TurkoCFW Ultra Lite V6 + Spoof: Wave II

i don’t own the firmware i just share it all credits go to hero355 !!

Enjoy !! :)

 Turko V6 Custom Firmware  

 Firmware Version: XELC2

 CSC Version: CISLF1

 Bada Version: 2.0

 Compatible Phone Model: S8530 WAVE

Changelogs :

  • Offline Social Hub Premium
  • better Ram management , HD games like MC3 LG3 work without restarting the phone  
  • China, Korea and has been deleted as unnecessary Asia Language
  • Clipped Bootscreen seconds (for quick opening)
  • Front Camera buttonu activated
  • I deleted all the unnecessary apps in (you can find them in spoof list below)
  • 5 Java application can run in the background at the same time
  • Each button active the screen .
  • Automatic system date as the beginning of 2012
  • The percentage of the battery is automatically activated
  • Automatic brightness settings at 3
  • GPS now works faster.
  • Downloaded Default Number of pages on the screen to 1
  • Place of applications in the display and menu-Changed
  • memory card is selected as Default Installation Location
  • Bluetooth Remote SIM mode is activated.
  • Background light for 60 seconds (original setting)
  • call registration is activated 
  • 2 Language and second CSC Supports (English and turk)
  • Limit to 150 removed from the SMS and MMS.
  • the Limit of 5 MB for MMS was raised to 10 MB
  • radio FM works without earphone
  • the operator removed from profile Information bar.

Turko CFW V6 : Download link

If you want to install the apps given below use Spoofing apps method

Download it from below:

Samsungapps Download link

Instant messenger Download link

New Music Hub Download link

45 thoughts on “TurkoCFW Ultra Lite V6 + Spoof: Wave II

  1. matrix

    hoo man wave 2 people dont want this type of custom firmwares all r waiting for porting android y cant u guys helps us from this bada…………

  2. usatencu

    i spoofing on this firmware samsung apps and yahoo messenger and it works very slow (apps and yahoo) what to do?

  3. medo2986

    when will we have the chance to try it on our sets with Arabic support ???
    is there anyone who can edit any CSC to support Arabic language ???

      1. medo2986

        I’m using elite v4
        but it has many issues like:
        1. it does not ring in some times while it’s not silent
        2. if I install any widgets the cam does not work at all and the device freezes

        I hope that elite team edit the languages of a new bada version without ripping anything

        I really wait that Samsung will release the Arabian version of bada 2 , but honestly it’s the last time I try any system except android .

  4. sanjay gaur

    i am thinking of flashing this firmware….is it better than before?
    plzzz tell someone…i have elite v4 is this one better than elite v4….

    1. osama elgabry

      in my opinion this firmware is better than elite v4 in speed and spoofing works fine on this firmware

  5. Gourab

    Please can anyone please give a video on installing turkoCFW firmware of wave 3…or a way to spoof unlimited apps in bada 2.0 plsss

  6. segafreda

    After installing this firmware, my phone has a problem with camera ”internal camera problem”, Reinstal the older firmware problems disapear. On Turko V6 Custom Firmware i added a CSC with romanian language. Spoofing was good but my camera has problems and i giveup to this fw.

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