Polish Blood by mikegapinski – Android 4.0 Nightly1(S8500 Android 4.0 Alpha Release Download)

Mike Gapinski has released an Alpha Build of Android ICS 4.0.4.

Thats a great news for all S8500(wave I) users because they can now run ICS on their device smoothly by downloading the Rom from below but still the modem issue isn’t solved yet but it will be solved in near future.

The Development is still going on this project and there will be soon a release of Android 4.0 ICS for Wave II(S8530) users also.The Download links will be provided as soon as Mike releases it for Wave II.

The Credit of the Project Goes to : Mike Gapinski,Rebellos, Nlbates.

Time for first public build is now ! What works on it:

ConnectionGSM 2Gx
Calling :) (call/recive)x
SMS (send/recive)x
MMS (send/recive)x
APN Autoconfigx
Native USB Data storagex
Bluetooth (send/recive)x
Tether Wifix
Tether Bluetoothx
Tether USBx
VideoBrightness levelx
DivX/XviD Codecsx
H.264 Codecsx
Youtube HQx
Rear camerax
Front camerax
Video recordingx
GPU Accelx
Cable Headsets Call managex
Cable Headsetsx
Bluetooth Headsetsx
Bluetooth Headsets Call managex
Volume levelx
Loupspeed callingx
Video recording (audio)x
OTHERHDMI (if it is)x
FM Radiox
Led flesh lightx
GPS fast fixx
Touch sensx
Touch screen calibrationx
Proximity Sensorx
microSD/miniSD/SD supportx
Manual selection of network operatorx
Batteryhow many hoursxnot tested
Deep Sleepx
Drain? (with what)xnot tested
EXTRAS2-way Call recordingx
Music control (gestures)x
Localization (polish)x
Vendor addons Audio xLoudx
Vendor addons Video Braviax
Panorama photox

How to install ?

1. Download the ROM from the Link given below:


b) FOTA and bootfiles:

Only 2 bootloaders are supported.

Bada 1.2


Bada 2



2. Flash the files with multiloader.(In Multiloader Just check LSI and Boot Change + Full Download are ticked and don’t tick anything else and just flash those files)

3. Copy the rom package content to root ( Main directory ) of bada user partition(411mb file system)

4. Boot to Android 4.0 ICS with the standard key combination (like on 2.2) []

5. ENJOY :)


Video Proof of Running ICS from Deepak Kaku ‘DK’


All of that couldn’t happen without great work of guys from Badadroid. If you think thay deserve a donation check their thread.

Thanks Deepak Kaku ‘DK’ for reporting this to us.

Source : http://polishblood.pl/?page_id=13

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  • SadWaver

    how can we all follow unless you have it for s8530 wave II as well its like you only care for wave I

  • Roy

    I have install it in my Wave, works smoothly. I can play angry bird space without problems. Just need RAM optimization apps to run the game smoothly.

    Internal space are very limited, install app2sd apps to install your apps in larger space.

    Tested apps:

    Drag racing
    Angry Bird Space
    overclocking apps
    MX Player

    Problems with this build:
    screen callibration (problems with keyboard and certain games)
    microphone (using skype can voice call and video call but because of microphone not working, the recipient cannot hear you.)

  • ashish

    this is the first time i am going to dual boot with android. where can i find complete instructions on installing 4.0. i have s8500 with xxkf2 bada 1.2 thanx…

    • anurag

      Me too.. Can some one pls answer the question.

  • http://jimmy jimmy

    nice work guys \_/ keep it up… please make the modem in working condition…without modem this project will be of no use…. so please focus on the modem..
    All d best
    thanks in advance..

    All d best

  • piyush

    If we cant make normal voice call or send/recieve sms then whats the use of it????

  • OZAL

    how to boot android on wave1?i want video plz…any one???

    • Roy

      press & hold call button & end call button for 5 second. Few second after that badadroid logo will appear.

      Make sure that the file below are in the phone before boot into android.


  • hi

    hi . thanks alot \
    pls correct modem and usb otg and ram management problem on this project for s8500 wave to make android fully functional with its all features working on s8500 with dual boot feature for bada 2 original firmware
    thanks a lot to Mike Gapinski,Rebellos, Nlbates. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jav

    Is there any similar updates for S8600 (Wave III) ? can Android ICS 4.0.4. will work on S8600 ?

  • jose

    we need full functional android..but al the same we thank you guys for ur effort…kenya is waiting…

  • deeps_17

    i had posted this before. Shashank!

    you posted in your name
    not fair

    • deeps_17

      okay didnt see the credits!
      tHANKS ;)

  • Dk

    i have made one more video if you guys want to see it

  • mushi

    hi all
    i could manage to boot into android….
    i done everything rite.
    flash the boot files n then fota files.
    after that copied everything into internal drive of phone…
    after that what should i do…?????

