Latest Firmware Update Wave I – S8500XXLD2_S8500OXXLE1

Latest Update for samsung wave 1

GT-S8500 – France



Version: 2.0

Date: 2012-06-01

Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom


19 thoughts on “Latest Firmware Update Wave I – S8500XXLD2_S8500OXXLE1

  1. manuj

    Hi I need help in installing text to speech language in original firmware from kies for Gt8500 wave 1. in original firmware text to speech language is missing and when i click to download its shows no language available in samsungapps. when contacted samsung apps team they fooled to get in touch with service centre.. Can some here help me?

    1. Jameel

      When you need any help for Wave and Bada, send me an E-mail on this Adress: [email protected]

  2. Omar Mohamed

    Seriously, Are Middle East and North Africa Going be upgraded or not?

    Because we still don`t have Bada 2 here, and Europe is having their second update.

  3. nabeel737

    no Bada 2.0 in Pakistan ,stuck at 1.2os of s8500 . will they ever release it here . previous year got 1.2 in Pakistan one month after India got 1.2 from 1.0. but now stil waiting . don’t want to flash too scared.

  4. nabeel737

    bored of this crapy os.

    might move to lg optimus 4x. great !!!!! LG phone now coming . hate amoled screens. ips of LG n iphone way way better.

  5. pawan B.

    i m having error in installing 2.0
    in multiloader after click on download it shoe “DBL erase”
    please help

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