Spoof unlimited on Bada 2.0(New Method )

Flash the following files according to your Phone model

* Just full flash apps_Compressed.bin (list from below)

*Just Tick LSI, Boot Change and Full Download

*Then Click Port Search.

* Then Download

Multiloader 5.67:      Download link

Wave I




Wave I Turko V5 




Wave II




Wave III: Caution Not tested! 




723 Wave Firmware EXXLB3 




NOTE : This method may not work for all firmwares So i recommend that 

 if you got error when you spoof: “0101,0102,0103,0104,0105,0106,0107,0108,0109,0110?

* For wave I : Just flash your wave to turko v5 by hero533 and then do the first step of flashing the apps_Compressed.bin. 

* For wave II : Just flash this new custom Firmware based on DDLC2 (Download link given below) and i added some modification from turko v5 to it.This firmware solve the error problem and you can run many spoofed apps (no need to do step one with this firmware )Download link                          

Download my software:

Updated !


After that, Follow the following instructions :

1/Plug your phone in Mass Storage mode

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

2/Extract the application you want to install

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

3/Select the executable of the application

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

4/Check box and click on “Signer”

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

5/Click on “Renommer”

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

6/Go to the “Copie” tab, select the letter of the memory card and click on “Copier”

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

7/At the end, a message appears, unplug your phone, go to
Parameters-> General-> Install location and select Memory Card, then plug the phone in Samsung Kies mode

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

8/Go to the “Installation” tab, select “Carte Mémoire” and click on “Installer”

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

9/At the end, a message appears, you can enjoy your application !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I’m working right now on the English version.
Thank you

But thanks to hero355 from Badaturkiye and all the credits of this post goes to him, he created a way to run all spoofed apps at the same time without backup just with normal method and that’s what my post talks about and also the solution for the error you get when you try to spoof .
Sorry for English, I’m French.

290 thoughts on “Spoof unlimited on Bada 2.0(New Method )

  1. Sivakumar

    Hey… I am getting this information when i click the link given above

    Malicious Web Site Blocked

    You attempted to access:

    This is a known malicious web site. It is recommended that you do NOT visit this site. The detailed report explains the security risks on this site.

    For your protection, this web site has been blocked. Visit Symantec to learn more about phishing and internet security.

    Exit this site

  2. GS

    Brother,, when we want to flash apps_compressed file only…. then our mobile phone should be on download mode on kies mode….
    i have attached my phone in kies mode… and multiloader 5.65 has searched the port.. should i continue?? or should flash in download mode??….. please help…

      1. Hossainpower

        I download your iplayer plus v1.0.2 and spoofed it.
        successfully done. but after the programme runs a massage appears (Please Update Your Apps).

        do you have iPlayer Plus v1.0.4 ?

    1. [email protected]

      but why ????

  3. [email protected]

    guys tried after flashing but getting error ?????
    pls help

  4. Dk

    is it a trick to publicise hero355’s custom firmware!
    coz i have official DDLC2 firmware
    and i dun wanna screw up my data

    i am not interested in any custom firmware currently

    so by flashing this apps_compressed will it affect my stock rom?
    or any of my apps

  5. [email protected]


  6. sbouibas

    hey if you got a problem in spoofing or you got an error se my post !! :)

  7. sbouibas

    seehey if you got a problem in spoofing or you got an error go and see my post !!

  8. Dk

    yaa, wait for android, better. this thing is a waste

    i get error codes

    and im in no mood to flash a custom firmware now

  9. matheo1010 Post author

    The best solution is to flash Turko V5 + modified apps_compressed.bin for Turko V5
    No errors for me with this firmware!

  10. naufal

    @matheo1010:: Tried this method.. But the problem is it creates a new folder in the memory card rather than copying it into the existing application folder..
    Any solution for this???

