TurkoCFW Ultra Lite V6 + Spoof: Wave II

i don’t own the firmware i just share it all credits go to hero355 !!

Enjoy !! :)

 Turko V6 Custom Firmware  

 Firmware Version: XELC2

 CSC Version: CISLF1

 Bada Version: 2.0

 Compatible Phone Model: S8530 WAVE

Changelogs :

  • Offline Social Hub Premium
  • better Ram management , HD games like MC3 LG3 work without restarting the phone  
  • China, Korea and has been deleted as unnecessary Asia Language
  • Clipped Bootscreen seconds (for quick opening)
  • Front Camera buttonu activated
  • I deleted all the unnecessary apps in (you can find them in spoof list below)
  • 5 Java application can run in the background at the same time
  • Each button active the screen .
  • Automatic system date as the beginning of 2012
  • The percentage of the battery is automatically activated
  • Automatic brightness settings at 3
  • GPS now works faster.
  • Downloaded Default Number of pages on the screen to 1
  • Place of applications in the display and menu-Changed
  • memory card is selected as Default Installation Location
  • Bluetooth Remote SIM mode is activated.
  • Background light for 60 seconds (original setting)
  • call registration is activated 
  • 2 Language and second CSC Supports (English and turk)
  • Limit to 150 removed from the SMS and MMS.
  • the Limit of 5 MB for MMS was raised to 10 MB
  • radio FM works without earphone
  • the operator removed from profile Information bar.

Turko CFW V6 : Download link

If you want to install the apps given below use Spoofing apps method

Download it from below:

Samsungapps Download link

Instant messenger Download link

New Music Hub Download link

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  • Vinay

    did any1 flash it????? is it working????

  • http://www.youtube.com/FPSUsername TrooperFX

    i knew this 2 weeks ago.

  • http://facebook.com/sbouibas sbouibas

    great Rom and it’s working (i’m using it right now)

  • Ahmed

    Why it is not support the Arabic. ;(

  • waleed

    can you add arabic CSC

  • mohamed

    need arabic plz

  • mohsin

    does realfootball work??

  • shtmdwh

    wifi work?

  • event88

    thanks hero355 for a great work and please add Arabic lang
    thanks advance hero

  • Talib

    guys share game link for spoof on wave II

  • Talib

    spoofing failed guys what to do ???

  • http://facebook.com/sbouibas sbouibas

    Q:does realfootball work??

    Q:wifi work?

    Q:guys share game link for spoof on wave II

    Q:spoofing failed guys what to do ???
    A:spoofing works but u must install the certificate

  • matrix

    hoo man wave 2 people dont want this type of custom firmwares all r waiting for porting android y cant u guys helps us from this bada…………

  • zura

    spoofing failed guys what to do ??? :))) error

  • huzaifa

    great firmware:) but modern combat 3 not working

  • usatencu

    i spoofing on this firmware samsung apps and yahoo messenger and it works very slow (apps and yahoo) what to do?

  • vishal

    does this hac INU csc ?

  • medo2986

    when will we have the chance to try it on our sets with Arabic support ???
    is there anyone who can edit any CSC to support Arabic language ???

    • osama elgabry

      wait for elite v5

      • medo2986

        I’m using elite v4
        but it has many issues like:
        1. it does not ring in some times while it’s not silent
        2. if I install any widgets the cam does not work at all and the device freezes

        I hope that elite team edit the languages of a new bada version without ripping anything

        I really wait that Samsung will release the Arabian version of bada 2 , but honestly it’s the last time I try any system except android .

  • sanjay gaur

    i am thinking of flashing this firmware….is it better than before?
    plzzz tell someone…i have elite v4 is this one better than elite v4….

    • osama elgabry

      in my opinion this firmware is better than elite v4 in speed and spoofing works fine on this firmware

  • Abdelrahman

    how I can install it … it is my first time ?! please fast reply to my comment !

    • http://syria ahmad

      the download link is too bad….
      any body have another link????

  • Abdelrahman

    how I can install it … it is my first time ?! please fast reply to my comment !

  • kavi

    how to install themes on this firmware guys? anyone help me

  • Gourab

    Please can anyone please give a video on installing turkoCFW firmware of wave 3…or a way to spoof unlimited apps in bada 2.0 plsss

  • hardik

    have to say best firmware for wave 2…………!!!
    thank u very much

  • rudy

    navigation not work ?

  • eggyXD

    any bugs?

  • segafreda

    After installing this firmware, my phone has a problem with camera ”internal camera problem”, Reinstal the older firmware problems disapear. On Turko V6 Custom Firmware i added a CSC with romanian language. Spoofing was good but my camera has problems and i giveup to this fw.

  • http://facebook.com/casnovajazzanova casnovajazzanova

    please add thai csc “”” (^____^)

  • sanjay

    can i install android apps after installing this firmware?

  • poys

    are these stuff available on this FW?

    opera mini

  • Sameer

    still not able to spoof apps plzz help

  • sanjay gaur

    thanks osama for answering

  • andnerb

    This is a good CFW but haven’t language French :/

  • mohsin

    it feels d same for me…RF2012 not working properly

  • roonie18

    how to install samsungapps and im
    plz help me..

  • Dipanjan

    Its restarting automatcally

  • sky143

    unable to do video calling
    automatically call ends if try to do a video call

  • bishanjit

    can ne1 tel me how to install it…???????????????????????

  • vinod

    fm is not working…

  • jeff

    camera is not working after installing this firmware….next firmware pls

  • Hussein

    please is modem work (calling , messaging )