Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung wave 1 s8500

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung wave 1 s8500

Android 4.1 jelly bean samsung wave

 (image courtesy: Deepak Kaku ‘Dk’ i.e Me :P)

Yes guys you have heard me right

We will have jelly bean on samsung wave 1. Which means we will be having the Project Butter running on our Wave devices.

Project butter aims at having a smoother user interface without any lag. It will also be powered with Google Now and the ultimate voice search engine ever.

Wave 2 users good news you will be directly getting Jelly bean. Patience is always rewarded. i hope wave 2 users will be really happy. A direct Jump to Jelly bean with really smooth Android and devs have promised a port on wave 2 smartphone as well.

Have a look at his last post from mike gapinski the developer who happens to be on a holiday

jelly bean post

Please be patient and let the developers work around it.


Deepak kaku ‘DK’

176 thoughts on “Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung wave 1 s8500

  1. zura

    what are they doing ??? 😀 they where making android froyo then android ICS and now they are doing android Jelly Bean?????? what they will do in future? android 4.2 ? :@ They brought to mind something

    sorry for english :))))

  2. sandy

    Like the project FROYO FROZE I just pray transforming BADA to BUTTER doesn’t find its way to GUTTER.

  3. kikolo

    if you have ics on your wave you should go to settings->about then tap quickly couple of times on android version and see what happens 😉

  4. hellgate

    hey guys, my wave(8500)s display just destroyed last week without any major hit, it was in my pocket, the way i was using it from the last 1.5 years……as per my plan, tomorrow i going to repair it and then i am going sell it. no more bada…. going for ANDROID(GALAXY S2)…… but this project making me confuse !!!!!!!!!!!! Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Butter IN OUR WAVE!!!!!!

  5. TrooperFX

    i knew this 3 days ago.

    but what about undervolted cpu??

    does that mean the phone will run at maybe 900MHz?? instead of 1000MHz??

    i hope its able to overclock.

    i want 1300MHz

    1. Dk Post author

      the voltage has no relation to overclocking and the clockcycle of the cpu

      undervotaging wont decrease the speed
      dun wrry
      it will remain to 1Ghz

  6. Jeetu

    Good work Devs…we were waiting for this day since one year…hope u come up with jelly bean on wave 2 soon…all the best :)

  7. Crazy

    I have a question (im french) and i follow this website on 8 month ago maybe (badadownload) and is the best nice work …..
    my question=> can we swicht to the kernel siyah to overclock at 1.6 ghz? with the release ICS 4.04

    1. Dk Post author

      overclocking wave to 1.6 ghz will lead to a smoky(firey) samsungw ave
      it will become super hot and die soon
      plz dnt overclock it above 1.2 ghz

  8. Phantom

    it doesn’t matter any more ics or Jelly Bean or even android 4.5 ,without working modem its useless,2 years from the beginning of android port without no success to make the modem work so it doesn’t matter anymore accept that rubbish bada os or buy android phone ,it’s as simple as that

    1. Dk Post author

      why cant you think positive
      this project has been a great leap to samsung badadroid project

      modems are on their way
      no one know we ,may have a perfectly wrking android tomo

      plz think postive

      1. Phantom

        positive lol with bada no thanks ,i have been with bada from the beginning nearly 2 and half years now and i give up on this damn os and dreamy projects like these ..just remember my words and we will see very soon who was right..write modem drive is nearly impossible thing for one developer what about volunteer non-expert developer haha just dont dream too much my friend

  9. shubham deswhal

    Dear dev,

    Bada 2.0 is too disgusting. And I’m waiting for android jelly bean. Please dev tell me how much time will take it for the android jelly bean.

  10. Harshu164

    Dev plz make android jelly bean for wave 2 first becoz wave 1 users r njoying wid android 4 n wave 2 users r frustrated of bada 2.0. So, plz plz make android jelly bean for wave 2 first

      1. Dk Post author

        wave 1 has already got jelly bean
        mike happens to create drivers for wave 2
        so even you will get soon
        anytime after 24th july

  11. assassin

    dk r u working on wave 3
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz v did a big mistake by buying wave3 plzz make android fr wave 3 also
    plzzzzzzz plz plzzzz

    1. Dk Post author

      we all did a big mistake by buying wave phones running bada os
      so we are wrking around it
      and yes im not wrking on this port

      so i cant say when you guys can really enjoy android

      here is the order
      after 24th july
      WAVE 1 – S8500 will get jelly bean
      WAVE 2 – S8530 will also get jelly bean (nt sure though)
      WAVE 3 – No one is wrking on WAVE 3 currently

      but il request sum1 to start wrking on wave 3

      till then follow my blog here >>
      follow youtube channel >>

      1. TrooperFX


        i didn’t buy the wave 1 by mistake..

        i could choose the galaxy mini galaxy gio, the wave 1, or a htc

        the galaxy’s where bad, small screen
        the htc is ugly

        wave was also good of his 5 mp cam

    2. Soumya

      i jst dnt understand y wave 3 users want unofficial android on their ph, wen samsung will provide official tizen updates(which will run android applications, thnx 2 ACL) to dem…wave 3 is probably d only wave series ph 2 get tizen and bada will get merged with tizen

      so i understand the need for wave 1 and 2 users to get nt wave 3 users…

    1. harsha

      Hi DK, can you tell how much time will it take for coming android to wave 3…????????????????
      pls help meeeeeeeeeeeeee

        1. harsha

          k thank”S DK,
          Androidi is supporting wave 1 and 2,
          android can support wave3 or not
          iam using wave3 since 6mnths iam not intresting mobile wave 3 is not support iwill go to android……………

  12. Alkalinorap

    Hi DK, how this may also go to the Wave II when Mike said that if Samsung did not provide a Wave II he would not check the Wave II LCD drivers?

