New materials available at Bada Developers site!

After a while, the site Bada Developers has published new articles on Sample Codes and Dev Tips. There were three articles. The first article of the section concerning test app, BadaFaceBook, created to help developers find their way through practical application and learn the social networking protocol.

Also, the article contains all common necessary downloadable materials for developers to start their work. 

The second article speaks of a sample of a mathematical game, which uses XML parser and ArrayList to perform certain functions.

The last article illustrates a simple application, FaceFun the FaceDetector and BufferInfo . Through FaceDetector you can identify the faces in an image and then perform certain actions.

The Dev Tips was published a few days ago an interesting article on the Sensors in bada. The article dealt with in detail all the various sensors, accompanied by very useful material for developers.

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