  • mushi

    am i missin something…?????
    any file or step..?? and im using turko 5 version bada 2.0
    thnx in advnc

    • Roy

      What is the problem you are facing? I use the same firmware as you and i able to dual boot with android.

    • metalrar

      is easy mushi use FOTA and bootfiles Flash the files with multiloader as tutorial says, Copy the rom package on Phone Memory, not in SD memory, turn off wave, press & hold call button & end call button like 5 or 7 sec, and w8it, is gonna take a while every time when badadroid logo appears, and enjoy,

      PS: i’m using turko v5, if you flash only FOTA, the phone will restart every time at bada logo, you need to flash FOTA + BOOT file, to make your bada run over again

      • kevin

        which fota file did you use? the 1st link or the 2nd?

  • mushi

    never mind…..i did it. :)

  • ice

    how can I flash bootfile without ticking the bootchange option??

    Please describe more clearly, how to installed


    • Dk

      Tutorial coming up in few minutes
      link wil be provided here

  • mushi

    you cant :)
    i did full instal.
    but with only bootfiles n fota….

  • turtle

    thanks Mike.
    S8530 soon please…….. want to give my phone android power

  • mushi

    hi devolper…
    i know this version is very smooth n awsoom….but is there a way to install it on sd card…???
    if yes then how..????

    because although android version is fast n smooth but with internal memory almost full the bada version does not run very smooth anymore….

    • Dk

      Devs are writing the modem drivers fr sd card support and netwrk
      this is just alpha version

      • mushi

        wish u guys good luck.

  • ice

    Why the keyboard is not very stable, every letter in the left side is very hard to put. Did anyone have this problem?

    • Dk

      yup everyone has that problem

      the screen calibration is not set yet
      its still alpha

      • Dk

        try rotating your phone other wise, like the hardware button (menu, end call and call keys) shud be on your left side

        then there is no problem in typing

  • metalrar

    this is more like an alpha version, but is more than i expected, please, do not worry about any kind of bug on this rom, Dev’s will fix on next updates, we just need to wait a proper beta, so… stay tuned from several updates from now

    tell me if i’m not wrong, but this kick ass rom is way better than android 2.2 gb xD

    • Dk

      it is indeed better and faster than 2.2
      waiting for a beta release nw

  • gibrilm

    HOW UNINSTALL Android 4.0

    • http://www.youtube.com/FPSUsername TrooperFX

      delete the rom files and hard reset (so you have clean bada)

  • Elmoghazy

    How Can I install downloaded apps like (angry birds.apk) on the phone

    • Dk

      use wifi and download apps from play store

      • http://www.youtube.com/FPSUsername TrooperFX

        for hacked apk files you download from pc, set from android to mass storrage and put files there. download from google play filemanager and look at that app where you have copied your apk files

  • Dk

    How to install Android on Samsung wave I tutorial by Dk


    Enjoy Wavers

    • metalrar

      DK can you please post a video of Developer Options on settings like i.e:

      USB debugging
      stay awake
      allow mock location
      HDCP checking
      desktop backup password
      strict mode enabled
      pointer location
      show touches
      show screen updates
      show CPU usage
      Force GPU rendering
      window animation scale
      Don’t keep activities
      Background process limit
      Show all ANRs

      like pros and cons of having them enabled or disabled,
      if you can’t make it, can someone else explain it please??

    • https://www.facebook.com/ATMOSF3AR ATMOSF3AR


      i followed every step and when now i press call+call end key it just norrmally boots to BADA

  • piercelkc

    any version of firmware supported???

    • metalrar

      yes all version are supported, remember FOTA+boot files like DK’s Video

      no needed for me, xD but thanks anyway DK

      those who like install apps from SD (not google Play store) install first a file manager.apk from playstore, now you can install apps directly from your SD card, using the file manager

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  • gege

    I’m waiting for Wave 2 version to join testing your ROM, Mike.

  • bong

    “led flesh light”
    this made me laugh coz its a sex toy!
    google what a flesh light is you’ll laugh too!

  • http://www.youtube.com/FPSUsername TrooperFX

    how to give root permission??
    the rom is already rooted, so we can overclock it to make android crash less at games that need more memory!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ATMOSF3AR ATMOSF3AR

    i followed every step and when now i press call+call end key it just norrmally boots to BADA

  • mushi

    try pressing vol
    up+menu+call end
    same thing happnd with me aswel…now my android some times boot on those keys and some time on call+call end keys.

  • Bala

    I cant see anything like My files in this ICS…?? so not able to access my memory card…
    It’s yet to be added or i am the only one with this problem..?

    • mushi

      bala you can access your memory just connect your phone to computer and then on your phone selenct mass storage on after that you will see on computer the drive of android now copy anything you want in it including apps….later you can acces them with any file manager inside android. os.
      but you cant access your bada drives in android.
      android has 578 mb of sd card memory to use……you cant acces your origional sd card in android.
      now since its an alpha version so maybe develpor do some thing about it….. :)

      • Bala

        Tkx man..