    1. naufal

      i am already having some apps installed on my phone..So that means i already have a folder in my Sd card as others>@@bada_applications@@ , in which apps are stored..
      But When i use this method to spoof, it creates altogether a new folder in my SD card rather than intsalling in the existing others>@@bada_applications@@.. Because of which apps r not installing in the phone

      Any solution for this

  11. leonidasss

    hey all i solved error problem :))

    when you click on “Signer” there will apear “SIGNITURE(2)” You must delete “signiture” and rename “signiture(2)” to “signiture” and everything ok :)))))))) No erros

    and then you can continue

    Sorry for english

  12. sameer

    @matheo1010: is this a stable method
    i mean no damage to the phone like again and again restarting of phone

  13. matheo1010 Post author

    Do not forget to check the box “Remplacer directement Signature.xml” otherwise you will go into the application folder, delete the file “signature.xml” and rename the file “signature(2).xml” to “signature.xml”

  14. jasko

    Please someone to make tutorial for this method. I am still on bada 1.2, but I will upgrade to turko v5. It seems to best custom rom for wave 1.

  15. dinesh lama

    ok, i downloaded the spoofer with DAP…. now i will try with this method… will came back after with the result.

  16. WAWE user

    Hope this helps:
    I dodn’t need to rename any “Signature.xml” files, because there just didn’t appear another “(2)” one.
    The problem I faced was that the spoofing program created new folder, that way installing failed. But I figured when at step 6 I chose my memory card, the address looked something like this: “G:\ -Memory Card”. So eventually program created that “memory card” folder for me.
    So the solution I found that helped is: Choose the memory card, but then erase all symbols and leave only “G:\” (G is in my example, letters can differ)

  17. Stefan

    can you solve eror 0112,i tried both ways,to replace signature by myself,and just to let spoofer do it,but just shows the error ? Why?? i tried with PES 2011 wich worked in earlier method of spoofing

    1. metalrar

      i like the program is All in One congratulation to creator, plus really like the apps store inside, only upload link and the program shares right?

  18. kktkaran

    advanture of tintin updated today
    is it works on wave2?
    as it is directly avail from samsung apps
    anyone plz reply

  19. dinesh lama

    image is not visible above….. it says.. “Unregistered Domain: go to Imageshack to register”,, how sud i do this? or i think it sud be done by site owner..

  20. dinesh lama

    now i tried this method…… all went fine… and last message i got was “Spoof Completed” but i didnt get any apps….. there is no apps in my mobile. no any icon of apps that i have spoofed. wat cud be wrong? i have also restarted the phone but it doesnt show any icon in menu. :(

  21. matheo1010 Post author

    Download link updated in post :
    -Fixed bugs
    -Updating from the software
    Everything works fine for me.

  22. overdosew

    Without flashing can work this method? I have guarantee for my wave III and I will not to lose that. Sorry for my english, if it’s bad :-)

  23. dieform

    i have a wave 2 and i’ve installed the custom Firmware based on DDLC2, and it works perfectly 😀 thanks a lot!

  24. vishal

    this methods works fine without the custom ddlc2 firmware. I have the official ddlc2 and flashed the appss file from above and have done around 5 spoofed apps successfully.
    Does any one know of good indian GPS for bada 2.0 as sygicc mobile maps hang on the into screen?

  25. zerocold

    i have a wave 2 and i’ve installed the custom Firmware based on DDLC2, and it works perfectly thanks a lot ^^

  26. [email protected]

    after flashing this sim doesnt work !!!!! dont use this mehtod

    1. [email protected]

      no dear

  27. matheo1010 Post author

    A new version is available, you just run the update
    -Some bugs have been fixed
    -Research update at launch
    I try to improve my software up, thank you all

  28. ron

    still have error……………
    not even single method worked for me………
    do i need to install custom frimware to spoof apps…?

  29. ferrarifj

    can you upload wave1 files in mediafire please???
    my internet is too slow and i cant download this file because its not direct link!

  30. vishal

    after spoofing 3-4 apps( successfull and working) using this method no icons are appearing in the menu…any tips??

    1. dinesh lama

      it worked on my wave 2, i have succesfully installed 6 apps….. but now there is problem…. after some apps, it doesnt spoof other apps. i mean there it says installed but there is no icon in menu… wat cud b wrong?

      1. huzaifa

        for me not even one got spoofed successfully, its says spoof complete but the icon does not appear in the menu :(

      2. vishal

        it worked again…just shutdown and open your laptop/pc and it will work fine…probably kies is open in the task bar

  31. david

    am using wave 2 {S8530JPLC1_S8530OJPLC1_EGY} its an amazing firmware .. id ont want to change it … do i have any other choices … for flashing app compresed …
    cause now i can onlyy change 1 application …
    can any one plz make spoofed file for compresed bin file … as they did for truko ???

