TurkoCFW Ultra Lite V6 + Spoof+ICS : Wave I

i don’t own the firmware i just share it all credits go to hero355 !!

Enjoy !! :)

Firmware Version: BBLB2

 CSC Version: TMNLF1

 Bada Version: 2.0 

Compatible Phone Model: S8500 WAVE

Changelogs :

    • Offline Social Hub Premium
    • better Ram management , HD games like MC3 LG3 work without restarting the phone
    • China, Korea and has been deleted as unnecessary Asia Language
    • Clipped Bootscreen seconds (for quick opening)
    • Changed to BadaDroid Bootlogo
    • Front Camera buttonu activated
    • I deleted all the unnecessary apps in (you can find them in spoof list below)
    • 5 Java application can run in the background at the same time
    • Each button active the screen .
    • Automatic system date as the beginning of 2012
    • The percentage of the battery is automatically activated
    • Automatic brightness settings at 3
    • GPS now works faster.
    • Downloaded Default Number of pages on the screen to 1
    • Place of applications in the display and menu-Changed
    • memory card is selected as Default Installation Location
    • Bluetooth Remote SIM mode is activated.
    • Background light for 60 seconds (original setting)
    • call registration is activated
    • 2 Language and second CSC Supports (English and turk)
    • Limit to 150 removed from the SMS and MMS.
    • the Limit of 5 MB for MMS was raised to 10 MB
    • radio FM works without earphone
    • the operator removed from profile Information bar.

Turko CFW V6 : Download link

If you want to install the apps given below use Spoofing apps method

Download it from below:

Samsungapps Download link

Instant messenger Download link

New Music Hub Download link

36 thoughts on “TurkoCFW Ultra Lite V6 + Spoof+ICS : Wave I

  1. TrooperFX

    i knew this 2 weeks ago.

    its a good rom, but it lags some times, v5 is better, but this is a good rom for android, a light rom so we have more space left at android

  2. rAj

    well, rolling back.. not worth unless you want to use the ics which is obviously not completely stable. I hope the modem drivers are included by the next update of ics for wave 1.

  3. rAj

    i just wish someone can let me know how to add the Anykey lock on function to the stock India firmware. Can anyone help?

  4. TrooperFX

    But if MC3 Doesnt crash with restarting,

    will it crash and close the app??
    Will it lagg like RF2012??

    because i also have the xperia ray, almost same fone, i installed MC3 and it worked, but when you are playing 5 sec, the screen freeze for 1 sec, and again after 5 sec.

    hope it works at bada, but at the xperia ray (android) it doesnt work

  5. cirios83

    ICS first public release which is in this ROM is available only before a week.

    You cant know this from 2 weeks ,right?

  6. zade

    hey, it’s a really nice rom….atleast better than the one i was using before ( elite version for wave s8500)….i’m getting a slight problem here…whenever i exit a..uhm…big application..for ex : Worms HD(spoofed) my phone hangs for a while..say 40 secs…my debug level is also set to low..so any help on this??

    Thanks anyways

  7. shinki0016

    cant download Samsung apps -.- seriously, please use links that are easier to access like mediafire, megaupload, 4shared etc etc

  8. zade

    @asim: install onto the memory card (Settings>General>installation>memory card) then you won’t get the appinfo error…i had the same error and that is how i fixed it…

  9. ali2991

    The mea version of the turko v6 firmware runs superbly but arabic/and other right to left languages do not display properly, all characters show up as [][][][][][][][][][]

  10. VoDa

    Hi Guys…
    I have one question about “”Each button active the screen””
    Because its very stupid feature, perhaps if u put the phone into pants pocket my phone lighting everytime and my legs calling my friends from my pocket 😉 … How can i change it in firmware to the default one locking button.. I tried to edit many files in your firmware with Wave_Remaker_NEW_0_2_8 before flashing, but nothing change. :(
    Where i can change it in the firmware?
    Thank U many times for your great work and time… U are the god!!! 😉


  11. abhais1

    Hi DK, I have installed this ROM and every thing works fine? except the Network as the network is not found and it is not even searching for it. It displays an error for Network search. Could u please help regarding this.

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