Convert your Samsung wave 1 Into Nokia Lumia 800 Running Android ICS

Today I came across an application which will transform your Samsung wave Device into Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone 7.5
This application is Launcher 7.
This application does replicate windows phone very well, be the animations, the arrangement and the overall experience is good on this Launcher for your wave.
Check out the exclusive video i created for you guys! Enjoy

Download Launcher 7 -
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  • sbouibas

    –” too old dude and i can’t see windows phone !!
    it’s just an old app

    • Dk

      well not every one over here uses android before

      plus im just telling them different apps to try out

      ur feedback was valuable

      thnk you

  • Joseph

    you need to have android first ?

    • Dk

      i guess i have even posted a tutorial on how to get android on wave 1

      and wave 2 will get android in coming week

      • 444aman

        are u sure tht android will b next week on wave 2???

  • Amit

    hey dude you can also launch the andriod firmware for wave 2

  • TrooperFX

    old news

  • http://[email protected] Deep

    dk…….waiting for android in wave 2….
    iphone got all the latest games….y not bada????

    • 444aman

      dude iphone is diffrent is developed ios will bada isn’t

  • andy

    Still no signs of ICS for Wave 2 ;(



    • Dk

      there is no home key given
      u will have to reboot


      • Dk

        reboot in the sense if you want to chnge the homescreen launchers

        and to go back to main screen you have to press as many backs as you go forward




  • tayeb05

    We are waiting on the ANDROID wave 2

  • jayyyy

    Guy i did one of the best thing sold my wave 2 for 7k & bought galaxy s advance. nothing good will happen with bada. Bada is dead.

  • rejimon pm

    we will hope that jelly been launched for wave 2 after july 24 th

  • Subhodeep

    DK…….deleveloping the under developed platform(BADA) is a great challenge…..the problem with bada phones has to be solved….which is not over by selling the bada phone!!!

  • saud

    @DK:keep ur promise…u said that u r going to release android for wave 2 tomorrow(24/7/2012).we are eagerly waiting here plz dont break our hearts :-)

    • croma300

      Noobs ,DK is only a messenger.He’s telling whatever updates are announced by the Devs rebellos,michael gapinski,nbates etc…Mike said he’s on holiday n will be back only by 24th..but dat doesn’t mean that he’s going to release android jelly beans for wave1(cos he only said dat ICS has been upgraded to Jelly beans n din’t say dat he’ll release it on 24th)Another thing.You can’t just whine here asking Dk to port ICS or Jelly Beans to wave 2 cos the real porting is done by dose devs i mentioned earlier n not by Dk(as i said, even Dk himself said he’s a messenger n not part of porting android to wave(s))….After reading dis please don’t go to der official forum n tell dem to port it fast cos dey’re already furious about every1 telling dem to finish it fast n Rebellos is a short tempered n he’ll just abandon the project midway…So u can follow dis or other post on dis website itself.Please let dem do their job…I know I’ve not spoken politely the reason being dat after seeing so many posts of people telling to port for wave2 n make d modem work I simply couldn’t keep silent.Forgive me for my language.

      • Dk

        thanks for telling them

  • assassinatingmachine

    any goood news for wave 3

    • croma300

      I’VE GOT GOOD NEWS ASWELL AS BAD NEWS….GOOD news for wave 3 is dat Wave 3 is going to get ANDROID JELLY BEANS PORTED BAD NEWS IS DAT WHAT I JUST WROTE WAS A LIE!!!(i.e., wave 3 is not going to get any android OS AFAIK)

      • Dk

        ya, wave 3 currently wont have android
        but surely if some one wrks on it
        u may get android fr wave 3

  • Dick fucker

    Bla Bla Bla these guys always say are working to port this or that two years ago and nothing yet

    • croma300

      y don’t u port den ?You must have had some thought dat der will be devs who’ll try porting dat u r saying dat dis porting started 2 years ago .Y r so eager about it ?Whininh noob

    • croma300

      y don’t u port den ?You must have had some thought dat der will be devs who’ll try porting dat u r saying dat dis porting started 2 years ago .Y r so eager about it ?Whining noob

  • Shubham deswhal

    23th gonna be over.1day to go, jelly bean – waiting.

  • Vignesh

    Is jelly bean for WAVE II got ready ……?????????!!!!!!!!!!

    • croma300

      read d above comments will you ?You thinkeveryone who are involved in poting are from India THAT YOU’RE SAYING ARE they ready on 24th july ?

  • mix

    Hey guys, I upgraded to the Android wave ii so I replaced it with the desire s and resolve the problem.

  • Rejimo pm

    we are really waiting for jelly bean on wave 2

  • Gourab

    plz port android for wave 3!!!!desperatly needed!!!!

  • Sohan

    congrates my friend.
    Like us u also did mistak by buying bada bt u r lucky dat u correctd yr mistake.
    I wish i cud do dis..

  • sandy

    hey DK what about the jelly bean update

    • croma300

      google it.If Dk got news he’ll update.The reason being dat d developer is on holiday(MIke) n he’ll be back on 24th (he’s polish so time will vary place to place).HAVE PATIENCE.You simply won’t get any update just by asking d same thing again n again.

  • sandy

    @ croma300 : who asked u huh. are you his wife or what ? d**b head

    • croma300

      sandy lol chutya afraid of swearing cunt face…dumb fuck

  • Shubham deswhal


  • sandy

    hey why don’t u rename urself as CRYBABY 300.

    hahaha I think ur arse is buurrrrning. ha ha ha.

    real frustrated fella.

    I almost had tears in my eye. such a touching reply.

    D**b Head

  • sandy

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    can you dance like jalebi bai. hahahaha.

    oh I m sorry but please dnt cry.

    • croma300 hard on ur jokes…sandy randi sounds much better!

  • nikhil

    @ dk,why are u ignoring wave y,wave m,wave 3 .pls do something for this models also…!

  • sandy


    ya sure right now you sound better

  • sandy

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  • sandy

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  • sandy

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  • prasoon

    I wont to complete android on wave II please help me DK