  32. king

    i´ve got the problem that when i want to backup my data and apps, the wave will restart itself. i first flashed turko fw and then the apps_compressed.now i can´t backup my apps :/

  33. sameer

    i’ve flashed with above given fw and followed every step correctly it also showed spoof complete
    but the app didnt installed
    actually i dont know anything abt certificate installation
    can u plz help meee

      1. Dark_star

        TrooperFX: Even i have installed the bada certificate and flash my phone with turko V5, with apps_compressed.bin, i have the same error.
        Thanks anyvay TrooperFX, you’re very cool to help a noob like me.

  34. Floryn

    Can somebody to help me?My email adress is [email protected]

  35. Mirko

    Why do you post souch so articles? Spoofing is illegal and it is against all rights and it’s as hard thing as stealing other things.
    Guys who develop so softwares must pay for what they do!

    1. Taxidriver05

      Users are claiming about bad support for bada concerning app developement.
      But why?
      If Dev’s know that their apps could be easily spoofed, they will not develop apps for bada. Here I mean also new, unknown apps but the “mainstream apps” like “Skype” and “WhatsApp”.
      You should think about the consequences of spoofing. Not only the juristic ones, but also the consequences für bada developement.

      1. Floryn

        But owners of IOS can install free apps with JailBreak,Android owners can downlaod and install from a lot of sites,and we can find a lot of aplications in these mobile OS

  36. palecvstepler

    Thanks for your method. It works and it`s the easiest way to install something on bada 2.0. The only problem is copeing speed. Why does it so slow?

  37. FabianMTJ

    for those having problem with simcard after flashing, try with the other compressed apps, cuz i had the same problem until i realize the 2 first that say wave I are different!! i already got 28 games installed!!

    If anyone have the Ulthar cats unmodified i will appreciate it a lot!!

  38. dinesh lama

    it worked on my wave 2, i have succesfully installed 6 apps….. but now there is problem…. after some apps, it doesnt spoof other apps. i mean there it says installed but there is no icon in menu… wat cud b wrong?

    1. vishal

      restart your laptop/pc and it will work fine.. this worked for me.
      kies should not be open at all. Check your task manager

  39. f3Ar

    Update: the software has been updated.
    Please make sure that you are running v1.0.0.3 to prevent any possible errors that you may be facing. There should be an update button on your software. Please remember to update whenever it lights up.

    Also, a minor note. For the apps to successfully be spoofed, you must first install the badacertificate.cer onto our phone and restart your phone. This file can be found in the latest update or through some of the previous posts on spoofing.

    For people facing low transfer rate, it is a problem that is affecting many. If you are trying to spoof your first app, please try something small like adrenaline pool online 2. This will reduce the time taken to find out if it works or not.

    1. Dark_star

      You’ve have to flash your phone with turko V5, i had the same problem when my phone is flashed with Nexus with the apps_compressed_spoof.bin.

  40. Roy

    I’m facing the low transfer rate problem too, but i counter the problem by manually transfer the game files to memory card via explorer.

    It is faster than using the spoofer and the game works normally.

  41. KLEVER

    HEY MAN NOT WORKING FOR TURKO V5…IN WAVE 2……………showin error 1108 or 1112……..kindly HELP…..Cravin’ for those apps

  42. Wildfire

    hé matheo merci pour ton tuto
    Apres avoir flashé le “apps_Compressed_spoof_Wave_I_hero355.bin “. Le portable ne reconnait pas la carte SIM comme tout le monde. Sais-tu comment y remédier ?

  43. speedy89

    I had a problem with SIM CARD when flashed apps_Compressed_spoof_Wave_I_hero355.bin.html for Wave I..
    the solution is simple, just flash apps_compressed_spoof_turkoV5_hero355.bin.html and problem is solved!


  44. manuj

    Hi guys its good method please tell me why copying files take too many minutes and when I tried Modern combat 3 it took 1 hr and not copied enough files i have to stop. when tried backup and other spooling method it installed but never played it got blank screen with loading circle then stops and brings menu screen.. Kindly help to install modern combt also help to find fast way of spooling. Thanks

  45. speedy89

    I cant install any app with this method, I have flashed apps compressed wave I, folowing every step and when I click ”Install” it says that app is spoofed but it doesnt appear in the menu. Help?

