wiil u do some further improvement in the ics for wave 1. it wud be good to flash it with the best fw(the one with gsm network). hope u’ll solve this problem. thnx a lot for ur effort.

  32. prins

    i wud also like to know that whether the flashing wud effect the bada’s performance anyway.
    n wt about the application installation in ics-is it limited only for the phone mem. cant we install apps in sd card. pls rply. ur truly

  33. TATA

    i have follow the instruction properly. after flash and copy all the 4 files into phone memory, i tried to boot to badadroid by press and holding call+call end key. but what i get is it still boot to bada instead of badadroid. anyone is facing the same problem?any idea about how to solve this issue? im using bada 2.0

  34. gajendra

    Hi Deepak,
    I tried to flash to andriod 4.., but my phone went to emergency firmware upgrade,
    can you please post the detailed video of how to install andriod 4.0 on samsung wave.
    (Actually i had all the boot files and multiloader, first my wave was disconnected from PC, then i ran multiloader, and i loaded the boot files and fota files, but when i clecked port search, the download button was disabled, but when i connected my phone to PC, download button was enabled, i clicked download, then my phone went to download mode and in multiloader it was showing some error,So can you post the full tutorial videos of switchi
    ng wave to andriod 4.0

  35. exigez

    I understand this installation will enable me to have both bada and android on my device, and i would be able to start the phone in any mode, right?

    just for playing safe, since i have never done this before: how can i create an image of the phone, so i would be able to recover it to the initial state if something goes wrong?

  36. gaurav ndj

    IAM FROM INDIA I FLASHED BOOTFILES….BUT WER IS FOTA. AND WHERE IS( Copy the rom package content to root ( Main directory ) of bada user partition(411mb file system)) AND HOW CAN I REACH THR PLEZ NEED HELP

  37. Bhavya

    Done all the things but nothing happend :(
    Boot only on BADA 1.2
    What to do now???
    Please help Bada Sucks…..

  38. korn

    my current version is 2.0 it wont work!!.. i tried so many times but bada keep on loading.. can anyone tell me whats the problem??

  39. mike

    when you install Android on wave can you install apps like whatsapp ? does it all work on the Android app store ? thank you

  40. cingo

    please let me know that if i try this boot sys with a 8530 Wave 2
    what of the following is expected to work without issues?
    Calling/Radio GSM
    voice recorder
    camera/video recording
    Any installed android app / games

  41. neeraj

    multiloader doesn’t work.when i click on search port.after selecting bootfiles,it tries to search for few seconds than nothing happens.what shoould i do?

  42. Leon

    i followed the steps on youtube but it still wont work i used multiloader and followed the steps then i had to turn off my phone and turn it on back to get into auto play and then i copied the files turned it off and on holdin down the two buttons but still nothing happens help!!!

  43. Israjel

    hey dk i cant port with bada 1.2 i did exactly the same steps with bada 2.0 it works fine but
    bada 2.0 has a littlebit of lag on my wave so i flashed 1.2 and i saw there is a way to port it with bada 1.2 i downloaded the correct fota kernel and the working bootfiles but i think that bootfiles aren’t compatible with android because if i want to boot my phone im pressing call + end key my phone boots insanely bada and no android why is this and which bootfiles are compatible?

    Regards ArM-NL

  44. joey

    did all of the above. still boots on bada. above says call + call end will boot on android. it doesn’t do that. i tried pressing them simultaneously. tried press call then call end. still won’t work.. :-(

  45. Bruno

    First of all, this is very easy and it works like a charm. But the Android Boot, has very little functions and it lacks 1 important thing (at least from what i see): It doesnt detect service (network) neither in 3G or 2G… Also, sometimes its very slow, the keyboard touch is way off (i click on “S” it goes for the “A”, for example) and it hangs sometimes opening some menu itens.

  46. Mido

    I was intended to type a good comment thanking you but wtf .. fuck this shiiittt .. I loost most of my data on my memory card fuck you fuckin deeveloper you never mentioned such thing bastards

  47. Prashant

    Dear Sir,

    Ticked LSI, Boot Change and Full Download.

    Also loaded the Boot Files and FOTA files provided in the link But the Port Search and Download buttons do not appear on multiloader, kindly let know what step is missing.


  48. Hannah

    Hi, ive got so many problems woth my samsung wave s8500 on bada 1.0 the appstore has stopped working it says update but doesnt update? And whenever i try downloading something from the internet it says unsupported content. Ive tried to update it but it just wont happen! Youtube is also not working and no videos will play. HELP PLEASE!!!

  49. Hannah

    Hi, i have so many problems with my samsung wave s8500 on bada 1.0. My appstore has stopped working everytime i click on it it says update but never updates and just stays on a page saying waiting. Youtube is not working and i cant watch any videos plus whenever i try to download something from the internet it says unsupported content! Im really confused please help!

  50. Peter

    Hey, I’ve followed those steps, and after downlooding BOOT and FOTA to my Wave it was put into “UPLOAD data to pc” and now I can’t do anything including file transfer…please help

  51. benjamin

    please how long does this take because is more than an hour that it showed downloading on my phone .i want t o know if is normal plsss help.

  52. benjamin

    please i have a problem my phone did not finishing downloading and it shows that yellow sign and says firmware upgrade encounted an issue. please select recovery mode in kies & try again..have than it but still no solution please help.

  53. pranjulr this version of android is safe on GT S5380K or waye y young having os bada 2.0…is there any catch in this process or after this process..i also wanna knw dat faults lyk network n sd card not supporting is yet solved or nt..plzz man bada sucks


    I consider this post , “How to Install Android 4.
    0.4 ICS on Samsung wave I (S8500) and review ? Badahub.

    com”, exceptionally enjoyable and also it ended up being a very good
    read. Many thanks,Raleigh

  55. dsh

    as per vdo i done all ok but when boot with 2 keys call+endcall it boots bada pl help,tried flashing more than 3 times successfuly but only starts with bada what to do?

  56. Arif

    where i can download free polishblood file i have already the boot file and fota file but i don,t have polishblodd file whear i can download ????????

  57. WazZ

    i can install android apps on samsung wave Y GT S5380D????
    am afraid to flash my mobile, because it still new not even 2 weeks…
    please i really want android games and application to run on my samsung,.,., the OS is BADA 2.0

  58. Mallory

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  61. BC

    HELP I’m just about to upload the ROM files but now my computer can’t find my phone in the USB port, any ideas?

  62. lolomoslem

    i flashed my wave 1 2.0bada and when i? turn it on with key comb a mesage appear : FOTA OUTPUT ENABLED

    –BL33 Dload Mode & bTerm — and freeze just with that message plz help

  63. Laura

    so it all goes well till I have to download in Multiuploader ….it says ‘Warning Security Fail’ and won’t let me finish the process :/ what can I do …please help

  64. Pingback: Anonymous

  65. Prem Nath

    i want install the android in Samsung wave gt-s8500 is every thing will work on my device. have you any one did this please give me feed back.
    Is internet is working on 2g & 3g ?
    Can we install the apps from lay store?
    Can we receive the calls?
    Wifi is working on this device?

    please metion if any issues. i am waiting to install android …..!

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