  13. catalin

    I said it before and I say it now: you all are a bunch of loosers! buying wave phones and after that praying some guy to port android on them! how lame

    1. Dk Post author

      its in beta stage and cannot be put as standalone until and unless the devs know the modems and write down new ones

      writing down modem drivers is like hell
      if u can make modem driver, u can make ur own operating system
      its dat difficult

  14. TrooperFX

    Why we don’t get it??

    we bought the wave because there wasn’t any better phone (otherwise a bit expensive)

    and the wave 2 + android would cost in a store about 300 euro, with bada 210 euro

    so that is the power of porting android on bada phone

  15. azam

    a question to dk or ny1

    can they make the modem workin???????yes or no???????
    if no, i dnt hav to waste my time w8in for sumthing that will not happen….
    if yes, keep fingers crossed.

    1. Alkalinorap

      I think the modem have to write Rebellos, and ultimately is a very bad mood on XDA and he has said it may never make the drivers … I hope he calms down and do it.

    2. Dk Post author

      making a modem driver is as big as creating your own operating system

      and you expect it in 1 night
      sir please it will take time
      all we can do is wait and have faith

  16. shubham deswhal

    Dear Dk,

    I need your help, I’ve wave 2 and I’m so tired because wave 2 getting hangs problem.I’m taking the point. I need android jelly bean. Everybody knows Android still strong in the market. And android hasn’t hangs problem. Please ‘Dk’ keep flowing this project.

  17. michael

    So far, none of the attempts of porting Android on Wave has succeeded. Not even Android 2.1…None. Zero.

    I won’t believe it until I see it.

  18. guru

    samsung bada is wrst os in world why samsung still dng bada in market..
    I buy wave 3 since 50days ago16000rs its is wrrst os no apps and nw ihate samsung nw my money is wasteee like dis wrrst mobiles on samsung nw iam slng my mobile at 14000.
    my old mobile is nokia x6 its is good mobile apss is good skype call and fring face to face video call and live tv chanells and opera mobile, uc brwsr,
    so many application are sprtng in nokia nokia 3rd edition skype is der. y samsung Bada wave 3 name is big bada apps is lowwwwwww.
    Ilost my money wrst mobile

    1. Dk Post author

      Trooper 😛

      4.1 and 4.0.4 are same in looks mate
      they have introduced project butter in it
      so the performance is smooth
      we are having ICS and not jelly bean

      they have same looks

      dun go on looks
      see the performance

      u got the wrong video
      plz dun misguide ppl

  19. sanjay gaur

    will we get jelly bean on wave 2?
    and if yes which things we can do on that android plzzz tell

  20. kktkaran

    if u want android on your wave
    than move out from here and buy android phone

    i have wave2 and galaxy ace too
    i bought it almost same price
    14 months ago but galaxy is my secound sim card

    i use only wave2

    so move out from here who want android

    i am going to buy
    ipod touch 4g
    after selling galaxy ace

    welcome ios

      1. kktkaran

        just 1 question , its good only
        if it will support gameloft and other hd games
        which is not avail in bada
        like amazing spiderman, gta 3, nova3

        thanks in advance

  21. veertheking

    sir plz tell me something about this android jelly this android jelly are call working in this os plz tell me sir ujrently

  22. azam

    dude we are really tired abt ppl askin abt call nd messaging again and again….
    modem drivers r yet nt made so np calls no messagin….
    plz dnt ask it again.
    jst visit xda dwvelopers syt nd learn more…
    we will b da first 1 knw if drivers are made….

  23. matrix

    DK and Trooperfx u both r my super hero’s bro good work and come back with jellybeans to wave 2 like THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN and THE DARK KNIGHT RAISE…………………….
    love u bro’s
    love u
    ………………………………. Autograph pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. Jeetu

    yeah…release jelly bean beta for wave 2 asap… I just want android on my wave…its ok if modem isnt working…later u can upload android with working modem…

  25. azam

    guys wat z da use of android without modem workin????????????
    whether its jellybean or froyo…..
    so instead of workin to make new versions i request them to work on modem.

  26. dilip55

    I don’t know why people here crying for Android OS on Bada phone,they can simply go & buy Android phone.The price offered by Bada phone is much lesser than the Android phone with similar features.You guys want to get more paying less.though it’s not a sin.