  • Cristian

    Great job guys! I hope to soon have a fully functional beta version The only problem is observed with the keyboard, are a little outdated keys and it is impossible to type the letter “a” for example.

    • mushi

      well yup thats a problem but its not the keyboard problem its just that left side of the phone is faulty on touch so to typing just use auto rotate and rotate your phone horizantly to type anything……this works for me :)

  • Ginzon

    Whats the point of this when we can’t call?

    • mushi

      you can enjoy android apps …and for call you have bada :)

  • Enco

    waiting for the release for wave 2..
    to devs,,
    Pls dont hesitate to finish the project,, many of us were rili waiting for this port to be a success, I think all users of wave 1&2 would love to have android on their handset since bada is dying day by day.
    Thank you for this awesome porting!

  • Jeetu

    well, I am thinking to try this method on my wave 2…can anyone tell me does it work or not?? and doing this wont do any damage to bada??

    • http://www.badadownload.com Shashank

      Don’t try this method on wave 2 it may brick your phone.

      • rohit

        hav tried it on wave 2??
        n does it work properly??

  • Jeetu

    well thanx…then i think I have to wait till the devs release ICS for wave 2…

  • Saurav

    woah..!! :@nw dk is d 1 whoz maintaining this thread… guyz i informed u about thisssss…..:’(

  • Teoh Tze Chian

    I cant download form this website =(

    • Lance

      same for me too=(

  • derpiederp

    How do you get into the task manager?
    it is much smoother than expected, so compliments!
    the keyboard issue is quite annoying, how can this be fixed?

  • Bambi^

    Led FLESH light?
    i dont think that ill do it to my phone, lol

    but, keep on the good work!

  • suso

    guyz..i have a big problem..since one month my call key is not working.even if i press it hardly…i have not yet gone to Customer care to check it..can any one tell me how much it would cost….to make the functional?shashank plsss help…as i know you r the only person who can give me correct answer.nd help me to get rid of this..if my call key doesnt work then i will not be able to boot the rom..so plsss help

  • Jeetu

    hey did android froyo worked nice with wave 2?? and can someone please provide download link and method to port froyo on Wave 2??

  • https://www.facebook.com/ATMOSF3AR ATMOSF3AR

    THANK YOU !!!

  • medo


    i followed every step and when now i press call+call end key it just norrmally boots to BADA

  • meir

    wave 2 worinck to this soory iam not tallking english perfect

  • Davenick

    WORKS….JUST AWESOME!!! Jus Get the remaining stuff working…and I am willing to ditch my new One V for the bada Droid!!! AWESOME WORK GUYS…KEEP IT GOIN!!!

  • Danish

    My SD card is working !!

  • sandy

    hi guyz excellent work now i can see the real power of android with the same hardware. comparing fruit ninja in bada is a bit slow but in ics its like butter. however is there any way the internal storage can be increased bcoz even after moving apps to sd card still the apps use some internal storage hence decreasing it with each new app installed.

    thanks in advance

  • TATA

    When will be the next version to be release?Does the person who doing this have a blog or something else to update us about the process?Can’t wait to see what will be done in the next version, good Job!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Atmosfear/216459665038945?sk=wall ATMOSF3AR

      Most probably after 24th of July ;)

      • SilversouL1987

        Any news?

  • TATA

    i have follow the instruction properly. after flash and copy all the 4 files into phone memory, i tried to boot to badadroid by press and holding call+call end key. but what i get is it still boot to bada instead of badadroid. anyone is facing the same problem?any idea about how to solve this issue? im using bada 2.0

  • nikola

    hi guys.i have wave s8500 and i install polish blood.but sim card not work.how to fix this problem?tnx

  • twoYien

    my country doesn’t support downloading from Deposit Files…
    it’s been block…
    can you upload an alternative LInk for me…
    i’ve been following you to complete your project for so long already…
    and now i still can’t try it myself…

  • Shubham Gupta

    THanks developers for providing ICS 4.0 on wase-s8500.
    But the only concern that I have is that as one cannot make/recieve calls or msgs.Changing the OS just for the sake of playing Angry Birds and some other games which surely are fun is still a lot to ask for..

  • badsha

    i cant able to download polish blood files how can i get this

  • http://www.hot.ee Trek

    Hey! i want intsall my mobile s8500 android 4.0, but problem cannot load armlinux_boot.fota, because i need s8500xxkl6 armlinux boot. where is s8500XXKL6 armulix boot`?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzQaicf6VFg lol


  • karthik

    i dont have 300 mb on ma phone memory wat to do guys ….??? pls help me out



  • shoaib

    plz hlp me i w trying to install android os on my wave 525 when i w installing the boot files n fota after tht my phone gives no response no boot also……..plz hlp

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