Angry Birds Flash HD


Nice cute Angry Birds Flash Theme with High-Resolution icons.

The developer of this theme is : xLilice98x

This theme looks awesome on our Waves.

So go ahead and download this amazing theme.

This theme is supported on the following Samsung phones:
Wave II (Bada 2.0)
Wave III (Bada 2.0)
Wave S8500 (Bada 2.0)

More Screenshots


Source : badawidget


6 thoughts on “Angry Birds Flash HD

  1. montu

    madarchodo game to dete nahi aur aisi randwe jaisi theme,, rakhte rehte he,, humko kya alibagh ka samjha he,, chodu,,korean ..bhosad pappu log.. chine,,,bada bhose jaisa.. bada.. lada… loda.. gand me daal de.. apni.. ye theme..

  2. montu

    any android project on waves doesn’t succeeds in the end,, means no microphone and modem drivers RAM issues.. etc.. so we should forget about android on wave.. even though the developers develops jelly bean it wont have modem drivers and microphone drivers.. dats for sure..

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