  46. manuj

    Guys the update which is glowing in bada wave spool is Bada%20Wave%20Spoof-FR-EN-V1.0.0.4 when download and extract and browse for exe file it prompted bada wave spool stoped working.. I dnt know why the developer provided updated when it has bugs..

  47. cirios83

    I am with Turko CFW V5 XXLD2 but when i flash apps_Compressed.bin my phone doesnt boot. I stays at screen with Sim Card picture.
    Any solution for this.Or can i use another apps_Compressed.bin that will work for this spoofing …

  48. daniko

    please get solution of this:in wave 2 sim not reconized wen flash apps_Compressed_spoof_Wave_I_hero355.bin.html for Wave II.without this can instal just one apps a time!!!

  49. TrooperFX



    I have this problem, my sd was also crashed, so now i need to find out how to fix it

  50. naufal

    @TrooperFX: What is the problem with recognizing the phone??
    R u telling that kies is not recognizing the phone or the pc itself is not recognizing the phone.???

    1. TrooperFX

      My laptop doesn’t recognize my fone anymore :(((
      while my phone says its connected to my laptop.

      have tried hard reset, kies reinstall, doesn’t work.

      also the drivers i have tried to reinstall, it doesnt work!!!

      How to fix it!!

      I had spoofed 5 apps, and my sd card was also crashed, so i reset the sd card, works again, also can connect to pc, but not if i connect it with the sd card in my phone!!

      1. naufal

        @trooperFX: i faced the same problem.. its not the problem with the spoofer.. its the problem with the registry entries…
        repair ur registry entries with any of the registry cleaner tools..
        This should work as it worked for me..

  51. naufal

    @trooperFX:: What worked for u??
    Can u please explain it step by step , so that u can help others too who r facing similar problem..
    Thanks in advance

  52. overdosew

    It works on original s8600BSLD2? I have a guarantee for my wave III and I need that, so I don’t will flashing. Sorry for my english…

  53. Emmanuel

    Hey Guys,i installed Turko’s v5 firmware,good performance but it shows emails like “unknown” in logs.
    Any solution?

  54. matheo1010 Post author

    Some applications have been added
    The links will be re-uploaded to mediafire or hotfile when I will have time
    (if people can help me re-upload …)

  55. overdosew

    The fruit ninja 1.6.1 has a small error. The folder rename don’t work, but rename manual to 52469ud106 and it works good…

  56. Aman Tukrel

    Hey. I was a bada user.Used wave 1 for 2 years. I’m on android now.Galaxy note.I know samsung fucked it up with bada. On the other hand,I get frequent updates. I’m ready to port whatsapp on bada. Admins contact me.

  57. Tushar

    thanks matheo….i successfully spoofed angry birds and NFS….bt if i connect my fone thru kies and dload sum other app, then the spoofed apps stop working…so i cnt use kies if i use this method to install apps??

  58. Mohammed

    @Matheo after flashing with “apps_Compressed.bin”.. will my existing apps or data will be damaged or will lead to some kind of error with my apps… coz i have many applications installed already i don’t want to loose them after flashing… Help asap…. M Waiting…

  59. Mohammed

    SPoofing via Backup mode is very good….. There was no need for me to flash my phone with this method.. installed more than 7 apps till now and all working well.. only worms doesn’t work…. i am using wave 2 with official firmware. all it takes is little more tym….

  60. Mohammed

    Guys i prefer you’ll before flashing or doing anything wit phone.. just backup all your applications or data with Samsung Kies.. and just save your backup-ed files from C:\Users\Buzzinga\Documents\samsung\Kies\Backup\ somewhere else just incase if your phone stops detecting in kies.
    Then without and tension just flash your phones as suggested by hero and matheo… and after flashing restore back ur apps……….

  61. kavi

    any one of succeed to install apps on wave 2. please tell me step by step. because i flashed my mobile 4 time and i tried many spoofed but i getting errors always like 1108. please tell me any one guys.

  62. shofiul

    hey guys i spoofed successfully….
    but the problem is i am able to spoof only one game…
    when i try to play the other games they show error,,, lyk unable to launch app…
    anbdy els faced this????
    plz help on mhat to do…..

