TurkoCFW V5 : Wave S8500 Custom Firmware

I’m Proudly Present My Biggest Custom Firmware to you :) Enjoy :)

S8500XXLD2 – Version!

Big Thanks To Ho1od,B.Kubica,cybekteam and Others…

It is my Custom Rom Named Turko CFW V5 for Wave I Here is a custom firmware based on last S8500XXLD2 release for S8500 only

Default CSC: your country If it does not install your country, after flash from keyboard: *#272*HHHH# where HHHH is time show on the wave and select your country.




– Fm Radio Is Working Without Earnphone Connection (For Original Radio Instruction’s is in Rar )[Ordinary, earphone functions as though antenna of the phone, therefore radio gets more signals. But here we would like to emphasize that most of the time we do not take earphones with us and so no Radio. Sure if you have internet connection (3G) can get online radio stations with 3th party software. With this Custom Firmware we brought about Radio without Antenna (earphones).  By making Manuel station search even you can find many radio stations or just put your finger over antenna input area.]

– Alarm don’t stop after 1 minute ringing  

– Deleted Operator Name From Notification Bar

– Wac Developer Mode Activated

– Compatible for Android 2.2 also

– Auto portrait camera

– Any key LCD on

– Show hidden storage on windows explorer (IntSys) )

SocialHub premium with IM (MSN, Gtalk and yahoo messenger)

– You can record a call

– Few themes

– Remove pdf file, widgets, gadgets from old bada 1.x

– Added Polaris Office (Removable)

– Custom for GPS (Also Debug is on)

– Facebook,Twitter and Chat On are available on market!

– Lockscreen Changed ICS 4.0.4 and also containing Original Lockscreen

– New Alarm Popup

– New Missing Message and Call Showing Lockscreen

– Default Start Year 2012 Default  

– Help Windows Disabled

– Reduced number of homescreens to 1

– Re-assigned icons for all Java apps.

– Changed app arrangement on homescreen

 – Changed app arrangement in main menu 

– Battery percentage enabled Default

– Sleep Time 1 Min Default

– Maximum use of 5 Java apps same time

-Caster,IM,Polaris Office Removable

– Added New Font

– Maximum SMS / MMS increased 300

– MMS Resized Image to 7 mb previous it was 3 mb, size of attachment to 10 mb previous 5 mb

– Added SongID (Shazam) direct main menu

– Added eBuddy (Alternative for Palringo) direct main menu

– Added Facebook Java Version direct main menu

– Added Google Maps direct main menu

– Added Opera Mini 7 direct main menu

– Backlight time 15sec default

– Motion Shake,Tilt and Turn over OFF default

– Default App Instalation MMC

– Bluetooth remote SIM mode activated

– For Using DBT You Will see DB RailNavigator in the main menu

– For Using SER (Russian) You will See Qip Mobile in the main menu and Facebook deleted

– Fixed Transparant on Notification bar  

– Supported 30 Language + 52 CSC Preconfigurations (CSC is dividing 4 part.Choose one while flashing which has your language and CSC preconfig.)

+ Extra : Added Three apps_Compressed.bin  Which you can easily flash only this file and you can download apps,games and etc. from Wave 3,Wave M and Wave 578 (HD JAVA GAMES on Main menu and Removable) Stores :) Enjoy :)

CSC Version 1 : CSC_S8500_V1_Hero355











CSC Preconfiguration : XEO;TUR;MET;KOR;ITV;DBT;XTC


CSC Version 2 :   CSC_S8500_V2_Hero355













CSC Version 3 : CSC_S8500_V3_Hero355






















CSC Version 4 : CSC_S8500_V4_Hero355












Video For Fm Radio Prof Watch


110 thoughts on “TurkoCFW V5 : Wave S8500 Custom Firmware

    1. TrooperFX

      it can, its only 1. the other are in the menu.

      i only like the opera mini 7

      and it doesn’t crash, smooth, fast, no lag

      you can call this the best firmware for the samsung wave 1

      and a plus point is that it can spoof, also heavy games like: NFS HS and TINTIN. (because with the ultimate90 firmware, NFS HS didn’t work)

      Thank you!!

      and when v6 comes out, these things will be useful:
      -Able to delete the added apps
      -wifi tweak
      -battery tweak (my batterylife is 4 days at every bada 2.0, but i mean that gps can still on)
      -the data package at the top statusbar, just like in your video, because i don’t have it (weird)
      -Not deleting the original clock widget, i like it.
      -ICS 4.0.4 lockscreen added, not flash, but in the RCSC1 file (we already have the original and the wave 3 lockscreen)

  1. overdosew

    Please help us!
    Download the chat for facebook app, start it and to the box of pop-up window write this: [email protected]
    Thanks for all!

  2. Sam

    Hello TrooperX, just close all the widgets bye even live panel. Switch off and on. Now you can access the app.

  3. mushi

    this firmware is no good for me….i tried it nd it didn work for me.
    spoofing worked but wen i played it nothing happns….
    radio modification didn work…
    my kies didn even read the phone as any wave….
    it didn let me log into any acount….
    and on the weather widget when i searched for my city it didn get any result….
    so am i doing something wrong.???
    well im sick of bada 2.0 or should i say bada 0.2
    im going bak to bada 1.2

  4. Akshay

    Does kies recognise the phone? i dont have wifi and the fastest way for me to get apps is through kies!