    I am using both bada(wave2) and Android(s2) and I can say Bada 2 and Android are almost similar ,even certain features of Bada are more pleasant than Android.Customers often express discontent about the lesser number of apps in Bada but actually we store not more than 20-30 apps in a Phone & Bada2 has a number of great apps of which Turbo fly is one of the best.Yes Android has all kind of apps in it’s store but bada also has sufficient number of good apps.Looks wise & performance wise Wave2 is best,watching video & listening music in Wave 2 is a great experience & camera is much better than S2. I will never port Bada to Android.

    1. mko

      but there are still people who don’t have enough money for a galaxy s2. wave2 is waaaaaay cheaper. when we got our phones (mother, sister and me) , my mother and my sister bought galaxy s for 100€ (with a ‘contract’) and i didn’t pay anything for my wave 2! and now they both can’t use their galaxy s anymore, because it’s so extremly laggy!
      we only want android on our phones, not buy new ones.
      and i will donate to mikegapinski if he finishs his work.

  27. dilip55

    I wish if I could gift my S2 but be satisfied with what you have,after coming to Android you will probably like to go elsewhere.Keeping in mind the price of the device Wave2 & 3 are extremely lucrative.

  28. sandy

    @ dilip

    if i can install ubuntu or (numerous versions of linux) on a windows running pc then why not android on a device running bada.


    1. Soumya

      if u wanna sell a wave 3….u r a fool…. am also a wave 3 user… for us wave 3 users ders 1 big boon…..Application Compatibility Layer(ACL) provided by OpenMobile….which will allow tizen devices to run Android apps…..amongst d wave series phnes only wave 3 will get the update when d bada tizen merger take place…..dis was confirmed by a Sammobile representative

      the following link proves d bada tizen merger

      Min rquirement for tizen: 1GHz and 512mb ram, which amongst d wave series ph, only wave 3 meets…..

  29. faran

    bada is very good because it has many good apps like asphalt,N.O.V.A,assassion and also sims 3 but i want android because i never use it wave 1 is my first phone

  30. catalin

    good for you:)
    you realise that badadroid will never be like android! bada 1.2 is way better than any android(badadroid) made by mike and his buddy’s! so why bother waiting android to come on wave?!
    plus->bada 2 has many similar features with android and coming…

  31. sandy

    @ catalin

    have u ported or used ics on wave. when you do you will realize that the only thing missing is modem and some tuning otherwise it beats bada os any day. whether it is playing games or support for large no of apps.

    I never experienced the level of internet browsing on bada i did on ics be it opera or dolphin hd. I opened 19 webpages at a time in opera for which it will crash 4 times on bada. when i played fruitninja on badadroid i never felt the fluency in touch for the same game in bada. Ther’s lot more to tell but just let it complete.

  32. dilip55

    It’s not possible to get all the features of Android working perfectly alright on Bada,it can hamper the performance of the device.What’s the need of having a faulty Android over perfectly alright Bada?

  33. abcd

    “purchasing failed due to an error. please try again later.[1]” This problem is occurring when i try to purchase a game from kies.
    What does it mean? Please help if somebody knows about this problem.

  34. Qwerty

    can i only run android on my wave 1 with no BADA,
    will i be able to do the basic things like making calls,messaging and sending/receiving data (bluetooth) + wifi+ internet+ video and audio player…thats it..

  35. mahmoud hassaan

    it’s 23 now please guys are we close i’m working with bada and android booting but it sucks i wish mike had finished jelly bean it’s really great but with out sd card or modem it’s useless i use the booted android just for apps . thank’s developers for good working.

  36. Doh

    @ #139,

    Rebellos has been working on modem driver for 2 years.

    And for all the rest… If you bought any kind of wave phone in the last two years, you could have known Bada OS didn’t support any “fancy” apps, like skype, whatsapp and tons of games by doing a simple google search.

    I have the original Wave and I still love it. Even after two years it still works perfectly. I really appreciate the hard work from the devs like Rebellos, Nbates and the rest. And if or when they have another update for us, they will give it when it’s ready. They are helping us with their hard work (in their spare time). So please stop whining.

  37. omivier13

    yeah you right we need pictures and we must to now is modem working :) But now we are waiting for android

  38. Doh

    It won’t come any faster with dozens of people nagging… Remember, Mike is/was on vacation. As mentioned by #148, it could be later.

  39. ahmet hassan

    Simple question , How he will be able to develop Android version if he is on vacation so later on the sentence will mean , android version will not come so early . :)

  40. Craude

    Dude, this is another promisse that won´t bem done. Port modem driver is a distant dream, we see a LOT of messages from Polish Blood and so on, but…only promisses.

  41. garva

    How To Install Apple Mac OSx Lion On Pc Or Windows Pc

  42. zac

    its been 15 days since d date mentioned (24th) ..where is the update ??…we were waiting eagerly…please bada developers…we need it ..

  43. Apocalypse1101

    Hey Dk, i need your answer , we have already android in wave 8500 , what android version is already fixed with modem ? to successful modem i need a OS , thanks

  44. Apocalypse1101

    Hi DK ,what other OS is already fix with modem in samsung wave 8500 ? except BADA . because my OS is bada , i want to change it to other OS with Fixed Modem , thank you dk

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