Its been a long time since we got the official 2.0 roms as well as we tested the beta roms too

but the question that still hits the mind of wavers (thank to samsung for laggy roms)..is that which is the best rom if we go flashing our devices

numerous friends of mine have the wave devices and they ask me whats the best rom till date..

as i too am searching the same question …i want you all to help me and other confused persons.You have flashed you devices ..i too have bvut still a review is needed if we ask for a number of people and not an indivisual.

so please i request all of you to comment on this post with the name of the rom and link if avialable…for the rom you think is the best.

thankyou all in advance.

25 thoughts on “WHATS THE BEST ROM FOR WAVES??

  1. Nox

    turko v5 currently, and the fact that I’m able to run badadroid and the apps with it just makes it more awsome :)

  2. sanjay

    bada 2 is a worst os. we are all talking about that os.. I am going to throw my (wave 2) mobile where anybody can’t find it, because I don’t want people suffer from this crap os.

  3. Dark_star

    With turko V5, don’t know why, but when i tap search button, sometimes it reset my phone, and this is a big problem because i always use it…

  4. RapNix

    turko v5 is ok for me.. yeahh one thing problem is the search button i hope they fix this one… can anybody tell me how to spoof using turko v5?

  5. Metalrar

    m90ultimate-S8500 cuz you can spoof apps and make a backup to have all your apps as original, and all works at the same time

      1. metalrar

        thank you Shashank the post is all ready done, but sorry for my bad ass english, is really easy, if you see something wrong, or yo can add then edit it as you wish

    1. chetannn Post author

      but i cannot change the language in the rom its dutch in it as default and im unable to change it…
      its v3.1 can you help me out with that?

  6. Homy

    Hi chetannn go to settings, General, press option no.2 which is language, then press the first option which is display and select english. You also have to change the keyboard language to english. Hope this helps…..

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