  63. overdosew

    Is there an other certificate file? I can install just 1 app, but I don’t will to flash my WIII, because I have guarantee…

  64. Spilnerk1

    magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3C42DEBB29BEA9B112E84A25E3D5F7F50909D525&dn=Bada applications for Samsung S8500 Wave&tr=udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80/announce&tr=http://tracker.publicbt.com/announce&tr=udp://tracker.prq.to:80/announce&tr=http://tracker.prq.to/announce&tr=udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce

    all looking for unmodified apps….to spoof…here’s the torrent.

  65. mohsin

    hey can ny one plz tell me which all checkboxes i need to tick for full flashing..like LSI ,boot change ,full download..???

  66. matheo1010 Post author

    I am looking for someone to help me re-upload the links to be able to download applications from the software
    If you are interested, leave a comment.
    thank you !

  67. Rajesh

    First of all, thank you.

    Question: Is the German Language (and Keyboard) included in this Version (I mean – Firmware for Wave II)? Especially the later would be of importance to me.

    1. rajabharathy

      hi ,
      my firmware is ddlc, when i was trying to flash through multiloader v-5.67 am getting below error ..please give me a solution.. i dono what kind of error this…

      Download Start Ch[0]
      Serial port open error in downloadex!

      Thanks in advance!

  68. Campa939

    For all of You who are Facing Sim Card Problems after flashing and can only play one app without flashing:

    Look at the older post for this flashing method theres a apps_compressed download link for Turko v5 additional to the others!

    Works for me though. phone starts with Sim and i have installed 3 apps which are working fine!

  69. Mohammed

    Matheo can u get fix for wave 3…. I have wave 2 and wave 3 both… i spoofed both of them.. In wave 2 all games work fine whichevr app i throw at it…. but wer as in wave 3… i m able to flash many apps but sum games lyk assasins creed, nfs shift and nfs hot pursuit show white screen in game menu,,, u know wats the prob with it………
    plz help matheo

    1. matheo1010 Post author

      I’m sorry, I have not wave 3 to try , I have only the wave 1 and its works very well.
      Be sure you have followed all the instructions

  70. Gourab

    the game has problems i have wave 3 i didnt flashed my mobile but i spoofed it and it doesnt shows any graphics


    admin@ please help me !! i download the all versions of wave spoofer , which are listed here! like : v4 ,v3 ,v5 but when i click to run this app.exe i got error message :

    “the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application.”

    i will try to open this all spoofer on 5 diffrent computers!! :(
    but still i got this error why?
    i think this all application was corrupted, and does’nt working! :(
    please help me to solve this i am a good programmer so i dont think that i was doing mistakes while runing this application! and also appSignature is behave same like spoofer! and when i opened it i got same error as:

    “the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application.”

    i was totally confused now because i try this applications on 5 computers so what the wrong i dont get it plz help guys! :(

    1. Gourab

      just install net framewaork 3.5 and 4.0 and restart your computer….and by the problem is showing with latest v1.0.0.6 just restart the app and it work fine

  72. bigauy

    my wave is samsung wave 8500.
    when i flash app_compressed_spoof_wave_I_hero355.bin
    it’s ok.
    after that i want to be 8600 .
    i will flash app_compressed_s8500_wave_3.bin

    and try spoof app ,this app is ok spoof but
    many app (spoof by app_compressed_spoof_wave_I_hero355.bin) can not open.

    i want to be 8600 and spoof ,how ?

  73. Zoka

    I have S8500XXLG1 with replaced OXF CSC and after j have spoofed one app, problem with SIM. Re-flashed back with original aps.bin and the problem SIMproblem is solved and also spoofed app is working.
    Now I am able to add additional apps by spoofing (without flashing apps.bin) and also install from Samsung app store and all apps is working well.
    DK, would you like to comment this?

  74. Zoka


    I have S8500XXLG1 with replaced OXF CSC and after j have spoofed one app, problem with SIM. Re-flashed back with original aps.bin and the problem SIMproblem is solved and also spoofed app is working.
    Now I am able to add additional apps by spoofing (without flashing apps.bin) and also install from Samsung app store and all apps is working well.
    DK, would you like to comment this?

    After more than 20 spoofed apps, suddenly all they stop working wit message: “Invalid App”. Returned back the hero255 app.bin for wave I and solved but SIM problem reoccurred. Re fleshed back the original apps.bin and stay without spoofed apps.