  5. Your customer

    Few questions:
    Does all widgets and samsung apps work with wi-fi?
    What does “Compatible for Android 2.2 also” feature mean?
    I don’t know if it’s only my phone, but with past few bada 2.0 i had the battery survived only like 1,5 days (whereas bada 1.2 gives 4-5 days). So how’s the battery life in this firmware?

    1. TrooperFX

      1 Not all
      2 you can install the dead project Alpha release android 2.2
      3 turn off your wifi, 3g, gps, applications, bluetooth.

      my batterylife is 4 days now with 2.0
      and with bada 1.2 it was around a week

      1. Your customer

        thanks for the reply. Now to clarify the first question: does SamsungApps at least work on wifi?

  6. cezabs

    Thanks for this great job.
    But I didn’t find the THL CSC as mentioned in CSC Version 3.
    Did I miss something ?

  7. wTTnK

    Any key LCD on can be turned off?? it`s not that practically… and what about tilt and turn over? can be turned on?? gj

  8. Akshay

    Hey hero355! does kies recognise the phone? coz i get apps mainly from, the pc. and does the phones samsung apps work with a gprs network?

      1. rajat

        i am so pissed off by your firmware…..when i download it …..i can spoof unlimited and when i upadte it with the apps_compressed.bin file …my sim card does not read……..what piece of crap have u made???????????????

  9. kevin

    um, excuse me…

    i tried to add the other shpapp files but multiloader gives me an error:

    err: write shpapp

    what to do??

    and what apps does it have??

      1. kevin

        well, after flashing to the fw, i opened again multiloader then ticked lsi then clicked shpapp and choosed apps_compressed_TurkoV5_M then port search then download.. and it gives me an error…

  10. cirios83

    Thank you hero355.Nice and fast firmware,but with this firmware i cant install Android from XDA-DEVELOPERS.
    I get to the part where the Android will be installed (when i push on\off button+menu button+volume up button)but when i press this three buttons my phone boot BADA.My question is : Do i need to flash to other FOTA file before this ?

  11. Roy

    I hope that the next release will include Malaysia csc (XME i think). I have been BadaIL ROM and i am not satisfy with it.

  12. cirios83

    Thanks to you i installed Android 2.2 after i flashed my WAVE S8500 with FOTA from your link.

  13. cirios83

    No. BadaDroid project was never finished.
    What WORKS in this build:

    * WiFi (+dhcp)
    * Market
    * 3D Games
    * Launchers
    * Audio
    * Video

    What does NOT work in this build
    * Modem (3G, Calls, ETC)
    * Idle time (also known as the shutdown bug)
    * Sensors (Causes battery bug)

    I use this Android mainly for gaming (better framerate) and watching movies (more players and codec support and smooth 720p movies framerate).

    Some developers from “xda-developers” are now working to make Android 4.0.4 ICS for Samsung Wave s8500.The project is more advanced but still with no public release due to main problem: missing modem driver which have to be written from the beginning.
    The project is called “Polish Blood” by Mike Gapinski.
    I have high hopes on this project.
    Sorry if my English is bad . I am Bulgarian :)

  14. Wildfire

    Hey hero355
    As many ,kies isn’t working. PC detects phone but kies does not recognize it. Even using Wifi-Kies
    Can you fix it ?

  15. cirios83

    Kies is working for me on TurkoCFW V5 .I connect phone with usb and KIES detects phone and i can install apps.I have only one problem.Everytime i press “SEARCH” on my phone ,my phone turns off and restarts imediately.

  16. Manish Nemade

    what to install first bada or android….and should we insert memory card while installing android and will my memory card get formatted during the process….

  17. cirios83

    @Manish Nemade
    First install Bada and then Android and no need to remove memory card.I always install Android with memory card in phone and memory card was never formatted in the process .

    To your other question : what idle bug?
    Idle bug is (i think) when your screen turns off in Android after some seconds of inactivity and the phone hangs and the only way is to restart it. To prevent Idle Bug i set screen timeout to 10 minutes and i use program Load Monitor or Wake Lock so when i lock phone manually the phone not hangs.

    1. Manish Nemade

      thnks a lot i managed to install both….
      can u tell me if i can root my wave for installing android apps and if yes then how to do it….

  18. RapNix

    finally… thank you guys for this rom. in riyadh bada 2.0 i think will not come here so i’ve decided to use your rom.. thank you again

  19. manish nemade

    samsung apps doesnot works….it downloads the update but then it says installation failed….

  20. RapNix

    my question now is how to connect kies it seems that i cannot connect my mobile in pc using kies pls. help…..

  21. likhit

    i m nt able to use my samsung account nor my kies recognise my wave so plz help me……….or post ur installation guide coz there r many files of same kind……plz HELP…..who so ever have installed this firmware correctly or his wave is being recognised by kies plz post the guide or tutorial….HELP

  22. cirios83

    My Turko CFW V5 is working good and fast (kies working with phone and on phone samsungapps working after update) with only one problem.When i press “search” my phone restarts.