  75. Shibashis Mallik

    plz provide me a link of apps_compressed.bin for Wave Y ? i’m having prblms installing games which are error:0112 ,0110,etc. plz help..

  76. Vipin Dev m

    Hai Hero 355..
    I am from India. I am a great fan of yours..
    Will you help me in copying or making the apps stored in my Wave as unmodified app so that i can spoof it whenever i want without the use of internet… Also i can share it with those who are in need of that app..

  77. vibhor

    hii,, help pls..
    i have a wave 2 and i done all step carefully of spoofing and at last when the message shows spoof completed.. i close this programmme but there is no apps installed on my wave 2 what can i do now?

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  80. silverwaver

    Hey guys, with every new spoof, the previous apps say : CANNOT LAUNCH ……. INVALID APPLICATION :@
    can you please help me?

  81. silverwaver

    Hey guys, with every new spoof, the previous apps say : CANNOT LAUNCH ……. INVALID APPLICATION :@
    can you please help me?

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  83. luwiwu

    hi guys can u help..after installing turko v5, i encounter an error “samsung id missing” when i connect my wave 1 to kies and the pc can’t detect the device anymore..anyone knows how to solve this, anyhelp would be much appreciated..tnx in advance

  84. luwiwu

    correction on error i’ve encountered it says “hardware id mising: windows can’t identify the device plugged into the samsung mobile usb composite device” ..i’ve tried to reinstall samsung usb driver for kies n still same error..hope anyone can help tnx..

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  87. aditya

    bitch plz make apps_compress.bin for wave y or got hell with your spoofing method.Did u knw tht samsung wave y is also bada 2.0 os phone or not?
    and thanx for nothing. u idoit………………………………………..

  88. mmmm

    hi u thank you but if me download app of (app…..byhero..) run okey and games run ok

    the broplem is wean i insaert sim card he not run he open boot image and bada and wean he download sim card he still not run to menu and this things pleas help me

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  90. Shekhar Pathak

    how to download flash apps_Compressed.bin for wave y
    for spoofing in wave y
    please rply … :(

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  92. yash3492

    Hey, I have followed each step given above but spoofing doesn’t worked.
    I can see only flash screen of any app when i lanch them.
    My Mobile is Wave 723 with S723MXXLA1.
    plz help me

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  100. carlsyaf

    i have samsung wave 723, upgraded from bada 1.1 to 2.0 actually…already follow all the step including flashing the 723 apps firmware…spoofing was successful and viber icon appeared on menu screen…launch the apps and viber logo start up appear..after that become black screen forever (apps still run)… hero355 or anybody, can all of u help me why this is happen?

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  103. Taha

    I m not able to spoof more than one app!
    that if I spoof a second app. the first one gets an error!
    “invalid application”
    What to du now??

  104. WaveLover

    Allright, looks like its the “piss me off’ fiesta going on in this website. All over the internet I see samsung wave user begging for app developers to port their apps on bada and then they come here to ‘pirate’ the paid app!! You son of a bitches, it is becoz of you people that no app developer will come to bada.

    And you will spend the rest of your retarded lives begging for apps on bada, and u will be pissed upon by the devs. And then, you can keep signing all the stupid ass petitions on facebook, twitter and others shit, while all devs will take a dump on your dick cheesed faces. Then lets see how you enjoy that, you retarded fucks.

    Dante Inferno( yeah, kiss my ass you dick cheese lovers!) >:|

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  106. shyam

    used the updated spoof software (give above ) but still got the same error 0108 . tried with two apps, two different firmwares, tried two times . :(

    Plz . help
    Great Work .. .u r best man..

    1. shyam

      i got the error because i copied the certificate , did not install it on my phone. after installing it worked for me………hurray

  107. ken d

    there’s something wrong. im running S8530XPKJ1. when i flash the apps_compressed file (im in download mode), the phone restarts, going through the boot process and stops in the middle of the bada animation and restarts, over and over. i flashed back to my original apps_compressed file. either there’s something wrong with this apps_compressed file or with my firmware?

  108. massood heidary

    I have got a wave 3 and I have some questions

    1.for flash with app.bin which item in MultiLoader should I choose!? LSI or MSM 7*30 ?

    2-where should I install bada.cer ? phone or microSD ?

    3_what the 0112 error is how should I sort it out?

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