    I flashed this files with multiloader:

    Boot: The only one.
    Amss: The only one
    Apps: apps_compressed.bin
    Rsrc1: Rsrc_S8500_Open_Hero355_Wave_3_Lockscreen.rc1
    Rsrc2: Rsrc2_S8500(Low).rc2
    Factory FS: FactoryFs_S8500_Open_Hero355.ffs
    CSC: CSC_S8500_V2_Hero355.csc
    SHP APP: Hero355_ShpApp.app
    FOTA: http://www.share.az/vk2j3rivwvge/bl_univ_boot.fota.html (compatible with Android 2.2 port)

      1. likhit

        1. Download all the needed files, when you’ve done so extract the ZIP with the zImage stuff in it and place it in you bada storage root. (you can extract the .001 with 7-zip)
        (i made the Images URLS’s because they’re to big) What does this mean bro ???????????

  23. Manish Nemade

    my samsung apps doesnot work….the update gets downloaded but fails to install….kies works though….
    the other problem is that the battery drains very fast….
    also can some one tell me how to add more homescreens….

  24. Manish Nemade

    u mean u flashed bada with that fota file….i used the same to flash for the android part….

  25. RapNix

    yes.. same what happened to me when i press the search bar below the calendar in the home screen it suddenly restart my phone can you pls. help us how to solve this problem.

  26. chapito

    Yes … I have the same problem. By giving the icon “search” in either the home page,start menu or settings, the mobile is reset.
    Hero355 there any solution in “way”.
    Thank you.

  27. cirios83

    I am uploading rooted BadaDroid “ext2system.img” on
    Rapidshare with my 60kb upload.Then you will have a link

    1. Luã Gouveia

      I that error – Boot Binary Download Start Ch[0]
      BootLoader 1703.9KB OK[0.7s]
      Error : Dbl Write [0.2s]

      i really dont know what i have do.

  28. Roy

    Just finish flashing this firmware an hour ago. This firmware is good. It is smooth, playing games like Asphalt 6 with no problem. Youtube live streaming is working good compare with BadaIL-rom. Kies and samsung apps works fine.

    I install this firmware with high hopes of spoofing games, but then i was disappointed because bada 2.0 spoofing method didn’t work with this firmware.

  29. [email protected]

    where is urdu and arabic language…..isnt it injustice

  30. Emmanuel

    Hey Guys,i installed Turko’s v5 firmware,good performance but it shows emails like “unknown” in logs.
    Any solution?

  31. Roy

    Does any have problem with Wifi using this firmware? Mine does not have stable connection even i sit near wifi modem. Have to turn off then turn on again.

    Could somebody help me?

    1. jasko

      You need to flash again. Go to download mode and select
      all files like first time and add fota file. You need flash with fota from this firmware. I was same problem like you. I was on bada 1.2. Now I am using turko fw v5 and I am satisfied with this. Good firmware :). Thanks to hero355 we have good firmvare.

  32. derpiederp

    there are 4 csc’s to choose from,
    i chose csc 3, as i saw that lang3=dutch.
    when i enter *#272*HHHH#
    netherlands is not in the list.
    Which csc should i choose, to make sure netherlands does show up in the list?


  33. rajat

    my sim card is not recognized now…………worthless firmware…..cant spoof even…gives error….what is this hero355

  34. Zoka

    As owner of Wave for more than 2 years I will say that Bada 2 should be embarrassment for company like Samsung. It is strange that this mega-company is not capable to gather enough skillful programmers that will be able to develop dissent OS. No one should bear to release the crap like Bada 2. Bada 1.2 is acceptable as beta release which should be fixed in no more than month or two. I have enough, I will go back to Bada 1.2, use it without any additional apps and throw the phone when I have a chance for some dissent Android (certainly not Samsung).

  35. Dman

    OK, set aside how crappy Bada1/1.2/2 (and support) is, last Hero’s V5 FW attempt is not bad at all. I haven’t checked everything after new flash (done it numerous times), but from my previous experience with Turks V5, I can tell, you need to work on it a bit and figure out a few perks. You gotta appreciate though, that even though soft is not recognized by Kies (no FW updates), it sees the phone and installs apps from Sams app store (remember if you are not in US, you may need to tweak registry to have Appstore shown in Kies – works like a charm). Phone boots up quickly. FB works, games play… I am happy!!! It’s way better than all these official releases with no second cam, no languages (I tried them). There’s serious lack of apps for Bada, but I am way happier with my wave s8500 at the moment, than I was a few days ago… Next step is Android port!!!!!!! Can’t wait. Thanx, Hero!

  36. toni

    i have problem i need help i use this version when i touch search my phone is restart some solution for this problem please help me thank you

  37. Elania (Brasil)

    Best CFW for me.
    It works perfectly. No problem.
    I installed 4.0.4 ICS Slim 2.3, was great, but no battery indicator it’s difficult to continue with Andoid, despite being fast.
    I’m always looking for your news.
    And Turko v7? Its upgrade from v5 to v7?

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